Friday, October 30, 2009

More Lovesliescrushing news!

From LLC:

Hi. Thanks for all the emails of enthusiasm about the upcoming release of Lovesliescrushings' amazing 2-cd rarities release, "Girl. Echo. Suns. Veils." It looks like the wooden boxes are going to take a bit longer than I thought, we are waiting on samples before we start the run

Below is a video for the upcoming project:
Scott: "Inside Wavertone studio, making the covers for the limited edition of "Girl. Echo. Suns. Veils." also a short snippet at the end of found assemblage that I leave around town sometimes. the track is "Ghost Blush Rainbow" and is featured on the forthcoming instrumental disc that only comes with the limited edition version."


Lovesliescrushing are playing live (if you can't tell by the flyer posted)!
Saturday Dec 5 ~ Founder's in Grand Rapids, MI
235 Grandville SW. 616-776-1195. With Scott & Melissa.
More Details Soon.

I'm pretty jealous of Grand Rapid-ers. To LLC: Please hurry. I've been waiting too long for this release...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

REVIEW: Scrawl - Velvet Hammer

6.75 out of 10

I've been trudging through a lot of 90's Indie Rock lately. Some good, a lot of it bad (and forgettable) but this is one is actually pretty good. An all girl act, Scrawl formed in the summer of '85 and spent a time on Rough Trade until they sadly filed for bankruptcy. Their raw guitar sound had quite the impact on the emerging Riot Grrrl movement. That's the movement they have most in common, although they certainly didn't seem as feminist in nature as several of their contemporaries. Lead singer Marcy Mays would later go on to guest on Afghan Wig's melancholy masterpiece "Gentlemen".

"Velvet Hammer' is an album about a frustrated relationship. It's fierce and often sad. Lyrically, a little sophomoric but musically I really enjoy these guys. It's simple, but emotional. Marcy Mays voice compliments the buzzed guitar and budding base. Steve Albini produced it around the time of Nirvana's "In Utero", if that gives you any idea of the guitar tone. You can really feel the Raincoats inspiration. My favorite track is track one, " Your Mother Wants To Know", estranged mothers are always good subject matter for a sad song.

While not always perfect, and not always great Scrawl's "Velvet Hammer" was a nice find. It's certainly emotional enough to make an impact. I think that's the most important part, because there was a lot of bands with this sound back then.

Standout Tracks: Your Mother Wants To Know

Cool Video Funtime #101 - Work On You

REVIEW: No. 9 - Http://

7 out of 10

I've been trying to keep my ears peeled for any new releases involving Japanese producer No. 9 ever since his album "Mushi No-Ne" (loosely translated to "Sound of insects") came out. It was a concept album involving live field recordings of bugs, which he then cut, distorted and stretched into IDM music. An amazing album to check into if you haven't yet. It can be a tedious/hard task, keeping up with all of the amazing underground electronic artists coming out of Japan. Which is precisely why I can say that "Http://" is only the third (of 6 total) No. 9 albums I own. Maybe I'll take up some Japanese lessons again one day just so I can learn how to order amazing music off of sights that currently look like hieroglyphics to me.

"Http://" is a project dedicated to watching plants and feeling music. According to No. 9 (whom I agree with) we are all connected and that this album is a conversation between city and nature. That being said, with this album you can expect to hear organic found sounds mixed quite nicely with computer based electronic beats/sounds. I am reminded of The Orb meets Chris Clark meets that cheesy "ambient" music you would expect to hear in a store like New Realities. Strings/various other acoustics and piano keep the general melody going while mostly upbeat claps, thumps, snares, and clicks keep the tempo fun.

Cute Indie Electronic IDM-esque music good for a calm warm day.

Standout Tracks: Urban Nature, Flower Shop, Last Song

REVIEW: Zaza - Cameo

7.75 out of 10

Here's another album I've been blasting between my ears for the past couple of months. This one comes from a new group via New York called Zaza. They've got a few connections in the right places that I'm sure will help this band exceed more than just it's good music will, so expect to hear more and more about them in the future. Zaza blend the atmosphere's of Ride with Cocteau Twins, M83, School Of Seven Bells, and Faunts with dark Indie Pop.

Synthesizers and guitars are the main instruments, calming vocals, live drumming, and enough reverb to keep any Shoegazer's head at a -60 degree angle complete the package quite nicely. Although "Cameo" serves up as nice background music to cuddle up and take a nap to, it also has the ability to keep your toes tapping the whole time. Great atmospheric Indie Rock for the "Nu-Gazer" in all of us.

"Cameo" is a great introduction EP, and if I'm guessing right, these guys will release a full length album in 2010, which will be one of the best albums of that year. Recommended.

Standout Tracks: The Call, Always On, Repetition

REVIEW: Piano Magic - Ovations

8 out of 10

"Ovations" is Piano Magic's 10th album, and in my opinion their best. This was the opus that was always right over the hill, I knew it was coming, it was just a matter of time. Piano Magic have never really stuck to one genre and "Ovations" is certainly no exception to that. There are Middle Eastern influences, classic (think the 80's) Goth/Dream Pop melodies, some modern electronic landscapes, and even a few New Wave references. "Ovations" is an unearthed/lost 4AD album that would've been just as important then as it is now.

The album begins with a tribalistic drumming backed by Gregorian chanting, a humming synth, and Brendan Perry's (Dead Can Dance) always amazing vocal talent. From there on the Gothic tones just get grander and grander. Great guitar riffs, GREAT live (as well as electronic) drumming, terrific vocal talents, lost of melon collie strings, synths, synths and more synths make this album an 09 standout. If you consider yourself a huge 4AD nut, or Cure fan buy this now. If you've been searching for some new Goth music that actually isn't lame buy this now. "Ovations" is one of the best Dark-Pop albums you will hear this year. Now stop wasting your time by reading this and go consume..

It's a shame that so many of "today's Goth kids" are blasting the same metal tripe that is ever so popular. This, if you are indeed "Goth" should be your theme music. "Ovations" really is a solid experience from first to last track, no fillers, all strong standouts.

Standout Tracks: The Nightmare Goes On, On Edge (DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND CHECK OUT THIS TRACK), A Fond Farewell, The Blue Hour, You Never Loved This City (great piano and strings inside), The Faint Horizon (great guitar), Exit (don't want this to end)

REVIEW: Midaircondo - Curtain Call

9.25 out of 10

A few years ago Midaircondo released their debut album "Shopping For Images" off of a little known (at the time) label named Type Records. It is my favorite album from that label as well as my favorite album of 2006, I described the album as Classical meets Jazz meets surreal ambience. It may have only been 3 years or so, but I feel like the wait for the follow up has been overwhelming/too long. Seriously, just get yourself acquainted with Midaircondo right NOW, once you have listened to these lovely ladies you will find out why it is so hard to let go.

The "bizarre/abstract" atmospheres that make Midaircondo so unique are still there. Lisa Nordström and Lisen Rylander Löve continue to seduce you with their hazy/unfeigned voices & soothing lullaby's. They do (sort of) continue where their debut album left off, but with a few changes/surprises. The "Indescribable" electronics that pulsate, blossom, and hug your brain are in top notch form and the Jazz style bass lines/piano melodies/trumpets and horns that decay and warble are just as strong. Industrial beats/clanky noises are more present, which kind of gives the album a "darker/more epic" feel. There are more vocal layers this time around, which was a great idea, Ebbot Lundberg (The Soundtrack Of Our Lives) even guest sings on a track. Although "Curtain Call" almost feels/sounds a lot like their debut, it is more tighter and more grand which would lead me to believe that their fan base will indefinitely grow bigger. This may sound like a strange pairing, but I think you might agree with me when you hear it, "Curtain Call = Bjork + Coil", if like either of those artists consider this a must own.

DO NOT PASS THIS ALBUM UP. This is the sound of silver tinged clouds painted by Dali. H-H-H-H-IGHLY R-R-R-R-ECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: All, but if I had to be picky Come With Me, Reports On The Horizon, Bringing Me Home, Silk Silver And Stone, Glowing Red (the drumming on this song reminds me of NIN's "Fixed" era), Stay, Revolve And Repeat (soo good)

REVIEW: The Xx - The Xx

8.75 out of 10

Every year UK magazine NME over hype a handful of artists. For example: Arctic Monkeys, they were selling out stadium sized arenas without even releasing a full length album yet. Pop stars seem to be more than just the new God over seas sometimes. Normally I disagree with their (NME's) picks, however, this year they have been right on the mark with The XX and The Big Pink. I really wasn't sure, and definitely not optimistic with all of the hype surrounding these bands, usually hype kills sound, but millions of listens later it's safe to same I am indeed a fan, ..A really BIG fan.

The XX are a group of brilliant/young southwest Londoners who will soon become a household name. They music they create is clear, precise, simple, captivating, and overall one of the most pleasing experiences my headphones have had all year long. Their sound could be described best as Indie R n' B mixed with minimal electronics, and an Art-Rock attitude. Some comparisons might be Junior Boys, Sade, Interpol, etc. Every melody is simple, but much like modern art, "It = something you could've done + but you didn't." Because of how tight the melodies are and on top of that enchanting vocals, toe tapping bass lines, lucid drumbeats, and impeccable production it's easy to see why I would assume them to be a household name in the future. Place this album in your media player of choice right now, if you're not impressed seek medical attention your ears are officially broken. The XX have an amazing future ahead of them and I plan on watching their every step with much anticipation.

Go buy this now, I'll buy it from you if you don't like it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: ALL, but especially Crystalised, Islands, Heart Skipped A Beat (so good), FANTASY (best use of a subdrop in a looooong time), Basic Space, Stars

Cool Video Funtime #100 - Special Cases

Stream the Pyramids w/Nadja album...

Pyramids with Nadja is out now!

However if your bank account is looking sad (like mine) stream it HERE.
Thanx P!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Check into Loomer..

Pretty good/loud Shoegaze/Indie Rock

Finally, the NEW Midlake album..

Midlake "The Courage Of Others" will be out on February 2nd, 2010.

A press release from Bella Union claims that the new album will swap out the 70s soft-rock vibe of its predecessor, 2006's much loved "The Trials of Van Occupanther" (EIC's #20 album of 2006), for a more traditional folk influence. In a statement, guitarist Eric Pulido says, "We didn't want to make the same album as Van Occupanther, so we carried on moving and creating and pushing for a newer sound and emotion."

I've been patient for way too long, hurry!!

New Madvillain on the way..!

Waay back in 2004 Hip Hop Producers DOOM and Madlib collaborated, the result; Madvillain, the album "Madvillainy" (aka one of the best "Indie" Hip Hop albums of all time). Now, nearly 6 years later, the Mad-duo are back and hard at work on the follow-up to said masterpiece.

The new Madvillain album has no release date right now, but it'll eventually come out on Stones Throw. According to Stones Throw's publicist, Madlib will once again produce every track, and TV on the Radio production mastermind Dave Sitek is tentatively involved with the project. Mos Def also contributes to the album.

Last week on East Village Radio's Fat Beats Live show, DJ J.Rocc played a few work-in-progress snippets of tracks that could end up on the album. Here they are:

It's gonna be hard to top the first album, but I have no doubt about it kicking bootay..

Monday, October 26, 2009

EIC'S10Q'S w/Banjo Or Freakout

"..begins with a distant piano twinkle drowning in guitar fuzz and is followed shortly by Alessio Andalusia's soothing vocal ability and faint, but effective synthesized loops. As the strumming continues the fuzz builds on top of itself over and over. Towards the end of it the whole thing is completely buried underneath angelic hums of reverb.."

Banjo Or Freakout
Affectionate Glowing Oscillations

Banjo Or Freakout Bio:
Right... Banjo or Freakout was born after spending a night waiting for my girlfriend in a flat in hackeny, london. she was working and ... (more) i was in this place with other people i didn't want to talk so i turned on my girlfriend’s computer and started to mess around with a music program. the first song i 'wrote' was called freak out, the second jim o'rourke but it's probably better if you don't hear them. from here I started to see making music with computer was something really different. you can dick around with a stupid sound for ages. it's great! i work with one rule, a bitch of a rule, my rule is to record every track just one time. no second chance. but i can adjust things by changing the sounds with my cheap mac software. lots of fun. you should try it. it took me a while to put these songs on myspace because my focus was on my other band but they did finally make it here. enjoy the songs.

Hello, how are you?
Yeah, I'm ok. London is starting to get cold and the sky is grey on saturday morning which is a bit depressing but a part from that I'm good and excited about a million things.

What are you currently listening to?
I've been obsessed with Judee Sill for the last couple of weeks.

How did you come up with the name Banjo Or Freakout?
Long story but not that funny. I used to book some shows with my friend when I was living in Italy and one night we booked this band from California called ‘Need New Body’ who were absolutely amazing! They were playing a weird mix of post punk, kraut and folk. They also had a banjo in the line up. Basically after an amazing show in front of 20 people they came back on stage for the encore and one of them said “so, you guys want banjo or freakout?“. I thought it could have been a good name for a band.

What are your thoughts on the many comparisons to Animal Collective?
Comparisons are for lazy people and I really don't think my music sound that much like AC even if I think they are great.

Who are your main influences?
There are so many bands I like and that inspire me. I've been playing music in different bands for a long time now. I think like everyone I started almost emulating bands I was a fan of and then I naturally moved on and developed my own way to approach music. Banjo or Freakout started pretty casually without any idea of where I wanted to go. At first it sounded more noisy and weird and mostly instrumental then I decide to try to insert my voice and things started to come together. I started to work on my music intensely and to listen back anywhere I was, giving myself the idea of where I wanted to go with. The thing is that when you spend a lot of time writing, recording and listening back you kind of influence yourself if you see what I mean.

What is the name of the upcoming full length, and is there a set release date?
There's no name yet. I like classic things so I'll probably gonna call it 'Banjo or Freakout' and I want it bo be out in April. Fingers crossed!

Once “insert album title here” comes out will there be a full US tour?
Absolutely yes. I'm working on that now. I really want to come and tour the US!!

Is there any band in particular that you would like to tour with?
Hmmm... CAN? Would you sort that out for me?

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
Arthur Russell "Word Of Echo".

Are you living your dream?
I'm making my dream!

Thanx Alessio!

Banjo Or Freakout is currently hard at work finishing up the debut full length, which will probably be out in 2010..

New Chromatic Flights album!

1. Passagrille 05:21
2. Sunset Bell 05:07
3. Favorite Cat 05:41
4. Home is More 05:27
5. Diamond Skull (Lucid Bus cover) 06:46
6. Cocomo's Mirage 06:19
7. Sunken Sunny 03:02

Seems like just yesterday I was talking about a certain free single that blew my mind..

Cool Video Funtime #99 - Telling You

Free Fever Ray mixtape..

New Arcade Fire album soon?

Besisdes doing the soundtrack for the next Richard Kelly film "The Box" Arcade Fire are working on a Neon Bible followup. They will release the score at some point, when it does not conflict with their album release schedule for their record label. Here's Owen Pallett's Twitter to JRichardKelly ;"It's our own personal tribute to the Blade Runner soundtrack. We'll put it out in 2041. Okay witchu?"

The second bit of info is the shifting of Arcade Fire's tour availability, which switched from n/a to "2010: TBA." Here's what Win Butler had to say: "None of us want to take three years making a record. It could be that we'll play live [soon] and maybe we'll end up bashing it out fast. We're in the middle of writing, things are coming together, it's a great feeling."

And also; from an anonymous tipster: "Arcade Fire have been in the Magic Shop studio for the last three weeks working on their long awaited Neon Bible followup."

I don't know which one I look more forwad to... (I'm thinkin' "The Box")

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shoegaze legends Chapterhouse reuniting!!

Chapterhouse will play in the US and Japan in 2010. "It will be a very concise tour of the major cities" in the US, New York, California and Williamsburg(!) are probable areas. No dates have been announced as they aren't sure if they will be playing the US in February or May of 2010. They will be playing Japan in April 2010. Stephen (vocals/guitar) said, "We never anticipated doing this but we are doing it for the enjoyment of playing together again and for fans of the band to see us play live once more". "This is a one-off thing for us so we hope to get it out to as many people as possible within our limited timescale".

So go to dust off your old "gazing" shoes and invest in a vintage flanel, ..see you there.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

REVIEW: Atlas Sound - Logos / Atlas Sound - Rough Trade EP

8.5 out of 10

"Logos" is Bradford Fox's second full length under the moniker Atlas Sound and just like "Let The Blind Lead.." it ebbs and flows between gentle and dreamy to passionate and apathetic. His first album was introverted, this one more extraverted, and although his voice feels more outspoken (slightly), he remains affable in his approach. It's no surprise, I knew I was going be impressed with this release, I just didn't know how much. I've been listening to this release religiously for the past couple months now and I've wanted to review it for a while. I just couldn't think of the right/most epic sounding words to express my sincere happiness with it (I still can't).

First off let's discuss how "Logos" is slightly different from "Let The Blind Lead..". He doesn't stray too far away from his semi "Lo-Fi" recording approach. He does however step up the over all sound of each instrument involved. He continues to create delicate and abstract guitar effects as he always has, but rather than blasting the reverb he lets stronger bass lines take the lead. He manages to still sound "alone" when he pours his soul out, however with songs like "Walk About" w/Noah Lennox of Animal Collective and "Quick Canal" (which was originally a 15 minute long song (I'd love to hear that version too)) w/Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab he fuses strong relationships through the music. His lyrics seem to have shifted more towards his love for friends and family and, in general, with this release you witness a much happier/lighter side of Mr. Cox. Now, onto the bonus EP, that you can only acquire from here. The "Rough Trade EP" is without a doubt one of the best EP's Mr. Cox has put together (yes, there's A LOT of them). If you are going to purchase this album buy it from Rough Trade, the EP is soo worth it (you pay the same price as you would anywhere else for it). The songs on the EP sound a little more stripped down and raw, but the atmospheres of each track seem stronger than most of the tracks on "Logos" (listen to "Nightwork" you'll hear what I mean by "stronger" atmospheres). The whole package deal (both albums) is laid back, breezy, upbeat/peppy, intimate, fun, and a little indulgent. Some tracks are Dream Pop, some are Abstract Bedroom Folk Pop, some are even 50's Doo-wop influenced. It's all very pleasing to the ears, VERY pleasing.

Yup's an 09 standout.. Go buy this album and headphone it now. I consider Bradford Cox to be the Thurston Moore of this (newer) generations Indie scene. He will no doubt become a household name if he continues along the path he has chosen. With Atlas Sound, Deerhunter, Lotus Plaza, etc. I have one issue, and that is, once the "ear staining" music ends it's hard to remain patient for the next new piece to come along, which is honestly quite often. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks (for Logos): An Orchid, Walkabout, Attic Lights (one of the best tracks of 09, the strings get me every time), Quick Canal (my second favorite track), Washington School

Standout Tracks (Rough Trade EP): Ruben, Kid Klimax (the harmonica reminds me of a Hope Sandoval track), Reminder, Nightwork (such a good track, reminds me of the "Weekend EP" he did)

Check into Sleigh Bells..

Sleigh Bells - Ring Ring (THIS SONG IS EAR HEROIN..!)
Sleigh Bells - Crown On The Ground
Sleigh Bells - Beach Girls

EVERY song is SOOO addictive..
Thnx Strgm!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cool Video Funtime #98 - Endormie

EIC'S10Q'S w/Brother/Ghost

"..ahead of it's time" and I really wouldn't be surprised if they go "unnoticed", I would however be sad (for those of you that missed out). 5-15 years from now people will be looking toward their debut album as the beginning of a new "era" in "dark" Indie music, ..for fans of "eclectic Indie-Rock" with "dramatic" organ & choral sounds, various orchestrated swells, and never over-bearing, but damn emotional vocals. It's not just "Indie Rock" though, it's a whole new sound, maybe.."

Harmonious Post Haze

Brother/Ghost Bio:
Brother/Ghost are a band from Austin, TX. Their debut album was recorded sporadically from october '08 to july '09, by Sterling Dowdy and Jasper den Hartigh from Mt. Hope Revival Recordings. ( Brother/Ghost are: Sterling Dowdy-guitar, glock,piano, choir Jasper den Hartigh-guitar, vocals, glock Colby James-Bass, vocals Brandon Newton-drums (the drums on the album were recorded by Austin Matherne), and bass for song 3 by Michael Delaney. Choir on songs 1 and 6 by the Hancock St. Choir.

Hello, how are you?
Colby: We sat here for 20 minutes and couldn't think of a clever answer.

What are you currently listening to?
Colby: David Bazan - Curse Your Branches, Magnolia Electric Co - Josephine, Paul McCartney - Ram, The Beatles remasters, AA Bondy - When the Devil's Loose, Native - Wrestling Moves
Brandon: Brian Jonestown Massacre - Tepid Peppermint something something something...., Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest, MC5 - Kick Out The Jamz, Big Business - Here come the waterworks. ect.
Sterling: Of Montreal - Sunlandic Twins, The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, Devendra Banhart - Cripple Crow, Mare - s/t
Jasper: True Widow -s/t, My Disco - Paradise, Chihei Hatekeyama - Minima Moralia, La Quiete/The Pine - split

Where did you guys originally meet?
Colby: Jasper and I moved to Austin last summer from Louisiana and Illinois, respectively and met up with Sterling through mutual friends. We found Brandon on craigslist and he wasn't a rapist.

What‘s with the band name?
Jasper: Originally, it was just a combination of words that Sterling made up that sounded good, but through using it it developed as a theme in the lyrics of imagining potential brothers born before me as ghosts with lives and deaths.

What kind of sound were you going for when creating your music?
Jasper: Good music with emphasis on dynamics and atmosphere. Something that will put most people to sleep. Have I mentioned someone fell asleep at our first show?
Sterling: I think that music should be about making people feel. So when writing we try to make our music as emotional and dynamic as possible. AND I always want anything we do to sound like its recorded on the inside of an empty Wal-mart.
Colby: Hardbore.
Brandon: Smoke-2-bility.

Is there a story behind the kid on your album cover?
Sterling: I took that picture of a boy I met in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. He is actually swinging on a swingset and looking up toward the sky in the photograph. When Jasper and I were browsing through photos I had on my computer we both thought it was beautiful so we used it as the album cover.

What’s next for B/G?
Jasper: We will be releasing our album, "Black Ice" in Europe via Shelsmusic, a split 7" with the Italian band Magdalene and touring the US in the Spring. After that we will be recording our first full length, possibly next Summer. Besides that, time, trouble and $.

Are there any music trends you wish would cease to exist?
ALL: Post-Rock

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
Brandon: Examination of the... - Whitest Of Elephants
Sterling: Grizzly Bear - Yellow House
Jasper: Bonnie "Prince" Billy - I See A Darkness
Colby: The Beatles - Revolver

Are you living your dream?
...fuck, man...

Thanx B/G!

Brother/Ghost are currently prepping the European release of their debut album "Black Ice" as well as touring shortly after...

Preview the Brian Eno/Underworld collaboration...!!!

From Underworld:

Underworld present a new compilation album "
Athens". The first in a series, this rich musical mix is packed with rare grooves and cult gems from the outer limits of dance music, jazz-rock, fusion and progressive pop.

Released Worldwide 23rd November 2009


01 Alice Coltrane
02 Mahavishnu Orchestra
03 Squarepusher
04 Soft Machine
05 Roxy Music
06 Detroit Experiment
07 Moodyman
08 Osunlade
09 Underworld
10 Laurent Garnier
11 Miroslav Vitous
12 Brian Eno & Karl Hyde

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New/Free Chromatic Flights track..

Probably my favorite Chromatic Flights songs ever now, as well as one of the best songs I've heard this year..

Oh, but wait! There's more!
Here's the stripped down slightly more ambient version of the track, also f'n amazing..


Take a musical trip through Copenhagen..

A collaboration created on the spot. Only 2 hours to organise something before the audience arrives, and the objective to create a unique sound piece, a collaborative concert which would be moving in an intimate space. Only one take, no cuts, loads of tension, maybe an interesting talk between cinema and music where each one feeds the other one. And a certain idea of a document on a city and its creative life..

The bands involved:
Choir Of Young Believers
+ many more!

TONS of free music and great videos inside..

Thanx for the heads up Casper..!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Download these right NOW.

Great Shoegaze/Dream Pop
Thnx Strgm!
One of the best mixtape/mash-up albums I've ever heard (no seriously, it's reeeally good)..
Thnx GvsB!


Pre-order the Cold Cave reissue and get this..

"Death Comes Close" 12" with 3 B-sides!
Looks like I'll own two copies of this album after all..

UPDATE: Now there's a limited edition! (only 100 copies made)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A couple of releases worth purchasing (not downloading)..

The Sight Below - Murmur EP (Limited Edition)
Atlas Sound - Logos (get this free EP when you order the album from Rough Trade)

Empty bank account, here I come..

Cool Video Funtime #97 - Faster Than Light

Free/New Audion track..

I would kill to see this live..

Free Bon Iver live set..

New Eels album soon..

From The Eels:

"END TIMES" are coming: New EELS album due January 19:

The eighth EELS studio album, entitled "END TIMES", will be released January 19, 2010. Stay tuned to for album info as it comes in.

Wow, this guys is productive..

Some news on the next Gorillaz album..

Einar Örn Benediktsson Joins Gorillaz On Next Album

We recently learned from the wonderful folk over at Iceland Review that singer-songwriter Einar Örn Benediktsson of Icelandic experimentalists Ghostigital (and formerly of the Sugarcubes) was in London last week to record a song with The Gorillaz the virtual band created by Damon Albarn, for their next album.

Benediktsson told the newspaper Morgunblaðið that it was some achievement for him to be included in a group of these great musicians, “keeping in mind that I’m one of the ten worst singers of all time,” he laughed. UK music magazine Q concluded in 2007 that while Björk was the 35th best singer in history, Einar Örn Benediktsson was the fifth worst singer of all time.

Ghostdigital is pretty awesome, so this is pretty exciting..

Monday, October 12, 2009

EIC'S10Q'S w/Efterklang

I talk a lot about "..if I ever made my top albums of all time list" (I promise (maybe) one day I will get to it), anywho, somewhere on said list would be the album "Tripper". To me it is as close to perfect as you could ever get. Gorgeous strings/Classical arrangements, mischievous electronics/clicks & cuts, gentle vocals w/beloved backing vocals, and just all around "pretty melodies-a-palooza". Really, there just aren't enough kind words to describe how much I love this band..

Meritorious Daliesque Sinfonietta

Efterklang Bio:
Efterklang's post-rock experiments were first heard in December 2000, when childhood friends Casper Clausen (vocals), Mads Brauer (computer), and Rasmus Stolberg (guitar) — all three having recently located to Copenhagen from the tiny Danish island of Als — joined musical forces with pianist Rune Mølgaard (piano) and drummer/trumpeter Thomas Husmer. From the start, the band took a D.I.Y. approach to their music, handling all aspects of songwriting, recording, and production in their Copenhagen practice space. The self-released Springer EP was issued in 2003 on the band's own Rumraket label, with 500 copies packaged in fake fur. That same year, video artist Karim Ghahwagi joined the ensemble and began pairing Efterklang's music with integrated video collages. Now attracting attention from record labels, the band signed with the Yorkshire-based Leaf Label and issued Tripper in 2004; the orchestral album soon became the fastest-selling debut in the Leaf label's history. Efterklang's popularity soared in Denmark, with "Under Giant Trees" debuting at number one on country's singles chart. Several smaller releases followed — the reissued version of Springer, the One Sided LP on Philadelphia's Burnt Toast Vinyl, the five-song Under the Giant Trees — and Efterklang released their second full-length, Parades, in October 2007.

Hello, how are you?
I'm great thanks!

What are you currently listening to?
The Walkmen - Bows + Arrows
The Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca
Slaraffenland - We're On Your Side

What does your average day consist of when you get a moment to relax?
Cooking my own food, watching a new film at the local cinema and taking a long hot bath

What is your absolute favorite instrument to record with?
Well it changes all the time, but generally I love recording ensembles of any kind; Strings, brass and choir etc everything with more than one of the same instrument. Recently we had a real nice string recording of a sextet for our new album. It's a big joy working like that!

You guys are about to release a live album (+DVD) entitled "Performing Parades", any set plans for the next full length? Is there a title?
That's right. Next step for us is our 3rd full length. We're just in the middle of the mix, and plan on releasing it in late February next year. The title is still decided, but it will be soon...

What is the best song you have written?
Ask me again in about 20 years, and I might be able to answer you back

What is a song you wish you wrote?
Scott Walker - Copenhagen for ex.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
Arvo Pärt - Alina and plain silence

Are you living your dream?
I am

Thanx Casper!

Efterklang are currently putting together the finishing touches on their (yet to be titled) 3rd album.. In the mean-time go pick up a copy of "Performing Parades" (pretty amazing live album)...

FREE Odawas Daytrotter Session..

This made my day...some of the tracks are unreleased..
Thanx Dytrttr!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cool Video Funtime #96 - Painovoimaa, Valoa

It may only be a clip/samble but..

Download this free mp3 to hear a sample of new Solvent work...
It's worth it, trust me ;)

Can't get enough of this song right now!

Kurt Vile - Freak Train

From "Childish Prodigy"(which is really kicking my ass right now)

Fans of Pinkback?

From Temporary Residence Ltd:

Systems Officer is the solo guise of Armistead Burwell Smith IV, the prolific multi-instrumentalist songwriter and founding member of Pinback and Three Mile Pilot. Written and recorded between breaks in the rigorous Pinback recording and touring schedule, Underslept is five years in the making, a concise collection of thoughtful, complex pop songs. Written, produced and performed by Smith in his home studio, Underslept features the same kind of intricate arrangements and layered vocal harmonies that have become a trademark of Pinback, with nods to the dramatic tone that marks the best Three Mile Pilot songs. Underslept gives Smith - already one of rock's most innovative and influential bass players - the opportunity to place his often understated gifts as a singer and songwriter front and center, drawing influence from The Police, Peter Gabriel-era Genesis and The Beach Boys to craft thoughtful, progressive pop with spiky hooks and impressively high replay value.

and here's my favorite Pinback song (juz cuz)..

A couple of tracks worth streaming...

Walls - Gaberdine

Marsen Jules/Veljo Tormis - Sääl on me kodu / There is Our Home

Can't decide which track I like more..

If only I lived here..

I don't know where Monkeytown is but I would go bananas over a show like this..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another Free Castanets remix..

Cool Video Funtime #95 - The Moth Catcher

Thanx Khoo.

Blind Man's Colour remix contest..

From BMC:

Jimmy Dove Remix Contest!

Deadline: November 1st

Prize: Album/EP/Vinyls


Good luck!

Here's a sneak preview of the new Knife opera..

I'm not quite sure what just happened, but my earphones seem to be moist now..

Speaking of female musicians..

Have you downloaded this yet?

New song from her upcoming album..can't wait.

Peter Broderick has a little sister, and she writes pretty music too..

Free mp3 via RCRCLBL.


Happy Anniversary Admac <3

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Uninhabitable Mansions

From Annie (Au Revoir Simone):

Hello there,

I'm writing to let you know about a new project that I'm working on in my rare moments of spare time from Au Revoir Simone.

It's called Uninhabitable Mansions.

Uninhabitable Mansions is an art collective and a band. The band involves me, Robbie and Tyler from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Doug Marvin from Dirty on Purpose, and Chris Diken from Radical Dads.

"Nature Is a Taker", Uninhabitable Mansions' first full-length album, is finished. You can get the digital version right now and pre-order a physical copy for end-of-October delivery.

To celebrate the album's release, UM are playing some shows in October. The tour will hit New York, Boston, and a few other very nice cities. Click here for more details.

UM has a website: You can listen to a few songs, see upcoming events, learn secret personal details about the members of UM, and buy things like music, books, and yardsticks.

We hope to see you soon.

Pretty decent Indie Pop..

Cool Video Funtime #94 - I Never Left My Head

Here's a preview for the upcoming Ghastly City Sleep full length!

Massive Attack + Burial = daaaamn

From Clash:

Trip hop legends Massive Attack are set to work with dubstep producer Burial.

Massive Attack began life as the loose-knit collective known as The Wild Bunch. A hugely influential soundsystem in Bristol the DJ rig allowed the young musicians to explore a huge range of influences.

Despite moving on into production and working with some of their heroes Massive Attack have never lost their lust for new music. In a new interview with ClashMusic the band's Daddy G spoke a length of his love for dubstep.

Listing a number of new producers, Daddy G also claimed that in places he can see where his group may have influenced the new wave of bass driven producers.

However the Massive Attack hero was later to drop a bombshell. "I don't know if I should really say this" began Daddy G.

"What the plan is... you know that Mad Professor record that we did? (1995's 'No Protection'). Essentially trying to get that together, where Burial essentially remixes quite a lot of the new tracks. Brings out a different version of quite a lot of the tracks that we've done".

"We've been listening to a lot of the stuff that he does and he's just amazing. The way he does his layers, his drums and stuff like that. The dubstep thing is amazing, there's a lot of really good people there - Kode9 is great as well. These kids are just amazing and we want to be part of that".

Massive Attack are set to release their new album in February next year. There is no timescale for the Burial remix project.