Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Sunny Day In Glasgow seek new singer...



As you may know we have a new album coming out in September. We are planning to go on tour for a short while this Autumn and then a long while next year, all over the world. But before we do, we need another singer to fill things out and make us sound awesome.

Specifically, we are looking for a female soprano who is up for an adventure. If you are not sure what a soprano is, just listen to our songs-- these are predominantly within a soprano range.

There are no geographic limits to this search-- you could live anywhere in the world (seriously)-- but special preference may be given to folks living in or around Sydney, Australia or Philadelphia, USA, cuz these are the cities where members of this band currently live. But really, don't let geography stop you from getting in touch if you are interested.

And if you are interested, please write us through the myspace or email at asunnydayinglasgow@gmail.com and we can fill you in on more specifics and answer questions and all that.


If only I could sing..

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