Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cool Video Funtime #366 - Collapse

Damn, this is nice..

As far as I know Scared Crows is one guy (Kasper Aagaard Troelsen), he is Danish. I don't know much more than that, other than he has another free (full) album HERE. 'Good Night Life' is completely fresh/unique & honest sounding to me. I don't even want to bother with comparisons, I just hope you like this as much as I do;]

Monday, February 25, 2013

REVIEW: Alley Catss - II

7 out of 10

Sometimes all I need to get me through a day are some rough-experimental noises matched up with a few simple beats. Alley Catss gives me just that, a unique combination of "noise meets body sway".

Although 'II' is Alley Catss first official LP, Máté (the kid behind the jamss--he's only 14!) actually has quite a few releases under his belt. Some of his releases are under other aliases (good luck searching;) and a couple more under this moniker. Alley Catss' 'II' is an exotic trek through mystical-worldly sounds, obstructed beats, and dark-collaged atmospheres (is that a Windows® start-up sample I hear?) pasted together in one phantasmic package. "Brain-Melting Electronic Witch Mystery House" is another way of putting it. At first listen this release may not be for the faint of ear/get-to-the-point kind of listener, but given a few more absorbing tries you will soon hear what this kid is onto. At such a young age, I can only imagine how much talent and know-how Máté will gain as he grows.. I just hope he sticks with it and lets his art form evolve naturally.

There's something really perplex about the simplicity of this release.. Give it a go, you may dig what you hear.

Standout Tracks: Cold (kinda has a Dabrye-esque vibe), Dolphin Cut (wArPhOuSe), You Eternal, I See You, Drn Kh K Ssh (ft. Elijaah)

EIC's 10Q's w/ Alley Catss

"..Brain-Melting Electronic Witch Mystery House.."

Alley Catss
Enigmatic Impending Youth

Alley Catss Bio:
Máté Janky is a precocious producer from Hungary whose first encounter with music-making involved a Casio synth and happened at the decidedly tender age of five. Driven by a seemingly paradoxical nihilist predilection, he divides his time between his three music projects and a label. Alley Catss is his most prominent nom de plume, which stands for an amalgam of distorted synths, beat-driven compositions and backyard atmospherics.

Hello, how are you?
I'm ok, thanks

What are you currently listening to?
'Beta Tape Warp' by Void

What's with the band name?
It came from the game called 'Alley Cat'.

When did this project come about and whom were your biggest influences for said project? 
I gave birth to Alley Catss when I was playing the game 'Alley Cat". No other game fascinated me that much like it did. It''s been my favorite game since then. Influences?... Crystal Castles and cutie Witch House bands have made a big impression on me. I was surprised how I got into their world and started making music/taking part in the movement.

Care to tell us a little bit about your latest LP '(II)'?
'(II)' is my firstly produced album, I only recorded before it except some tracks (where I used samples and primitive softwares). I wanted it to be a massive album, crossing many genres, containing many elements. Anyways it sounds really different than my previous works. More tunes, less noise and drone. There is a collaboration on the album I made with one of my best friends Elijaah. By the way, I think I made it kinda too clear, y'know. Recently I'm into more noisy stuff.

Any plans to tour for said release?
Since I'm a bedroom-based producer and a young dude (14) I don't think I will play so much live... but I don't really mind, I like it this way (on the internet). I mean... it's like a connection between worlds I live in. My local world, family, school, stuff like this... and the canaan of emerging musicians.

Got any other projects we should know about?
Yeah, I make plenty of other stuff.. Here are some of my other projects; Ivvvv, In-which I focus on noises/soundscapes sprinkled with some Witchy/Dark atmospheres. I record the debauchery of my voice under the name Xkwx. And I also make some visual art too, under the name Vviolent Force.

What movie would work best on mute while listening to you music? 
 Let me think... I guess Lilya 4-Ever would work the best. I actually cut some clips from it and made a video for my track "I See You"..

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
It would probably be 'Geogaddi' by Boards Of Canada.. Yeah, I think it would be that for sure.

Are you living your dream?
No, not really. I separate dreams and real life; by the way I prefer the first one. I like dreaming much more than real life.

Thanx Deervhj!

Alley Catss is about to release a really amazing EP titled 'RTC', look for that soon (it's awesome)...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

EICV7" No. 37 - Elika

"We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.." ~John Naisbitt

Next release comes out March 13th.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cool Video Funtime #365 - Don't (+ Bonus Video)

+ Bonus Video.. because I'm diggin' the new Bronson release..

Check into (x2) Psychic Rites and Mangetout..



Psychic Rites are an up & coming (should be a household name any day now) act off of the always surprising Aural Sects. It's hard to compare them to anyone else.. Maybe Witch House mixed with Tropical Goth-Dance, a "Poppier" Water Borders ..maybe? Whatever it is it's super addicting. Mangetout sent me a magical email this morning;], in-which had a link.. Here is that link. I love the Shlohmo homage..super chill;] Exactly the soundtrack I need for the upcoming grey/white days..

The new Ghibli album.. ("ear crack")

It's probably-maybe cold where you live? Time to heat things up.. Every track on Ghibli's latest masterpiece 'Clubs' is an instant standout/club-bangin' classic. Do NOT overlook this gem.
[PS 'Clubs' is "part three" of a trilogy]

Monday, February 18, 2013

REVIEW: Discoverer - Tunnels

8 out of 10

Digitalis is slowly but surely becoming one of THE premier labels for forward-thinking/amazing ("soon-to-be-noticed") Indie Electronic music (to be honest "slowly" doesn't really do it justice, it more-so happened over night). I recommend you check out some of their catalogue if you get a moment, I guarantee at least one or two new obsessions in there for ya. The latest release from Digitalis that = pure ecstasy is Discover's debut (for Digitalis) LP 'Tunnels'. 

'Tunnels', much like the rest of Brandon Knocke's work is an homage to early Synth Pop mixed with Ambient/Lush Space Pop (plus a dash of Junior Boys--I think so anyways..). With every release before this one being free (or close to it I think..) I naturally made the right decidsion by properly absorbing/"discovering;]" & obtaining  Discoverer's roots (seriously seek it all out.). And while the vintage Electronic synthesized sounds have always remained the same[ish] an overall push in stronger production, even-more lush dizzy-motion inducing atmospheres, plus a stronger sense of confidence too, it's no wonder 'Tunnels' (the near masterpiece that it is) has me in such a trance. Seductive synths + slow moving/arpeggiated drum sounds + the ability to make me want to both dance and sleep at the same time usually (always) = success between these headphones. What happens when you press play is pure magic, as long as you can except pure magic between your ears (you can can't you?).

Standout Tracks: Amputee (::dr0o0l::), Lesbian Software, Materialize

EIC's 10Q's w/ Discoverer

" can except pure magic between your ears.."

Anamnestic Synth Daze

Discoverer Bio:
Kansas City's Brandon Knocke has quietly been making a name for himself as a producer and composer the last few years. Beyond his solo work as Discoverer, he fronts the enigmatic Parts Of Speech as well as the newly-formed, incredibly promising duo, Svamps, with Kianna Alarid Cameron of Tilly & the Wall. Knocke is a glutton when it comes to his electronic concoctions, but on "Tunnels" we hear him at his most bare.

Hello, how are you?

What are you currently listening to?
To name a few...Douglas Wood, To Rococo Rot, Azymuth, Lonnie Liston Smith, Jon Hassell, Design, Andy Stott. Been trying to get through a backlog of WTF Podcasts.

Whats with the band name?
Came across the word and liked the way it sounded. Something about the double "er" is phonetically appealing (to me anyways). I had laid down some jams and was strongly encouraged at the time to use that name. Thus, Discoverer was born.

When did this project come about and whom were your biggest influences for said project?
The project began around the spring/summer of 2010. There aren't any particular artists I would pin as direct influences but more so a combination of many that I felt inspired by. I was definitely aiming for "synth driven" music while maintaining simple arrangements and an emphasis on the beat.

Care to tell us a little bit about your latest release for Digitalis ('Tunnels') as well as the story of how you were introduced to said label?
I was introduced to Digitalis by my great friend (and roommate at the time) Andrew Heuback. He was running a small cassette label called Overland Shark and had struck up a friendship with Brad Rose (label head of Digitalis). Brad approached the both of us in regards to me releasing a full length through Digitalis and that's how 'Tunnels' began. The album took about 8 months to complete because I tend to obsess on details a bit. I suppose some ideas and themes present are those of deconstruction and transformation but each listener will have their own interpretation. Again, I was more interested in the music itself than the ideas and themes behind it.

Got any other projects we should know about?
As Discoverer, I have a tape of library flirtations called 'Mind Deco' coming out around February on Zombi's label VCO Recordings - it's kind of a detour from the beat-oriented sound of 'Tunnels', though there's an EP of dancier material in the works as well. As far as other projects, there's Svamps with Kianna Cameron of the group Tilly and the Wall. We did did some live improvised jams the first time we met and those are being issued on cassette via Digitalis soon; we're currently working together on studio recordings. I also have a 'pop' project with Brad Rose (Charlatan, The North Sea, Altar Eagle) and Eden Hemming (Mass Ornament, Altar Eagle) called Brazilian Television that's slowly coming together.

 What movie would work best on mute while listening to you music?
I honestly wouldn't know. I would, however like to take this opportunity to recommend the movie Little Man.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
Impossible to answer. Now in terms of one song, "Sexual Healing" most likely.

Are you living your dream?
I'm always in a dream.

Thanx Brandon and Andrew!

Discoverer is currently/always workin' on new jams, I recommend you try to keep up...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

EICV7" No. 37 - Elika ..coming soon!

EverythingIsChemical Virtual 7" No. 37 - Elika comes out February 24th! 
"Staid middle age loves the hurricane passions of opera." ~Mason Cooley

 (hopefully you checked out the last v7"?)

[[EIC Mixtape: № 10 - March '13]]

1. Dreams West - Distant
2. Tangled Memories - Within Disbelief
3. Chesslo Junior - All Day
4. Downstate - S I H C
5. Brown Bread - Popcorn Beach
6. Tangled Memories - Few That Stayed 
7. Lobo Incognito - Purplesunsetforever (Prod. Infinity Ghost)
8. Downstate - Why The Fuck? 
9. Thriftworks - Pillow In The Woods
10. Perturbator - Naked Tongues (Feat. Memory Ghost's Isabella Goloversic)
11. Eco Virtual - Tropical Depression
12. C-Doc - DrummMachine (Prez Ike's Drums Of Life Redux) (Featuring DJ Def Chad)
13. Charlie Song - B 4 Sure
14. Eco Virtual - Smog
15. Revolutionary Rhythm - Jazz & Coffee Pt 2
16. Vanilla - Days
17. Tangled Memories - Nothing Holding Me
18. ∆Aimon - Current (Bites Remix)
19. Aches - Doesn't Reply
20. Lobo Incognito - Goddamn Thirsty Vampire
21. Lobo Incognito - Fawn
Thanx for listenin';]

Cool Video Funtime #364 - Wade In

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

EIC Premiere: Exclusive: Ecovillage - Orange Sunshine

Off of the duo's upcoming new LP, which comes out this Spring. This track in particular "Balearic+Shoegaze"..what a combo! I like the idea of that; "warm happy meets melancholy tranquil".
This is also nice..;;]]

UPDATE: I just found out this track won't be on the upcoming LP, but rather an exclusive for EIC. Aww, thanks for sharin' guys;]

Monday, February 11, 2013

EIC's 10Q's w/ Oh, Yoko

"..astonishing, nostalgic, pretty, inviting, and forward thinking.."

Oh, Yoko
Sentimental Spirit Pop

Oh, Yoko Bio:
Seashore is the debut release by Oh, Yoko, the duo of Rie Mitsutake and Will Long. Rie Mitsutake, as Miko, has released full-length albums on labels such as Plop (Japan) and Someone Good (Australia). She has toured in Japan and Australia, and also collaborates with many other artists. Will Long, as Celer, has released music on labels from North America, Europe, and Asia. He also operates his own label, Two Acorns, and record store, Floor Sugar. Together they create nostalgic pop, using retro electronic and acoustic instruments, to create something pure for a more simple life.

Hello, how are you?
Hello! We are fine.

What are you currently listening to?
Prince, Boduf Songs, Earthstar, Christian Von Eschersheim, From Within (Pete Namlook and Richie Hawtin), Les Baxtier, Glenn Gould, Maria Callas, Roedelius, YMOÉ..

 When did this project come about and whom were your biggest influences for said project?
It started in 2010. We were communicating by email at first to trade music, and then we decided to start making something together. Will was interested in archival interviews with the Beatles and Beatles fans and thought it would be a nice combination with my music. I'd wanted to do something different from my solo works (Miko), something more abstract and simple. I thought our collaboration would be something special because our music is very different and I couldn't imagine how it could be.

Care to tell us a little bit about your latest single 'Seashore'?
Will made a tape loop from a synthesizer and gave it to me. I was just improvising listening to the track and recorded acoustic guitar, piano and vocals. I made it very quickly. I recorded it in my room, so you can hear my cat's meow too! Our original inspiration was to make a track that sounded like it was in a beach house by the ocean, playing guitar behind the screened porch, but we called it 'Seashore' because the band Beach House already had that name, and Miko has a song called 'Sea house'. After I finished making my tracks, Will mixed, arranged it and added effects.  We liked the maxi single CD format and thought it would be fun to release a single. We asked Terre Thaemlitz for a remix because he is our friend and we love his music, especially his dance remixes. It was actually his suggestion to include the instrumental version of 'Seashore'. It worked well and we hope we can do more singles with remixes by other artists in the future.  It was also a good way to start our 'Normal Cookie' label. It was a good experience to release our music by ourselves. It was Will's idea to use the photo of my childhood for the artwork. We like the nostalgic design, and it fits our music very well.

Is there a full length debut on the way and when might that be?
We've been working on our album and hopefully we can release it in 2013.

Any plans to tour for said release?
No yet. Hopefully we can find a good label that supports our tour.

Got any other projects we should know about?
I am working on a synthesizer music project. I was influenced by Roedelius's old albums a lot, and started making simple synthesizer music. Will is currently working on a new solo sequencer project, an album and tour for his new project with Christoph Heemann (Hollywood Dream Trip), and some new albums as Celer.

What movie would work best on mute while listening to you music?
We made our own movie to go with the music!

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
We will be silly and just pick each other's music.

Are you living your dream?

Thanx Rie & Will!

Oh, Yoko are currently working on their debut LP, look for that sometime soon (please?)...

REVIEW: Oh, Yoko - Seashore

9 out of 10

Back in 2008 (the year EIC began) a little known Japanese artist named Rie Mitsutake release her debut album under the moniker Miko. It was the best thing I heard that entire year, and to this day 'Parade' still gives me shivers in all the right places, seriously though the spiritual connection I have with this album is unearthly. Flash forward 5 years later (EIC is still here;), a second LP, a few guest contributions, and now this; (her latest) split project with non-other than (Ambient legend?) Will Long (aka Celer). I have a few Celer releases which are very warm-Ambient-gorgeous, but I'll be honest he's quite the prolific artist so I haven't even really begun to absorb everything he's been apart of. But from what I've heard.. Miko + Celer  = a match made in heaven.

I never review singles, but when one comes along that is so (super) special I certainly feel obligated. Oh, Yoko's, debut release/single "Seashore" is astonishing, nostalgic, pretty, inviting, and forward thinking. As you know, I love Shoegaze/Dream Pop music, (now hold on) I'm not necessarily saying Oh, Yoko is "Shoegaze", and/or "Dream Pop", but this single reminds me of a certain specific-classic release.. Slowdive fans, you have '5 EP (In-Mind Remixes)' right? For those of you that don't own this release; 'Seashore' reminds me of that album, which is quite perfect in my opinion. The mood is very sensual, slow, colorful, inviting, warm and sleek sounding. Will recorded some Ambient music and sent it to Rie, Rie added vocals, guitar, piano, and even her cat joined in (listen for the meows, they're pretty adorable.) Track one, the original version, is slow moving with a bit of a ghostly beat behind it, "ghostly beat" meaning there is no beat, but you sense/hear something underneath breathing and moving. Rie's voice is as gorgeous as ever, her minimal guitar plucks & enchanting piano melodies all so perfect on this release. Seriously, listen to this (you're in love now aren't you?). The instrumental take is even good, and I'm gonna be honest, I usually found instrumental versions usually kind of "blah", but this good! And then track 3, this remix is KILLER. This track is the one that reminds me of of something I already loved & admired, ♥ this track. All the same song, but each version feels like something completely new/different. Please just trust me, you should go buy this.

You need this in your life (Perfect for anyone in need of relaxing..).

Standout Tracks: Um.. all.