Monday, August 29, 2011

EIC'S10Q'S w/When Saints Go Machine

"..gonzo organic meshing with man made mechanical bliss.."

When Saints Go Machine

Incongruous Artisans

When Saints Go Machine Bio:

When Saints Go Machine is a Danish electro-pop group from Copenhagen. The group consists of four men: Silas Moldenhawer (drums), Jonas Kenton (synth, vocals), Simon Muschinsky (keys) and Nicholas Manuel Vonsild (vocals).

When Saints Go Machine was formed in 2007 and debuted with their Selvbetitlede EP in 2008. In May 2009 they released their debut album Ten Makes A Face. Their most popular tracks is “Fail Forever, ” “You or The Gang”and “Kids on Vacation”.

The group was awarded P3 Talent by P3 Guld 2008.

In 2010 the group opened Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival.

When Saints Go Machine signed a contract with German label! K7 Records in October 2010 for releases outside Scandinavia. On 16 May 2011 the group published their second studio album, Konkylie.

Hello, how are you?

Good. I am sitting in the back of a van raging through a German forest.

What are you currently listening to?

Deerhoof’s "Offend Maggie" and Nico’s "The Marble Index". I know these records are kind of old, but they’re amazing and two out of the six albums I brought on tour. I have been trying to find Patti Smith’s "Horses" on vinyl for cooking and hanging out in the kitchen for a while, but no luck yet.

Besides it sounding awesome, is the band name a reference to anything?

Not really. We needed a band name when we started out and Louis Armstrong was lying on top of a pile of records in the studio and we stole his words, erased and changed two of them and thought what came from it fit our music somehow. It is a long one though and people always mess it up. Don’t know if people care about band names?

When you began this project did you have a specific "sound goal" in mind?

With "Konkylie" we just wanted to make something we could all feel. Paying attention to every little detail, we wanted to make a pop record you could listen to more than once without being bored.

While we were working on it a lot of horrific stuff happened and I don’t know if making an album helps you or pushes you further towards some kind of social paranoia, maybe a bit of both.

What's your favorite track of yours so far?

My favorite is "Add Ends". This song is very important to me and it took me a year and a half to get it right, Trying to write your way out of something, but standing in the middle of it all can be a hard one some times.

Got any side/upcoming projects coming up?

We’re always in the process of recording so I guess something is bound to come up, always does. Also we just released "Konkylie" under a month ago, that should be enough sound for at least five more weeks. We all have different side projects, but right now I think we’re trying to understand each other through writing some more music together.

If you could collaborate with any artist of your choosing whom would it be with?

Laurie Anderson, Greg Saunier, Beth Gibbons and Los Reyes Del Tambor. Actually all of them on one song would be a dream come true for us. Maybe that’s too much to ask?

The best time to listen to When Saints Go Machine is?

Scuba diving with your eyes closed.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?

Can’t do that.

Are you living your dream?


Thanx Jessica & Nikolaj!

WSGM are currently touring Europe, hopefully the US will follow shortly after..(please?)..

REVIEW: When Saints Go Machine - Konkylie

8.5 out of 10

When Saints Go Machine, although a newer group, sound pretty “veteraned” based off of their technical wizardry's. Their sound is an interesting/unique blend of bizzaro Techno with Pastoral Folk Pop. Think the product of Arthur Russell, Nicolas Jaar (who actually has a hand in some of their productions), and Gusgus’ love making. This may be to soon to say this but I believe this album may be “before it’s time”. It will probably slip past a few listeners, but (eventually) they will look back and ask themselves “Why did I pass up such an amazing/relevant piece of aural art?!?”

But you’re smarter than that. Instead you will go out to your local record store and purchase (perhaps order?) When Saints Go Machine’s debut LP “Konkylie” because sounds that are gonzo organic meshing with man made mechanical bliss make sense between your ears AND you appreciate when every melody, chord, beat, & note play a crucial part in forming the albums fulfilling/rich walls. You like good music, you like original sounds, you want to brag about great bands to the uninformed public. Wait, you already like When Saints Go Machine don’t you?

DO NOT pass this one by. (When Saints Go Machine should be)RECOMMENDED(by most anyone in contact with their sound).

Standout Tracks: Church And Law, Chestnut (I bet this song sounds amazing live..), The Same Scissors (LOVE when the beat comes in), On The Move (just let it grow and gawd), Add Ends

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cool Video Funtime #267 - Puttgarden

New Atlas Sound!!!

Atlas Sound - Terra Incognita

I honestly (no seriously) can't believe how AMAZING this year has been in regards to new music. And it just keeps coming.. Atlas Sound's new album "Parallax" (that's the album cover above) comes out November 8th via 4AD.

Monday, August 22, 2011

EIC'S10Q'S w/Tropic Of Cancer

"..mopy Slowcore melodies with Gothic/Dream Poppy vignettes and Minimalist New Wave sounds.."

Tropic Of Cancer

Hyperborean Manufactured Despair

Tropic Of Cancer Bio:

Sorry, I couldn't find a proper biography, here's what Boomkat had to say: Blackest Ever Black made an indelible mark on 2010 with a couplet of stunning releases from Raime. This year they open their leathery wings to shelter Tropic Of Cancer aka Camella Lobo and Juan Mendez (Silent Servant) for a midnight mission away from their spiritual home, Regis' Downwards sect. No doubt, this is their strongest material to date: three passionately gothic odes to the romance of misery. There are clear, strong references to the gothic digital minimalism of Martin Hannet's work on Joy Division, and maybe more apt allusions to the skinny Post Punk of Savage Republic, and Faith/Pornography/Seventeen Seconds era The Cure, but unlike many contemporary guardians of this sound, TOC's misanthropy is articulated with exquisite production values closer to those of Grouper or Broadcast, making their introversion that much more tangible and heart-breakingly glorious. Of these three songs, 'Dive (Wheel Of The Law)' is the most affecting; Lobo's lamenting vocals sigh for your sins while a malnourished drum machine paces echoic alley space like a Kafka character tortuously trapped in his misanthropy, plangent guitars precipitate a cold grey drizzle. This is severely dank, uncompromising material, and therein lies its beauty. If you're on that wavelength, this will probably be one of the most precious 12"s you'll encounter this year.

Hello, how are you?

Hello. We're fine. How are you?

..I'm great thanks for asking:)

What are you currently listening to?

C: I finally got the Grouper double LP "A/A - Alien Observer/Dream Loss" that came out a few months ago. It's just stunning. I've listened to it several times in a row today. Liz Harris' sound always puts me in such a veiled and suspended kind of mood.

When you began this project did you have a particular sound in mind that you were going for?

C: No, there was never a conversation where we sat down and said, "We should play music that sounds like this." Everything we've managed to create has been borne from a natural and intuitive process. Our sound is just what comes out when we work together. Nothing is ever premeditated.

Who are/were the biggest musical influences for ToC?

C: Trish Keenan of Broadcast for me and probably Martin Hannett for Juan.

I love all the EP's you've put out, is there a full length in the making?

C: We have plans to release an LP in the spring of 2012 and have an EP coming out in the meantime on Mannequin.

Will you be touring the country for said release?

C: We'd like to plan a small European tour at some point but a lot has to be set in motion before then.

Any side projects we should know about?

C: Juan is one part of Sandwell District and DJs and makes electronic music as Silent Servant. I'm currently working on a project with Motion Sickness Of Time Travel that we'll most likely release on vinyl or cassette in the next few months.

If Tropic of Cancer was a soundtrack, what film/TV series would it work best with?

C: I suppose I would say anything touched by David Lynch. I embrace the whole tumblr child Twin Peaks revival happening these days. When my mom and dad saw us play one of our first live shows in '07, they said our music sounded like it could be the score for Twin Peaks. I've always stuck to that because it was probably one of the greatest compliments I've ever received.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?

C: Erik Satie "Gymnopedie 1-3 / Gnossienne 1-6"

J: The Smiths "Meat Is Murder"

Are you living your dream?

C: Every day is a different one.

Thanx Camella & Juan!

Tropic Of Cancer are currently working on their full length debut, look for that sometime next year, until then be sure to check the band's older material (because you'll regret it of you don't)...

REVIEW: Tropic Of Cancer - The Sorrow Of Two Blooms

9 out of 10

Tropic Of Cancer have a bold/unique ear talent for blending mopy Slowcore melodies with Gothic/Dream Poppy vignettes and Minimalist New Wave sounds. Thus far the band have only released a few singles/EPs, the best one being (so far anyways) this one. Take the dank atmospheres/general pace, feel & tone of Belong polish the hell out of it, add a bit more "Gothic Pop flare/Factory Records sound" to the mix and that's sort of what you get from Tropic Of Cancer, sort of.

"The Sorrow Of Two Birds" is a very clean & crisp album. The supporting sounds & beats are very simple and well maintained. There are no conflicting "white noises" or unneeded filler noise, just two people with a little bit of reverb, a drum pad, a keyboard, a bass guitar, and extremely docile/non nonchalant vocals. I Consider "The Sorrow Of Two Birds" to be the beginning of this band's (very fruitful/meaningful) career. If their follow up (hopefully LP) is only half as good as this one they will still have achieved a sound that most bands only dream about (as well as more ear addictions for me to drool over). "How do I pull off simple and clean while remaining interesting/imperative and carrying some sort of an 'edge'?" This sounds easy enough, but not that many people can pull it off. This EP,which is truly one of the best gifts you can place between your headphones this year, pulled off that concept (and then some) with ease.

STRONGLY (very strongly actually) RECOMMENDED/we need more music like this.

Standout Tracks: Well, it's a shorter "EP", so I would say all, but if I had to pick my absolute favorite; A Color

Saturday, August 20, 2011

EverythingIsChemical Virtual 7" No. 11 - Bon Accord

A brief encounter with the outer universe, I hope you brought your surf board...

Next release comes out September 25th.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cool Video Funtime #266 - Clouds Over Pacific

My response to the dudes that burned down the distribution warehouse:


that is all.


Hey, where'd Sally Paradise go?

Sally Paradise - Le Vol Des Ciseaux-Oiseaux

I can't seem to get enough of Sally Paradise these days. Their latest offering, "Aouu!", is inviting/exceptional/wierd & perfectly abstract (very dadaist actually) Dream Pop. I especially love the track featured above, but I would also STRONGLY recommend listening to THIS ONE too. "Aouu!" can be purchased in physical format HERE. Thanks SP, please keep 'em coming:)..

Check into Colin Nance..

Colin Nance - Summer Fever

Between the spacey attitude of an experienced Kraut Rocker, and the playful antics of an up and coming Bedroom Pop producer, Colin Nance delivers the goods. My only hope (ever really) is that music like this gets noticed more often. Sounds like Neon Indian meets M83? Keep it up Colin, keep it up.

If only I lived here..

Pardon my ignorance, but does anyone actually know where ATP got their start?

Monday, August 15, 2011

EIC'S10Q'S w/Big Black Delta

" quality/really cosmic synths (both crunchy and smooth) with amazing guitar hooks/bass lines (incredibly catchy), loud banging drums (of the "loud variety") and melts between your headphone vocal melodies (damn impressive). I may be going on a limb here, but I think they sound a lot like Muse meets M83.."

Big Black Delta

Luxury For Your Headphones

Big Black Delta Bio:

Big Black Delta is a solo project of Mellowdrone vocalist/bassist Jonathan Bates. Big Black Delta has teamed up with other artists such as War Widow, Alessandro Cortini, Morgan Kibby, & M83. BBD's debut album "Watch The Skies" is scheduled for a September 2011 release date.

Hello, how are you?

Hi. I'm well and ringing.

What are you currently listening to?

Man Without Country, Roy Orbison, Sonoio, Too Short, Lady, Pantera.... so far today.

When did you begin writing for this project?

June 2010 (about a year ago).

Your debut full length is about to come out, is there any theme/narrative on it?

2 things. Mans evolution out of a friction based existence, and how carnal interaction with a lover/partner can pipeline you into said evolution.

What's your favorite song to perform live and why?

Right now, "Zebrah", because of the BPM. "Capsize" is fun because the key of the song is very comfortable.

Will you be touring soon?

Depends if people want to see Big Black Delta. If enough people ask, we'll come to your town.

If you could collaborate with any artist of your choosing whom would it be with?

A teenage Michael Jackson? Phil Anselmo. Tim Hecker. Meshuggah. I think Joan Jett would be neat.

The cool thing about Big Black Delta, is some of the artists I work with aren't musicians.

My friend Caspar who is a visual artist (director, designer, etc...) and I cross pollinate ideas all the time.

Who was the last band that blew you away?

The Kinks. I mean come fucking on. Another dude is Danger. Love everything that guy does.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?

I would pass. I have A LOT of music in my head, and would rather listen to that then to have to choose to listen to the same 12 songs for the rest of my life.

Are you living your dream?

What an excellent question. I would usually give some kind of funny answer to this, but I honestly don't know. If I could cancel gravity whenever I wanted, I would say fuck yeah.

Thanx Jonathan!

Big Black Delta will be releasing their debut LP by the end of September, until then make sure to soak in all the FREE goodies they have HERE.