Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Max Richter to premiere new music soon...

From Fat Cat:

We are thrilled to announce that Max Richter will be performing as part of this year's Marginalised series at the Union Chapel in London. Curated by Arctic Circle, Marginalised comprises four very special performances (also including Gavin Bryars, the music of Vernon Elliot and Michael Nyman).

The Max Richter Ensemble will be performing a new set of pieces entitled "From The Art Of Mirrors" in its entirety, as well as much of October's new release "Memoryhouse". "From The Art Of Mirrors" will be accompanied by rarely-seen Derek Jarman super8 footage, and has never been performed in London before.

Gamelan group Sekar Enggal will open the evening with gamelan degung, music from Sunda, the highland region of West Java, Indonesia.

For more info and to buy tickets, visit the Arctic Circle's website HERE or the Union Chapel's website HERE.

Should've filed this under "If only I lived here.."

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