Friday, August 7, 2009

The new Epic45 album is up for presale!!

From Epic45:

Norman Records are taking pre-orders for the new Epic45 mini album "In All The Empty Houses" here.

Epic45's last full-length album, 2007's “May Your Heart Be The Map” cemented the band's reputation as purveyors of gorgeous, hazy, atmospheric pop. Described by Word Magazine as “The best English summer album ever”, it displayed Epic45's masterful blending of acoustic and electronic instruments, their subtle use of field recordings to evoke different moods and memories, and glorious, understated vocal harmonies. Much has happened in the months since. “In All The Empty Houses” is a diary of this time. It is, in every sense, a very personal record; one that captures innocence, loss, yearning, resignation... and hope. It is an album of ghosts - the ghosts of past times, the ghosts of lost relationships, the ghosts of what might have been and the ghosts of what never was... ghosts on tape.

If you're looking for easy musical references, you might be able to hear the ghosts of Sarah Records, Disco Inferno, Slowdive and New Order. But to rely on such comparisons would be a considerable disservice. The sounds are unmistakably those of Epic45, the hushed vocals, chiming guitars, warm electronics, the beautiful turn of phrase, the heartbreaking melodies. “In All The Empty Houses” has a rich emotional depth, an honesty and an integrity all too seldom found. It is, simply, a stunning record.

“In All The Empty Houses” also features contributions from Simon Scott (Slowdive / Televise) on drums as well as new Epic45 member Paul Manasseh (who records as PManasseh) on keyboards.

Videos for each track on this release will be available at soon

1. We Were Never Here
2. Daylight Ghosts
3. In All The Empty Houses
4. The Future Is Blinding
5. Their Voices In The Rafters
6. Ghosts On Tape

Oh man, I can't wait to put that haze between my ears..

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