Sunday, October 31, 2010

EICV7" No. 2 - Coyote Clean Up

Coyote Clean Up - EverythingIsChemical Virtual 7" No. 2

1. Forever N Ever Bxby (DXB)
2. DJ Damn Doggie
3. Escape From Carnage Cove

All Tracks by Coyote Clean Up

Here are some laid back Electronic jams for ya.. Coyote Clean Up has quickly become one of my favorite artists of 2010, so I am very excited to share this release with you. Have a safe and fun Halloween!

Next release comes out November 17th. Info soooon..

If only I lived here..

My gawd this would have been perfect for last night..

Monday, October 25, 2010

EIC'S10Q'S w/Gem Club

"..simple/elegant brilliance complimenting terrific glimmering minimalism there to relax you and put your everything at ease.."

Gem Club
Captivating Defeat

Gem Club Bio:
Gem Club are Christopher Barnes and Kristen Drymala from Massachusetts. They combine elements of piano with cello, minimal ambiance, and delicate vocals. The duo just released their debut EP “Acid And Everything” via their bandcamp site. Since it's release Gem Club have received many inviting compliments and have been compared to the likes of Memoryhouse and Perfume Genius.

Hello, how are you?
Christopher: Good. Anxious for the winter.
Kristen: Great. Its chilly in New England though.

What are you currently listening to?
C: I've been driving around to Aaliyah and "The Many Shades of Cajual". I tend to listen to music mostly in the car.
K: Arthur Russell, Young Man, Best Coast. Also I've been going back to listening to songs I heard in my parent's car when I was little, like The Shirelles, The Ronettes, Roy Orbison.

Besides it sounding clever, is there a specific reason why you guys went with the name “Gem Club”?
C: It's a nod to someone I admire.
K: It was between that and something a little difficult to say. We do practice with a gem on the piano.

You guys remind me of a cross between Memoryhouse and Perfume Genius. Was that the kind of sound were you going for when you began writing for this project?
K: I wasn't listening to these artists while we were recording, so no. But they are amazing and it is an honor to be grouped with them.
C: I agree.

What is your favorite track off of “Acid And Everything”?
C: I'm having a lot of fun playing "Flax" live. Kristen's foot bells seem to be a big hit.
K: My favorite is "Animals".

What’s next for Gem Club?

C: We're working on a new record. It will be our first full length release.
K: More writing and recording right now. Its exciting to think of where it could lead.

Will you be touring on a larger scale anytime soon?
K: Hopefully. Chris and I are pretty tied to the Boston area right now, but I'd love to visit the Western part of America. We've also had a good response from people and blogs in France and Sweden- playing shows there would be rad.
C: I would love to get over to Europe and play shows. Our last "tour" was a little short - hopefully this summer we'll plan something extravagant for ourselves. And by extravagant I mean driving a car around somewhere in the heat.

What’s the most “embarrassing/funny” album you own?
K: Probably the original cast recording of Wicked or ABBAs greatest hits.
C: I'm not a big fan of musicals. I guess Lunachicks "Babysitters on Acid". I went back to that recently when we were driving to NYC for a show and I felt a little embarrassed. Maybe it was an off day.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life which album would it be?

C: PJ Harvey "Rid of Me"
K: Ooooh- that's a tricky one. If I didn't have my cello either I'd pick the Bach cello suites. If I did have my cello maybe one of those formative year albums, like Smashing Pumpkins "Siamese Dream" or Tori Amos "Under the Pink".

Are you living your dream?
K: Absolutely.
C: I'm getting there.

Thanks Gem Club!

Gem Club are currently working on a follow up to the terrific EP "Acid And Everything". Soak that one in now, become obsessed, and wait impatiently for the LP...

REVIEW: Gem Club - Acid And Everything

7.75 out of 10

Gem Club are a duo based out of Massachusetts. Their sound is delicate, minimal, and pitch perfect for harmonious environments. Gem Club's debut EP "Acid And Everything" is one of 2010's shining moments as well a breathtaking example of what you get when you mix Classical compositions with mellon collie-Indie music.

The formula for this album is: Simple/elegant brilliance complimenting terrific glimmering minimalism there to relax you and put your everything at ease. Piano, cello, bells, sustained ambiance, and delicate/subdued vocals set a nigh perfect reposed score for when you just need to unwind and/or possibly be romantic with the one you love. My one complaint about "Acid And Everything" is that it seems a bit short (still perfect though), and I need so much more of this, right now.

Get this for when you want to feel hazy OR if you're looking for your next "pretty piano album", your search is over. Fans of Memoryhouse and/or Perfume Genius you will LOVE this band (..if you haven't heard them by now). Highly Recommended.

Standout Tracks: I like em' all, but especially; Sevens, Acid And Everything, Animals, Spine

Cool Video Funtime #202 - Turn It Off

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Ike Yard did this slip past me??

In my opinion the best act to come from the whole No Wave movement in NY during the 80's (them or Tuxedomoon or Gray -- hard to choose). Plus another perfect example of how I LOVE my Industrial.

Here's a link to the first track off of the new album (thanxFMA):

Ike Yard - Traffikers

Get the album HERE. Also... Let's pray for a tour together.. Shall we?

Some awesomeness to get you through your weekend..

My good friend Scott pointed these guys out to me.. I can't seem to stop playing this.. (if I can find the track online I will definitely share)


Mainly because of the fun 3D aspect player (this $h!t is pretty genius), but also because this was my favorite song from "In Rainbows".

as well as

Because the drumming on this track is EPIC. FOUR f'n drummers!
For your consumption pleasure: Foot Village - Lovers With Iraqis

+ one more thing...

Trent Reznor will be re-releasing my ear's childhood on vinyl. Now I'm down in it..

Always happy to share : )

Good (free) music laying around the interwebs..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If only I lived here..

An impressive festival that costs next to nothing to get in? FML for living where I do.
PS HERE's a FREE comp featuring most of the bands playing. (thnxp4k)

Monday, October 18, 2010

EIC'S10Q'S w/Space Ghost

"..transforming your current state of mind/environment and the simplest sounds/samples/beats into something that would only sound "normal" between the snuggest headphones worn by a properly intoxicated astronaut.."

Space Ghost
Anesthetized Alien Broadcaster

Space Ghost Bio:
Space Ghost is Sudi Wachspress, based out of Oakland, CA. Since 2009 Space Ghost has released a slew of songs online (all of which are free). Space Ghost just released his most accomplished work to date "Pyramid Dreams". An impressive debut LP with Spacey/Dubby vibes reminiscent of Flying Lotus.

Hello, how are you?
Just peachy..

What are you currently listening to?
Well, my roommate and I were just listening to Fleet Foxes, but in general I find myself constantly playing Balam Acab, Teebs, Lone, James Blake, and the list goes on depending on my mood..

Is “Space Ghost” a reference to the sound you create OR ..?

Nahh..I think about a year ago or so, before I really knew how to create a beat, I downloaded a video of the original Space Ghost cartoon. I had just downloaded a trial version of Ableton and I dropped the video into the program and saved the whole project as Space Ghost. So I guess that's was where it came from..

Your style reminds me of Flying Lotus gone a little more “Sci-Fi”, was that the kind of atmosphere you were going for?

I have definitely listened to Flying Lotus a lot in the past year, so it could have possibly been influencing me. I'd like to say I'm still experimenting, so the songs come out sounding completely different to me every time and I never really had a set sound for the album.

What do you mean by “Pyramid Dreams”?

I passed a sign in SoCal when driving up north, and saw a sign for some lake called, "Pyramid Lake," and I thought the name sounded kind of cool. When I got back I made a doodle of some pyramids with the title Pyramid Lake. I later started more doodles* in the sketch book, and named a different one Pyramid Dreams. It seemed like a cool concept or idea in comparison with the doodle. After that, I decided that it should be my album name.
*Editors Note: See above picture for doodle examples

Why did you decide to give your album away for free?
Because no one wants to buy an album these days, let alone an album from someone they haven't heard before. I guess right now its more about the music rather than the money. (because there is no money ha..)

Do you plan on touring for the album?
My touring for this album is biking to school, humming my songs..

What’s your least favorite genre in current music?
Lady Gaga, and her shitty radio pop music, and most anything like that..I just don't buy into that shit..

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?

Dannng..I'd say "Explosions in Sky", All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone..But that's a tough question so I say that purely on the spot..But on the other end of the spectrum I'd say "Boards of Canada," Geogaddi", or "Music Has The Right To Children"..both extremely good.

Are you living your dream?
Dream? I suppose I'm living something.

Thanx Sudi!

Space Ghost just released his "Pyramid Dreams" LP FOR FREE, you should go HERE and enjoy it.

REVIEW: Space Ghost - Pyramid Dreams

7 out of 10

Surfing the net these days it's not that hard to come across a band giving their album away for FREE. (Although it can be a feat to find a good one.) One day while doing a search for said albums I came across Space Ghost's "Pyramid Dreams" which mixes trippy/somewhat wobbly IDM/outer space slow-mo disco inferno sounds with hints of Sci-Fi and a few other "un-earthly"/ experimental sounds.

During your "Pyramid Dreams" listening pleasure you may experience an over whelming feeling of transformation. While listening to "Pyramid Dreams" I experienced the sensation of returning to my TV infatuated teenager years taking a history lesson trough the bowels of space. Mr. Ghost has a way with transforming your current state of mind/environment and the simplest sounds/samples/beats into something that would only sound "normal" between the snuggest headphones worn by a properly intoxicated astronaut. IDM is the general "tone", but with a "good" IDM album comes genre bouncing and with "Pyramid Dreams" that's exactly what you get. Ambient/Chill? Maybe. But the album also offers generous amounts of Dub, "out there" TV samples, Chip Tune, Modern Psychedelia, and truly solid production. It's kind of amazing this artist isn't signed to the likes of Warp, Ghostly, and/or Ghost Box by now. Perhaps soon?

Fans of Spacey/Dubby/IDM/ and/or Flying Lotus you may flip over this. Recommended.

Standout Tracks: Broken Beak, Space Bitch, Theme::Intermission (love the time change on this one--reminds me of Boards of Canada a lil), Barbie (mmhmm, some good Chip Tune here), Untitled, Slow And Dirty

Get these NOW..(please?)

Rotten Tropics - Corrosive Tropes

Because you love "filthy" Post Punk Lo-Fi-ish Shoegaze-tronica. (+ it's free)


A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Autumn, Again

Because you love this band and seriously who doesn't appreciate FREE full lengths??

(you will) ~njoy.