Friday, December 31, 2010


This year "Drag'd", but it was also very "Chill", "Wave" your mouse if you agree..

Another year come and gone. Another year where I witnessed my music taste mature and blossom before my ears again. I know last year I talked about the word "F-r-e-e" a little bit, but that's an understatement compared to this year (soooo many worthwhile freebies out there--thanks Bandcamp:) Although, it makes me wonder how many I missed?:(? On top of all those great freebies were lot's of surprises A lot of new faces conquered the top of this list and a lot of classic artists released albums that just "didn't make the grade" in my book. Actually, I was pretty surprised by all of the bigger acts that released albums this year that almost completely let me down. I won't mention any names, but if you look at the "Honorable Mentions" list you may spot a few acts I would usually give "top scores" to. Another thing I noticed about this year is that there are sooooo many Indie Electronic artists now, I mean I'm not saying there weren't a lot before, but, it's an epidemic. Chill Wave is on it's way to becoming the next Dub Step (same sound..different band name). But also, with that "epidemic" came an explosion in promising new Dream Pop acts that are resurrecting the sounds of yesterday as well as creating promising new soundscapes. Also, the terms Witch House and Drag are closer to becoming household names. Some of the bands in this "new" genre are pretty amazing, but a lot of them, wow, what were "they" thinking? The good ones are great though.. Anyways, once again, this list was hard for me to make, there still may be some changes that
could be made, but that's music for yuh, it just depends on your mood.

Aaand without any further ado here is EverythingIsChemical's..

"Top 100 Albums Of 2010"

100. The Alps - Le Voyage
..if you're into Serge Gainsbourg's soundtrack work/French Psych music
99. A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Autumn, Again
..if you're into a truly unique Dream Pop sounds
98. How To Dress Well - Love Remains
..if you're into fractured/Lo-Fi R & B sounds
97. Konntinent - Opal Island
..if you're into ear bliss evolving organically in-between your headphones
96. Docile - EICV7" No. 1 :)
..if you're into Jose Gonzalez gone slightly Lo-Fi Ambient with a bit of an electronic pulse
95. Angel Olsen - Strange Cacti
..if you're into F-O-L-K music recorded with what sounds like an 8-track
94. VHS Head - Trademark Ribbons Of Gold
..if you're into glitchy 80's inspired IDM/Dance music meets Dub Step
93. Atom TM - 1i3835tra3m3
..if you're into estranged sounds creating hard to explain soothing electronic soundscapes (listen to "Daddy's Song")
92. Pacific! - Narcissus
..if you're into Jean-Michel Jarre meets Indie Pop
91. Eagle Seagull - The Year Of The How-To Book
..if you're into Arcade Fire
90. Serena Maneesh - SM2: Abyss In B Minor
..if you're into completely unique/experimental Shoegaze with a touch of Acid Jazz
89. Wavves - King Of The Beach
..if you're into extremely catchy Garage Pop Punk music
88. Rotten Tropics - Corrosive Tropes
..if you're into Lo-Fi dark Post Punk Shoegaze
87. Arp & Anthony Moore - Frkwys Vol. 3
..if you're into simple/elegant Ambient music
86. The Seven Fields Of Aphelion - Periphery
..if you're into gorgeous piano melodies matched with sustained euphoria
85. Altar Eagle - Mechanical Gardens
..if you're into A Sunny Day In Glasgow meets My Bloody Valentine
84. Candy Claws - Hidden Lands
..if you're into Mum meets Beach Boys
83. Pan Sonic - Gravitoni

82. Languis - Higher Hell
..if you're into Languis (you should be by now)
81. //Tense// - Memory
78. Michael Parallax - Mountain
75. High Places - High Places Vs. Mankind
..if you're into alienistic Dream Pop
74. Monte Cazazza - The Cynic

70. Geneva Jacuzzi - Lamaze
62. Warm Ghost - Claws Overhead
..if you're into solid Gaze/Dream Pop (listen to/LOVE the title track)

55. RiLF - Ferris Wheel
..if you're into Sigur Ros meets J-Pop, gorgeous stuff here.
54. PVT - Church With No Magic
..if you're into Pivot, only this time with a stronger focus on Spacey synths
53. Helios - Unleft
..if you're into Keith Kenniff (this guy's a genius with a piano ambiance)
52. Baths - Cerulean
..if you're into original sounding Electronic music that's equally chill and fun
51. Animal Collective - Oddsac
..if you're into Animal Collective meets Pink Floyd's earlier Psych days (yes, I know this is actually a video, but the music is really good)
50. Laurie Anderson - Homeland
..if you're into Laurie Anderson OR Peter Murphy's "Dust" album as seen through the ears of Coil
49. Phantogram - Eyelid Movies
..if you're into addictive "Pop" music
48. Grimes - Halfaxa
..if you're into Lo-Fi Electro Chill Wave
47. Grimes - Geidi Primes
..if you're into (see 48.)
46. Here We Go Magic - Pigeons
..if you're into 70's Eno Glam Pop music meets extremely addictive Indie Pop sounds
45. Zazie Von Einem Anderen Stern - Regen:Tropfen
..if you're into Neo Classical music (VERY gorgeous stuff here)
44. Home Video - The Automatic Process
..if you're into Home Video, LOVE this release
43. Team Ghost - Celebrate What You Can't See EP
..if you're into M83 (this is the M83's ex-drummer's current project)
Team Ghost - You Never Did Anything Wrong To Me
..if you're into (see 43.) (you really need to own this album)
41. White Car - No Better
..if you're into Wax Trax era Industrial sounds (and you are, trust me)
40. Summer Camp - Young
..if you're into music.
39. Gem Club - Acid And Everything
..if you're into Memoryhouse or Perfume Genius/pretty-twinkly Piano Pop
38. Bon Accord - Honeydew EP
..if you're into Chill Wave meets Trance meets Wild Nothing kind of..
37. Memoryhouse - The Years E.P.
..if you're into gorgeous things
36. Arp - The Soft Wave
..if you're into Eno's Ambient side (this album is sooo amazing)
35. Salem - King Night
..if you're into Witch House/Drag, this is the originator.
34. Inkraktare - You Have Reached Your Destination
..if you're into Trent Reznors work with Coil on the Lost Highway soundtrack..
33. The Delta Mirror - Machines That Listen
..if you're into Shoegaze meets IDM meets awesome
32. Balam Acab - See Birds
..if you're into Witch House/Drag, an impressive debut for Tri Angle ("Big Boy" is the best song I heard this year)
31. These New Puritans - Hidden
..if you're into dark menacing Post Punk Industrial Experimental drumming madness
30. Coyote Clean Up - Double Trouble Doo Doo Bubble
..if you're into addictive Lo-Fi Electronic sleaze music. ALSO..check out THIS
29. Swans - My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky
..if you're into SwansAngels Of Light
28. Avey Tare - Down There
..if you're into Animal Collective (I love this album, I just wish it was more like "Crumbling Land")
27. Perfume Genius - Learning
..if you're into the best "Piano" album of the year, very endearing and addictive
26. Active Child - Curtis Lane
..if you're into M83 meets Indie Pop meets a harp meets one of the most listenable albums of the year..25. Jimmy Edgar - XXX
..if you're into Jimmy Edgar doing what Jimmy Edgar does best, which is put sex between your headphones
24. Oneohtrix Point Never - Returnal
..if you're into synthesizer prodigy's, this project could change the game (I'd like to hear a Synth war between this guy and Jarre)
23. Tamaryn - The Waves
..if you're into Cocteau Twins, Gothy Dream Pop, I'm excited for future releases from this band.
22. //Tense// - Consume
..if you're into I-N-D-U-S-T-R-I-A-L music
21. Universe - Gazing, Gazing
..if you're into Ambient Space Pop, also check out THIS amazing EP ;)
20. Sylvain Chaveau - Singular Forms [Sometimes Repeated]
..if you're into David Sylvain meets incredibly sparse Piano notes stretched and skipped between gorgeous/fuzzy electronic backdrops
19. Dorias Baracca - Handsome Melting Point EP
..if you're into Shoegaze, PLEASE hurry with the next release DB!!
18. Meat Beat Manifesto - Answers Come In Dreams
..if you're into MBM and their version of modern Dub music, seriously this is one of the best "Dub" albums I own.
17. Sleigh Bells - Treats
..if you're into loud and obnoxious Punk Rock meets harsh dance beats (damn impressive debut)
16. Autechre - Oversteps
..if you're into Autechre..this is quite possibly the best thing they've ever done
15. Caribou - Swim
..if you're into Erlend Oye meets The Field (I never really cared for this project until now)
14. Zola Jesus - Valusia EP
..if you're into Zola Jesus, this is the album she was always meant to put out. Her voice is unmatched.
13. My Brightest Diamond - Shark Remixes
..if you're into..woah wait, a remix album?? This high? Yep, it's that good.
12. Twin Sister - Color Your Life
..if you're into Dream/ADDICTIVE Pop
11. Toro Y Moi - Causers Of This
..if you're into Chill Wave, this is the masterpiece of that ever expanding genre

10. Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Wilding
Kammerflimmer Kollektief is a band based out of Germany. What started out as a solo project for Thomas Weber, slowly but surely grew into a full-time band. "Wilding" is the group's fourth full length, and what I'm sure many critics will say "their best". The music Kammerflimmer Kollektief creates is Avant-Garde Jazz music with hints of downbeat Pop music & estranged atmospheric bliss. Think Nudge gone Jazzy.

Dream Poppers and Jazz heads may not always agree on music tastes. The same "ideas" are present in some ways, but their is obviously a difference between the two. On "Wilding" I think the line between those sounds has been blurred. Fragments of piano, deep seeded bass lines, xylophone, saxophone, accordion, harmonium, and guitar effects are meshed into a washed out landscape which act as the back drop to Heike Aumüller's precocious/seductive vocals. Not all tracks have vocals, many of them do, but the ones that don't come off as mysterious and elegant. Or better yet something you could really dig sitting in the back of a super dark Jazz club. The instruments that stick out the most are the sovereign bass lines and the complex guitar tones. After that would be the terrific vocals which lull listeners to the point of nirvana. With previous KK albums it seemed the focus was more on "structured" noise/ambiance. With "Wilding" the focus is shifted towards a form of music most people would agree upon given the right "downbeat" mindset. I wish more bands were as experimental with their sound as Kammerflimmer Kollektief are with theirs.

"Wilding" comes off as s soundtrack to the most bizarre Western Art film never made. If you're at
all a fan of Nick Cave & Warren Ellis' recent score work you may like this. If you're a fan of the band Nudge you WILL LOVE this. If you're looking for some chill abstract atmospheres that can keep your attention without boring you yet let you focus on becoming numb get this now. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
9. Sufjan Stevens - The Age Of Adz
I like Sufjan Stevens, part of me thinks he's a prodigal genius of some sort. I'm not sure if I care for his earlier works when it was mainly orchestrated noise of some sort. I'm thinking once "..Michigan.." came out I was hooked though, ooh and also/especially "Seven Swans" (LOVE IT). I wasn't sure how anyone could dedicate their entire career to making a different album for 50 different states but I was ready to listen to them none-the-less. About a year ago, which is many years since the last Stevens album, Mr. Stevens mentioned something about not having the "patience" for music anymore, there was too much "bs" involved. Some/most people thought this was his way of saying I'm retiring. A few months later, with NO notification of any sort he drops a FREE EP on his site. Woah what?? I thought he was done? Hmm ok! That EP was terrific, VERY different from his previous releases. And then a month or so came after "The Age Of Adz" came, which is, simply brilliant as well as the best album of young Mr. Stevens career.

"The Age Of Adz" (pronounced "odds") starts off like most of Sufjan's albums, plucky banjo sounds, pretty acoustics, nice piano tones, gorgeous vocal harmonies, etc. But that's only track one. Track two immediately starts off with a discerning noise matched shortly by an IDM-esque beat followed by Sufjan's vocals. Love this track. Most of the tracks follow the nature of track two. Long, tons of layers of noise (whether it be Classical sounds, weird Electronics, or lots of people singing) and mass amounts of experimentation. When prodigy's practice their trade they have the ability to stun you. Thank you Sufjan for coming back, especially for the way you came back. Patience definitely paid off BIG TIME with this release.

Track 3 "Age OF Adz" & track 5 "Now That I'm Older". You'll understand why you need this after listening to these two songs.
8. Glass Vaults - Glass EP
There are three total EP's in the top ten area of my year-end list that are "free". Glass Vaults are one of them. Gawd, I love this band soo much, ohh Glass Vaults.. how I love thee. ::ahem:: Anyways, out of the many new albums worth absorbing this year I truly believe I listened to this one the most.

Glass Vaults are beautiful harmonies swimming in a frigid pool of sustained/reverberated guitar bliss amidst a calm ocean of engulfing white noise. To say it bluntly, Glass Vaults create serene audible euphoria. When I first talked about this band I mentioned Animal Collective meets M83, that almost sounds correct, but if you don't like either of those bands I would still highly recommend this artist to you. Glass Vaults are unique. Their spacey sounds work for both relaxing Summer nights and Winter afternoons. I honestly can't find one song on this album that sounds disagreeable with my ears. Especially the song "Set Sail", which gives me goosebumps, it's so perfect. I set out/make it a point to find bands like these. This is the music I'm proud to share, enlightened by, and most importantly the music I was born for.

Please please please please please please GET THIS NOW.

7. Viernes - Sinister Devices
I've been thinking to myself "are there words that can justify my feelings for this release?".. I just can't hold back anymore, even though my words may not (probably won't) justify the quality of sounds that are present on this album I just need you to know ..I approve (and then some). Viernes "Sinister Devices" is one of the best albums anyone will lay ears on this year. (guaranteed) So what's the "genre", what kind of music does Viernes create, well..

Viernes, which means "Friday" in Spanish, began as a project between friends Sean Moore and Alberto Hernandez. The duo would meet every Friday afternoon and attempt to write music that was currently influencing them. Here's the best part; they nailed it as well as added a bit of originality to the mix. And here's the list of influences; My Bloody Valentine, Liars, William Basinsky, & Van Dyke Parks. Now if you know these names, which for your sake I would hope you did, you now know how excited you need to get for this album. "Sinister Devices" delivers the best production values anyone could ask for, unique & raw/enriched layers of sound, stellar vocal harmonies, and just one of the best feelings you've come to expect from listening to a REALLY AMAZING ALBUM. I think one of the things I appreciate the most about this album is it's "throwback" sound towards "yesterdays" music scene. "Sinister Devices" mixes the best elements of Shoegaze, Psych Rock/Pop, Dream Pop, Post Punk, & Classical Instrumentation with pure genius and ferocity. This album was made for an audiophile.

If you don't get thisGET THIS NOW. (not an option). Hi, Lee Recuhm, End It.

6. Wintercoats - Cathedral EP
I'm absolutely 100% head-over-heels in-love/obsessed with Wintercoats. "Cathedral EP" isn't just another freebie, it's an album that's worth the cost of all the albums on this list put together. It's perfect. I will not "settle down" or "back off" with that statement. I absolutely 100% LOVE Wintercoats.

Like Mahogany Wintercoats have a way with turning acumen/impressive melodies into the most gorgeous simplified, yet still complex Dream Pop sounds you could possibly imagine. The difference between Wintercoats and Mahogany, Wintercoats is one man. Finding that out after you listen to this album is worthy of a jaw drop. Strings, reversed guitar tones, mysterious vocal samples/backing harmonies, bells, and (super) pleasing to the ear tranquil vocals. Wintercoats is the perfect score for warming your ears, heart, and mind on an austere evening.

Stop coming back to this blog if band's like these turn you off, because it doesn't get much better than this. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (X infinity).

5. Blue Hawaii - Blooming Summer
My favorite freebie of the year. "Blooming Summer" is perfect from beginning to end. As their bio states; "..Blue Hawaii is a lush paradise. The way begins ambient and uncertain, but beautiful white shell beaches and carefree sunshine parties await and nourish those travelers with love in their hearts; their peace thus raised above the arguments found along the rocky road.." These words are perfect when describing this band.

"Blooming Summer" is Dream Pop, but with a bit of a tropical twist. The melodies match perfectly with my DNA. Think This Mortal Coil and/or Cocteau Twins maybe Siouxie mixed with only the best bits of Stereolab, Mahogany, + a dash of Azeda Booth. The vocals are definitely the strong point on this album. Whether it be sampling or just gorgeous harmonies, they are 100% alluring. The synths are also amazing. They go from spacey to heavenly to tropical to gloomy to upbeat/EXTREMELY CATCHY. To put it simply.. Every time I listen to this album it's at least a few times in a row. One might call Blue Hawaii "ear crack"..?

My favorite new vocal talent of the year. I can't tell you how excited I am for this group's future. Free or not I plan on owning their entire catalog. Hopefully they don't take too long with a follow up. Perfect for head phoning, perfect for playing loud at parties, "Blooming Summer" is a perfect album from beginning to end..

4. Owen Pallett - Heartland
There's no way I could've guessed this album would as good as it really is. To say the very least, I'm impressedobsessed. Final Fantasy fans rejoice! Owen Pallett is back with his most impressive work to date.

"Heartland" is the third solo release for Owen Pallett (first under Owen Pallett). His first two albums going under the alias Final Fantasy were Shakespearian/Renaisassance(ian?) upbeat neo-folk opus'. Throughout Mr. Pallett's career you get the sense of him mastering his violin, over-the-top dramatic orchestrations (that bring to mind John Williams (Star Wars composer) as well as Philip Glass), dramatic/folkloric male vocals, and little bits of electronics that carry their own special place/tempo more and more. His music has never let me down, with every release it gets better and I become more engrossed. If you enjoy Classical music, micro bits of electronics, STRINGS, piano, and a somewhat acquired but highly melodic vocals, you are going to flip $h!% over this.

You seriously have no idea how amazing this is until you experience it. (of course it is..) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

3. Wild Nothing - Gemini
Wild Nothing was the biggest surprise debut act of the year for me. I never thought I would enjoy Pop music as much as I do with this album, but I do. This is definitely one of the most listenable albums of the year.. For at least 2 solid months in a row I listened to this release nearly everyday (sometimes a few times a day). "Gemini" is a perfect example of simple honest Pop music with a pleasing pay off.

Guitar, keys, and what sounds like an 80's drum machine of some sort are the main supporting sounds on "Gemini". However, rather than focus mainly on music (like I normally do), I focused on the vocals a lot as well (..although, the music is really awesome). I'm generally not a huge a "lyrics guy", they just don't effect the music enough for me to care, but with Wild Nothing I hear lyrics that remind me of my teen years. Sneaking out, getting in trouble, meeting your first love, it's all in here. So there's an immediate connection there, with a lot of people I'm sure. Underneath those perfect lyrics and terrific vocals lays a simple drum beat which keeps a steady pace while bouncy guitar tracks and airy synth sounds harmonize with each other.

Like The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, but with stronger compositions, better vocals, a little less Indie, + a laid back/care free/upbeat sound that has the ability to echo in your ears for the days following, "Gemini" is a terrific piece of art. It has all the best elements of 80's Pop music mixed with Lo-Fi Dream Pop sounds + a sincerity that shouldn't be ignored. I feel confident in saying this is a must own album. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (x4).

2. Foetus - Hide
Hands down the BIGGEST surprise of the year for me. I've long appreciated the genius of JG Thirwell AKA Foetus, especially THIS SONG. But every time I would try out his full lengths they just didn't do it for me (I know, sad for me, I'll get back to them now though I assure you..). I thought I would try just one more album. I've been diggin' the music he does for Venture Bros. so why not? I had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS IN FOR and once I finally soaked it in, not the music but how hard the music itself hit me, I was without jaw for at least a few moments. "Hide" is Foetus' opus.

Track one "Cosmetics" is a straaaange intro, hang in there though you're in for a treat (I promise). The first track is a 10 minute epic orchestrated score reminiscent of a Gothic Philip Glass, about half way through you begin to hear the "Venture-isms" come in, then voices, more voices, epic choirs, crashing drums, loud horns, EVERYTHING! And then, then track two begins, I LOVE this track. "Paper Slippers" is a terrific song with an extremely catchy melody. I am reminded of Pink Floyd meets Prick on this track. Then Track three "Stood Up", the strings on this track ..W-O-W (LOVE this track too). Track four, love the harp, the theremin sounding noise, and the whistle. Awesome track. Onto track five, my personal favorite. The vocals on this track are out-stan-ding. The bass line is pitch perfect. The choir, the strings, all of it quality. Each song after has it's own feeling to it, very cohesive as a whole, but they have their own seperate sounds too. Albums like these can completely change your opinion on a band in under an hour. I'll be right back, I've got about 20 years worth of Foetus material to catch up on. Fans of giving your ears what you need, get this.

Is it "Industrial"? I don't know, I don't think so (maybe Industrial Cinema Pop?). Whatever it is, "Hide" is a thing of pure rapture from beginning to end. Go ahead and purchase this, c' just got some xmas money, don't be stingy. Your ears deserve some love too;]. HIGHLY GET THIS NOW RECOMMENDED 2.0.

...and the #1 Album of 2010 is...

1. Eluvium - Similes
This was and wasn't a tough choice for me. Almost all of my top 10 albums are equally as important to me as this one. But this one, this one has stained not only my ears, but my heart with it's elegant brilliance. "Similes" is everything a #1 album should be. Perfect songs from beginning to end, first track to the last. Please, you need this album so badly it hurt's me and the people around you just by not listening to it. This.. is.. 2010 (in under an hour).

Eluvium is one of those projects that didn't quite "hit me" right away. The first album I got was "Talk Amongst The Trees" and, although it was a gorgeous Ambient-Indie Pop opus of sorts, it just didn't make me want to go out and complete the entire Eluvium collection. Now, nearly 5 years later and 6 albums into Matthew Cooper's (Eluvium) career I am finally ready to say I MUST own all things Eluvium. "Similes" is more sublime than the warmest sunset staining the widest spanned ocean surface that you could imagine, it's aqueous warmth, thought provoking compositions, and romantic qualities are enough to melt away any of your troubles after a long day. To say it is a "good" album just isn't not enough.

I know if you're reading this review you're probably thinking to yourself how many times can this guy reference Eno when it comes to music? Here's the deal, we all know Eno had a HUGE influence on any/all ambient music out there. On top of that he also had a huge influence on the mixing of Pop music with avant-garde/electronic soundscapes. I love electronic music, I love a good pop song, and any "ambient" album/track that has the ability to make me fall asleep and/or in-love is a-ok with me. So yes, I do refer to the "Godfather of Ambient music" quite a bit, but without a doubt Eluvium is the closest, I mean absolute closest thing I have heard when it comes to the many Eno comparisons. Mix Brian Eno's "Before And After Science" with Fennesz's "Black Sea" and you will get something like Eluvium's "Similes". "Smiles" is the product of submerged downbeat piano melodies, somber/melancholy vocals (that really do sound a lot like a young Eno), heavenly/sustained chords of synthesized beauty and a few other gorgeous layers of liquid noise drowning in a pool of despairing maudlinism. Not one song on this album is out of place, all of the tracks set the mood for warm rapture. Sit down with your favorite person, warmest blanket, and light some candles/burn some incense/do whatever it takes to become completely relaxed, you are about to become paralyzed with symphonic sincerity..

Go get this now, if you don't like it, I will buy your copy from you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!.

EIC'S10Q'S w/Eluvium

"..submerged downbeat piano melodies, somber/melancholy vocals (that really do sound a lot like a young Eno), heavenly/sustained chords of synthesized beauty and a few other gorgeous layers of liquid noise drowning in a pool of despairing maudlinisms..."

Eluvium (#1 album of the year.)
Dank Atmospheric Pop

Eluvium Bio:
Portland, OR resident Matthew Cooper records under the alias Eluvium. His ambient washes and symphonic guitar pieces would feel equally at home on a Brian Eno record or a Fennesz recording. His debut release, "Lambent Material", was released on the Temporary Residence imprint in 2003. Cooper recorded five full-lengths for the label over the next three years ("An Accidental Memory In The Case Of Death", "Talk Amongst The Trees", "Travels In Constants", and "Copia") before taking a short break and returning with "Similes" and "The Motion Makes Me Last EP" in 2010.

First of all congratulations on a successful year! How are you doing these days?
Very well, thank you

What are you currently listening to?
Mostly some new things I'm working on, I'm not spending a ton of time with other music I tend to be that way when I'm writing new work but I've had time for a few things recently; Rafael Anton Irisarri's "The North Bend", Arp "The Soft Wave", CFCF "The River", and some Christmas piano and choral music.

What was your favorite album of 2010?
Probably either Owen Pallett's "Heartland" or Arp's "The Soft Wave"

Your album “Similes” is astonishing as well as EIC‘s #1 album of 2010! Can you please explain what the general theme/tone you were going for when you recorded it?
Thank you for thinking of it so highly! I'd say the general tone was something along the lines of robotic and lackluster - something that suggests exhaustion from one's mind constantly running.

I believe “Similes” is your strongest release to date, would you agree?

That answer could change day to day, what I can say is that it was the healthiest musical choice I've made from a personal standpoint - it feels like it may be the most important thing I've done. I'm not sure if that equates to strongest or not

If you could change anything about “Similes” would you?
Every album I make has to be finished eventually, and that is hard to deal with sometimes. So when I listen to any of my albums - there are always things I hear that i wished I would have had time to explore further - usually this doesn't mean I would have changed anything about it - but perhaps added more to it - but I think it's natural for the musical brain to start creating new melodies or ideas in anything that it hears repeatedly, whether it was originally created by oneself or not.

What was the "strangest" thing to happen to you in the year 2010?
Releasing a Pop record is up there..

What’s next for Eluvium?
I'm currently working on several different projects. I don't know which one will cross the finish line first - but they involve at least 2 Eluvium full lengths, some shorter works, a new project under a different moniker - and a couple of collaborations.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
Am I also trapped on a desert island ? - then I'd choose a wilderness survival audio book.

Are you living your dream?
Very close to it.

Thanx Matthew!

Eluvium is currently working on a follow up to the astonishing "Similes" look for that/those in the near future...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Atlas Sound track(s)..

Atlas Sound - Artificial Snow (5 different versions)

This track was created for his (Bradford Cox) roommate's annual Xmas comp, which will be released pretty soon..

UPDATE: HERE's that comp..

New Kurt Vile album on the way..

Kurt Vile's "Smoke Ring For My Halo" comes out March 8th via Matador Records.

March is shaping up to be a great month for me. New Aphex Twin, possibly (hopefully-maybe) the new M83, and now this..! Hap-py-Birrrth-day too-oo me-ee!

REVIEW: Married In Berdichev - Readying

8.75 out of 10

Every year this happens. I finalize my year-end list and fail to mention an artist or two because I discovered them too late. Back in July EIC posted a freebie by up and coming artist Married In Berdichev. However, sometimes with the overload of music I seem to always have on my plate (not that I'm complaining) somethings unfortunately go unnoticed. Well, it turns out I put that song on a random comp I made for my wife's car. While driving with her a couple weeks ago that song came up.. I then (re)listened to it back to back to back.. How could I forget to check this band out?? Well I finally did, and I here I am now 101% addicted to Married In Berdichev's "Readying" AKA 2010's "The One That Got Away."

Most songs on this EP rely on only a couple forms of sound; 1. Voice, this voice, it was made for these ears. It definitely reminds me of Alison Shaw (The Cranes). 2. Found sounds with minimal/droney synths that sound saturated and exotic. "Readying" is very minimal by nature, but from it's nature comes this surrounding feeling of ambrosial bliss engulfing your every sense. Every song on this little masterpiece is perfect for a slow, maybe depressing winter's day. We all need albums like that. Had I "caught" this album in time, it probably would have cracked the top 20 (at least). I'm keeping my ear's on you Berdichev..

A mix between Julianna Barwick, Grouper, & Alison Shaw. You need this album. HIGHLY HIGHLY REMMONDED-ENDED-DED-D-D! Essential.

Standout Tracks: All (no really All of them)