Monday, August 31, 2009

EIC'S10Q'S w/A Sunny Day In Glasgow

"..a lost manipulated cassette from the 80's. Over the years said cassette has collected dust, witnessed broken dreams, the souls of young teenagers in-love, and possibly moved from house to house. One day, you find the cassette. Naturally, out of curiosity, you will place the cassette in a tape player (assuming you still have one of those) and you will press play. Your entire life will flash before you're eyes, you're not about to die. You are reliving your memory through the distorted sounds of dusty tape.."

A Sunny Day In Glasgow
Whimsical Anti Meridiem Fuzz

A Sunny Day In Glasgow Bio:
A Sunny Day in Glasgow began as a collaboration between friends Ben Daniels and Ever Nalens, both of whom had recently returned to Philadelphia after several years in the UK. The band name came from Nalens, who had been living in Glasgow, and Daniels kept it after Nalens left the project. In 2006, Daniels asked his twin sisters, Robin and Lauren, to start singing on the songs they had been working on. In March of that year the trio self-released The Sunniest Day Ever EP to great acclaim from college radio stations and blogs. Their debut release, Scribble Mural Comic Journal, came out February 2007 and received favorable reviews from Pitchfork and Drowned in Sound among others. Scribble Mural Comic Journal was recorded with one microphone in a bedroom in West Philly and pushed the boundaries of dream pop often drawing comparisons to My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins. During the summer of 2007 the band toured the United States including in-studios on KEXP and Radio K and released a handmade tour only EP titled Tout New Age which was subsequently released as a digitally only EP. A year later the band emerged for a performance at the Whitney Museum as part of the Wordless Music Series and an in-studio performance on WNYC. A month later they toured across the UK and France which was celebrated with a string of 7”s coming out labels as varied as Slumberland, Disjuncture and Georgraphic North. Shortly following their tour, Ruined Potential released SMCJ in a limited edition on 180 gram double vinyl. Though only playing a few shows stateside after their European tour the band shared the stage with such luminaries as Telepathe, M83 and Asobi Seksu. During the fall of 2008 the group - now comprised of guitarist/drummer Josh Meakim and cellist/vocalist Annie Fredrickson - assembled in a dance studio space in rural New Jersey to record their sophomore album. Their new album, Ashes Grammar, expands on the dream pop themes of SMCJ and finds the band experimenting with recording techniques a la Alvin Lucier. Ashes Grammar will be released worldwide on Mis Ojos Discos on September 15, 2009 and will be available on a cd, as a download and on a limited edition double vinyl.

Hello, how are you?

What are you currently listening to?
BEN: I just today got that "2 Suns" album by Bat For Lashes.
JOSH: Ive been listening to the new Fever Ray album tons, as well as the new High Places/Soft Circle split. I just got Ecstacy and Wine on vinyl and Im super into that. And Webley Edwards present Hawaaiin lounge music. Pedal steel and vibes together are soooo sexy. Those are my most recent faves.
ANNIE: Magnetic Fields

What’s the story with the band name?
BEN: It rains all of the time in Glasgow, and when it's not raining it's overcast. so when the sun comes out it's totally amazing. like taking drugs or something. it's really pretty great if you aren't used to that kind of gloom.

How long have you been jamming with family? Did you all grow up listening to the same music?
BEN: The familial jamming has only existed as long as the band has. we all grew up playing instruments, but never together. i think REM is probably the only band we all really like alot.
JOSH: I dont know if I can answer this question? I recently was added as an honorary Daniels so maybe. Ive known Ben for a long time and we like alot of the same music for sure.
ANNIE: Well, I am part of Ben's spiritual family, I suppose...but before that, my dad and I did recorder/cello duos. Once we performed at my aunt's wedding in Wisconsin. My mom cried.

Do you feel comfortable being labeled as “Dream Pop” or…?
BEN: I don't mind, it's not something I have much control over so there's no use really worrying about things like that. i don't really like any labels tho, hopefully people will listen to it and make their own judgements.
JOSH: This is a popular question! There is a totally generic answer to this... I guess we have structured songs with alot of weird sounds happening. Things are all hazy and obscured sometimes, like in dreams, so I guess it makes sense. If it makes people listen then go for it.
ANNIE: I am not comfortable with labels in general, so this is as good as any, I suppose.

Your newest album “Ashes Grammar” is almost out, has your sound changed much since “Scribble Mural Comic Journal”?
BEN: I don't think there is a huge difference between the albums, but there are alot of different people singing on Ashes Grammar. Also, everything on SMCJ was recorded direct-in for the most part while on AG everything went out into the room first. In terms of sound, AG may have a bit more depth. Also also, there was not a single song on SMCJ that had real/live drums, it was all samples and drum machines, but AG has lots of live drums.
JOSH: Yes! We recorded it in a big room. We have nicer equipment now. I was not in the band before either and I think I add a little something extra maybe? This album is a little more dark in theme and musically as well. It was winter and fall and we were listening to spooky music. We were far away from out friends every weekend and totally immersed in making music. All of this factored into the way the record turned out.
ANNIE: Immensely! I am on the new album, for one, and it was recorded in a very different space. Also less poppy, more...fuck, I was going to say dreamy. That's the power of suggestion for you.

Can we expect a US tour shortly after?
BEN: It's in the works. There are a lot of things we need to sort first, but hopefully in the late Fall we will get out there.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
BEN: I am really bad at these questions. I think i would have to let someone else pick for me.
JOSH: I chose death.
ANNIE: Probably some kind of opera, because that way if I got sick of the music there would still be the story. Or maybe a rock opera. Quadrophenia?

Are you living your dream?
BEN: I don't think so, but I am not working a day job at the moment, so it could be worse.
JOSH: Oh man...absolutely not. What I really want to do is find a big box of money. But being in a band with my friends is a pretty great second choice.
ANNIE: Quite literally. Everything in the universe is an invention of my mind. Soon I will wake up and destroy it all. Sorry.

Thanx Ben, Josh & Annie!!!
A Sunny Day In Glasgow are currently planning a Fall tour, also look for their second full length "Ashes Grammar" on September 15th (it's really good)...

New Thom Yorke music on the way?

"Apart By Horses"/"The Hollow Earth" 12" comes out 9/22 on TBD Records, possibly, maybe..
What's with the Radiohead dudes being such cryptic bastards?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stream Kyp Malone's (TV On The Radio) new solo project dealy..

and then go see him live..

Rain Machine Tour Dates
Mon/Sep-21 Brooklyn NY Bell House
Fri/Sep-25 Echo Park CA The Echo
Sat/Sep-26 Los Angeles CA The Getty Center
Mon/Sep-28 San Francisco CA The Independent
Wed/Sep-30 Portland OR Doug Fir Lounge
Thu/Oct-01 Seattle WA Neumos
Fri/Oct-02 Vancouver BC The Biltmore
Fri/Oct-09 Birmingham AL Bottle Tree
Sat/Oct-10 New Orleans LA One Eyed Jacks
Mon/Oct-12 Athens GA 40 Watt Club
Tue/Oct-13 Atlanta GA The Earl
Thu/Oct-15 Madison WI High Noon Saloon
Fri/Oct-16 Minneapolis MN 7th Street Entry
Sat/Oct-17 Chicago IL Double Door
Sun/Oct-18 Detroit MI Small's
Mon/Oct-19 Toronto ON Lee's Palace
Tue/Oct-20 Montreal QC Il Motore
Thu/Oct-22 Cambridge MA Middle East Upstairs
Fri/Oct-23 Philadelphia PA Johnny Brenda's

Check into Pure Ecstacy..

I did, and look at me now!

Cool Video Funtime #78 - Deadbeat Summer

Here's the cover art for the next Ben Frost album..

Speaking of Bedroom Community.. Here's a free sampler.

Listen to Geoff Barrow's (Portishead) new project..

Beak's debut album comes out this September. It will be one of 09's shining moments (I predcit)...

Shelley Short US Tour / Free MP3..

Fri.- Aug 28 - Seattle, WA @ Healthy Times Fun Club
Tue - Sept 1 - Garden City, UT @ Visual Arts Collective
Thu - Sept 3 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Slowtrain Music (instore)
Fri - Sept 4 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge
Sat - Sept 5 - Torrey, UT @ The Patio Live
Mon - Sept 7 - Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis
Tue - Sept 8 - Lincoln, NE @ Clawfoot House
Wed - Sept 9 - Omaha, NE @ Slowdown
Thu - Sept 10 - Ames, IA @ Ames Progressive Space
Fri - Sept 11 - Minneapolis, MN @ Medusa
Sun - Sept 13 - Chicago, IL @ The Whistler
Tue - Sept 15 - Philadelphia, PA @ Danger Danger Gallery
Sat - Sept 19 - Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio
Sun - Sept 20 - Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery
Mon - Sept 21 - Charlottesville, VA @ Tea Bazaar
Tue - Sept 22 - Richmond, VA @ The Camel
Wed - Sept 23 - Chapel Hill, NC @ Nightlight
Thu - Sept 24 - Charlotte, NC @ Yauhas
Fri - Sept 25 - Athens, GA @ Flicker Bar
Sat - Sept 26 - Lexington, KY @ Void Skate Shop
Tue - Sept 29 - Amarillo, TX @ The 806
Wed - Sept 30 - Santa Fe, NM @ High Mayhem
Thu - Oct 1 - Phoenix, AZ @ Trunk Space
Fri - Oct 2 - Los Angeles, CA @ Echo Curio
Sat - Oct 3 - Modesto, CA @ Deva Cafe
Sun - Oct 4 - Oakland, CA @ Mama Buzz Cafe
Wed - Oct 7 - Portland, OR @ Holocene

Here's that free mp3 "A Cave". ~njoy.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NEW Massive Attack EP!!!

"Splitting The Atom EP" is out 10/5 via Virgin.

01 "Splitting The Atom" (Feat. The 3D, Daddy G, and Horace Andy)
02 "Pray For Rain" (Feat. Tunde Adebimpe)
03 "Psyche (Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid Remix)" (Feat. Martina Topley Bird)
04 "Bulletproof Love (Christoff Berg Remix)" (Feat. Guy Garvey)

The remixes are new songs as well. The original versions will be on the forthcoming Massive Attack full-length.. Which is expected in February..!

Here is the title track "Splitting The Atom"

If only I lived here..

I'm sure I will one day, but I would love to see The Drums live...

Washed Out's debut EP is now availible..

As a Digital download...12" late September..
Debut 12" from Ernest Greene aka Washed Out. Bent synth-pop gems that are equal parts psychedelia and anthemic club banger. All recorded in his parent's home in the rural Georgia town where he grew up. Essential and addictive. 1,000 pressing - first press 800 black vinyl/200 purple haze.

Buy it now! ..or in September..

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cool Video Funtime #77 - Sweet Bloom Of Night Time Flowers

Pivot US Tour..

Wed 9/2 New York, Glasslands
Thu 9/3 Boston, Middle East w/ !!! & Lemonade
Fri 9/4 New York, Terminal
Sat 9/5 Washington DC, Black Cat w/ !!! & Lemonade
Tue 9/8 New York, Mercury Lounge w/ Vactions & Hex Message

Those shows with !!! & Lemonade would be killer I'm jealous of you Bostonians/Washtonians..

Velvet Acid Christ fans..?

From Metropolis:

NEW ALBUM "The Art Of Breaking Apart" out October 27, 2009

Velvet Acid Christ has returned with his next auditory assault. With "The Art Of Breaking Apart", Velvet Acid Christ has taken a huge leap in not only style, but song structures as well. Fans will notice signature tracks such as “Tripped Out,” “Vaporized,” and “Phucked Up Phreak,” however many of the songs are quite different from what they expect. Not only does the album feature acoustic guitar, but untreated vocals as well. Velvet Acid Christ has broken out of his restraints and created something new and refreshing.

Oh man, I used to be a huge VAC fan, I had to own it all (still do)...


Red Ink Records..

From RIR:


Soulsavers' genre-bending album of wide-ranging majesty, "Broken", was released digitally last week on Columbia Records. Its physical release date is still being determined. Joining founding production team Rich Machin and Ian Glover on Soulsavers' haunting third album was an inspirational group of musicians who give the album a more live and open feel than their previous releases. At the forefront are the vocals of Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age), whose profound, growling croon is the perfect match for Soulsavers' broader, richer vein of sepulchral Cinerama, plus duets with Spiritualized's Jason Pierce, Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers, and Faith No More frontman, Mike Patton. Also appearing on the album are bassist Martyn LeNoble (Porno for Pyros, Janes Addiction), the dark, sultry tones of Red Ghost (aka Rosa Agostino), and Richard Hawley. Additionally, Will Oldham lends his song, "You'll Miss Me When I Burn" (which is sung by Lanegan), to the album, and contributes vocals to a track on the album, as well.

Download Soulsavers' "You'll Miss Me When I Burn" and "Sunrise" off of "Broken" HERE.

The Soulsavers' band who will be performing these sublime songs around the country in the coming weeks is Rich Machin, Mark Lanegan, Red Ghost, Martyn LeNoble and Rich Warren (Spiritualized).

Soulsavers' Tour Dates:
Sun. 09-06-09 -- Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom
Mon. 09-07-09 -- Tacoma, WA @ Bumbershoot
Wed. 09-09-09 -- San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
Thu. 09-10-09 -- Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour
Sat. 09-12-09 -- San Diego, CA @ The Casbah
Tue. 09-15-09 -- Austin, TX @ Stubb's
Wed. 09-16-09 -- Dallas, TX @ House of Blues Dallas
Fri. 09-18-09 -- New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jacks
Sat. 09-19-09 -- Atlanta, GA @ The Loft
Mon. 09-21-09 -- Washington, DC @ Rock and Roll Hotel
Tue. 09-22-09 -- New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
Wed. 09-23-09 -- Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club
Fri. 09-25-09 -- Toronto, ON @ Mod Club
Sat. 09-26-09 -- Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
Sun. 09-27-09 -- Chicago, IL @ Double Door

"You'll Miss Me When I Burn" is a pretty good ballad ..kind of "Nick Cave-y"

If only I lived here..

FFFU%< Yeah!!!11!!1!

Monday, August 24, 2009

EIC'S10Q'S w/Es

"Meditative hums with trickles of macrocosmic sounds pouring all over each other.."

Altered Amoebic Raconteur

Es Bio:
Sami Sänpäkkilä aka Es lives and works near the forests of Tampere, Finland. He is a musician, film-maker and the head of Fonal Records. To date he has released five full length releases under the name Es. Sami has made short films and music videos which have been screened in various museums, art galleries and film festivals around the world. The films and the music are experimental moodscapes that explore the themes of melancholy, pathos and hope.

Hello, how are you?
Im alright thanks, been quite busy and moved house. But hopefully all for the better with the changes so Im excited!

What are you currently listening to?
Been listening to Arvo Pärt, Stockhausen, Velvet Underground, The Cure, Bear Bones Lay Low, Firehose, Alice Coltrane... and a lot more, been listening to quite a lot of music lately actually.

What’s the music scene like in Finland?
Its friends having fun. At least the people I hang out with. Its very tight friendships and loose musical relationships.

What’s with the band name?
When I began making music sometime in the early 90's I did it on my floor with a 4-track. It was cold and I used to wear this woolly socks that belonged to my grandfather. His initials were E.S. Thats were the name comes from. Later I made a few short loop tracks called Experimental Songcycles and that was dubbed as the meaning.

What is your favorite song you have written?
"She puts out the fire in her heart with her tears" from the album A Love Cycle. Although I think its my worst album as a whole.

You started the record label Fonal, how did this come about? How has it been treating you? And What are the next planned releases?
I began just to release my own music. First release was a cassette with Es, Kiila and Slaughterhouse Quintet. All in which I also played in. Fonal has been an amazing thing. First 8 years I did it as a hobby and the last 8 years I've finally managed to make some of the money back that I put in it from my summer job pays. Next up is pretty exciting things, very experimental stuff. Tuusanuuskat which is a duo by me and Jan of Kemialliset Ystävät and Tomutonttu and a couple of other releases that havent totally been finalised yet so I dont wanna say anything yet cause it might take a long time to get anything done.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
Terry Rileys "Harp Of The New Albion".

Are you living your dream?
The dream I once had yes. Now I have luckily come up with new dreams.

Thanx Sami!

Es (aka Sami) is currently running his label Fonal, look for many new releases soon...

Amazing game w/ an even more amazing soundtrack...


Not only is it visually amazing, but the music is top notch...

Featuring Loscil, Gas/High Skies, Julien Neto, Biosphere, and more!!

Cool Video Funtime #76 - Crystalised

The Junior Boys Halloween Tour...

From Junior Boys:

Hey Everyone….

We’re gonna be back in the USA and Canada this October for "The Junior Boys Halloween Tour". You heard right, every show (every single one) is Halloween themed, with costume contests, prizes, videos and other ‘bits and pieces’.

Get your tickets now or you will be very, very sorry


Aug 25 Tattoo Parlour Toronto, ON
Aug 28 Avalon Hollywood Los Angeles, CA
Sep 5 Randalls Island Park New York, NY
Oct 9 Sugar Nightclub Victoria, BC
Oct 10 Chop Suey Seattle, WA
Oct 11 Doug Fir Lounge Portland, OR
Oct 13 Mezzanine San Francisco, CA
Oct 14 El Rey Theatre Los Angeles, CA
Oct 17 Plush Tucson, AZ
Oct 19 Mohawk Austin, TX
Oct 20 Walter's On Washington Houston, TX
Oct 21 One Eyed Jacks New Orleans, LA
Oct 22 The Engine Room Tallahassee, FL
Oct 23 Crowbar Tampa, FL
Oct 26 The Social Orlando, FL
Oct 27 Cafe Eleven Saint Augustine Beach, FL
Oct 28 40 Watt Club Athens, GA
Oct 30 The Bell House Brooklyn, NY
Oct 31 The Bell House Brooklyn, NY
Nov 2 Middle East Cambridge, MA
Nov 3 Soundlab Buffalo, NY

: = x

Thursday, August 20, 2009

REVIEW: Aoki Takamasa + Tujiko Noriko - 28

9 out of 10

"28" is what happens when two (then 28 year old) lovely ladies cross circuits & swap geniuses. Aoki Takamasa is a an electronic producer who has released a handful of albums on her own. Tujiko Noriko is another amazing producer who has a few credits under her name. The two have preformed together a handful of times as well as belong to the same tight-knit Indie Electronic circuit in Japan. "28" came out in 2005 via FatCat Records and blah..blah, wait! How the hell did this album slip past me!? I can't believe I'm just now discovering this dreamy delight.. I'm in-love, sooooooooooo good.

Much like my favorite release of last year ("Parades" by Miko) A.T. + T.N. create a magic spell that just won't let you go until the end. However, instead of focusing on the "psychedelic" side of electronic music, they focus their energy on extremely precise cuts/clicks/and glitches. "28" is a stunning album with a sweet amount of melodic female vocals, layered, scratched, skipped, and skewed over music that sounds like it has been reversed and then stretched out and layered underneath sparse IDM beats. The vocal sampling/minimal glitches are what really get me, I cant stress that enough. Just go buy this, I'll buy it from you if you don't like it.

"28" is Asian influenced Dream Pop opus conducted by/from a computer virus. If you like "gentle" IDM sounds (Dntel), relaxing atmospheres, Japanese culture, "cutesy female vocal f/x", and just all around amazing music BUY THIS NOW. HIGHLY RECOMMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: ALL. but ESPECIALLY "Then The Night Comes" "Doki Doki Last Night" "26th Floor (I'm going to put this song on so many compilations in the future I just know it)" "Alien"

REVIEW: Ducktails - Landscapes

7.75 out of 10

Matt Mondanile, for those of you unaware of this "internet Indie sensation", is a one man wonder-act who goes by the name Ducktails. Strumming his electric guitar through a plethora of distortion pedals along side a Casio keyboard drum beat, and a few other Synth-y elements he creates music that is soothing & warm. As far as I know (and can tell), the music was created for a nice day at the beach. Sort of a "Lo-Fi Tropical Breeze" caught on tape.

"Landscapes" is laid back mollified ambience with retro-futuristic synthesizer sounds & Surf-Rock vibes incorporated. Most of the album is instrumental, so for those people worried about "loud" or "intrusive" Lo-Fi vocals getting in the way, don't. The few vocals that are there are kept at a minimal level and actually act as a supporting/relaxing element. Although, through some of the tracks, you can also hear a man pouring out his soul. Most of the songs have a minimal approach when it comes to the recording end, probably done via 4-track, maybe 8-track. But again, don't worry about "poor" quality getting in the way. Ducktails incorporates sunny with a chance of relaxing quite nicely and his music can be very rich and rewarding for the right audiophile. Challenge: purchase this album, purchase a lawn chair that folds out, bring your headphones, Ray-Bans, and one of those cheesy silver fold-up dealy's that absorb sunlight for a better tan. Wait for the perfectly sunny day (not too hot, but definitely warm), go outside soak in everything around you. Come back to this site and thank me.

I like this album, it's very soothing, and it really is great beach music. If you like this album check out the many other Ducktails releases out there. RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: On The Boardwalk, Welcome Home [I'm Back], Deck Observatory (mmmmmmmmm), Oh Magnolia Tree, Seagull's Flight, House Of Mirrors, Roses

RJD2 starts his own old material

From RJD2:

Hey folks, im writing with some pretty big news in the world of rjd2…. I’ve had a busy year, and have waited what seems like an eternity to talk about this stuff. I wanted to have a little music to put on the table as well, so you don’t think im just some windbag that’s wasting your time blabbing away left and right. So much has changed in the last 12 months, so lets just get to the point:

After much legwork/lawyer hours/busting ass, I announce to you that I have started my own record label, RJ’S ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS, and the first signing is…….RJD2!!! I am now a free agent, working for myself. Been a long time coming, and it is truly one of the most exciting moments of my career. The hardcore completionists out there may know that I have previously done some “smaller” releases on my own, under the label Bustown Pride. That was small peanuts; this time out, I have FULL worldwide distribution through The Orchard (world digital, US physical), and !K7 everywhere outside of the US (physical). Furthermore, I also have acquired the first 3 RJD2 releases for my label; my first 3 babies-Dead Ringer, The Horror EP, and Since We Last Spoke. But that’s not all….

This past Tuesday (technically today, as I write this at 11:30pm; running a label is no joke!) saw the first ever digital release of 3 cds of b-sides and rarities I had previously released on Bustown Pride: Your Face Or Your Kneecaps, In Rare Form, and Things Go Better Instrumentals. Your Face Or Your Kneecaps also features 2 brand-new, previously unreleased tracks, as a bonus. But wait, there’s more….

On October 20, there will be the release of a box set commemorating close to 10 years in the game: RJD2 2002-2010. A strictly vinyl affair, it will include full length LP versions of Dead Ringer, The Horror EP (first time on vinyl!), Since We Last Spoke, The Tin Foil Hat EP (a BRAND NEW EP of 7 unreleased songs!), a hand silk screened, signed and numbered poster, a download card for exclusive treats, plus a beautifully printed box.

Oh, and lastly, my new album is done. I know I said before it would be out in 2009-you did know I meant FISCAL year, not CALENDAR YEAR, right? You wouldn’t want me to rush this out all willy-nilly, would you? good, I didn’t think so.

One last thing before I go; just to be forthright, this is only a portion of what I’ve got lined up for you. I have been SERIOUSLY busy in the last 2 years; and very little of it has to do with twittering. At the risk of sounding all corny, I feel the need to say something that’s important to me: I’ve realized recently that I do music, make records, LISTEN to records, tour, and generally hole myself up in the studio because I love it, not cause its my job. Its become as natural as breathing, and keeps me sane-most of the time. Im much more concerned with making a timeless record, than with how to sell a record nowadays. Also, if you don’t see me posting left and right on whatever the most current social networking site is, its not cause I don’t like being social, its cause I feel like our time on earth is very very short, and that the most I have to offer this planet in my little window of time here is through the vessel of music. I would rather leave behind something you can hopefully use a little more than an update on my belly button lint. Hopefully, a catalog that speaks more volumes than all the blogs I could possibly write in a hundred years.

Alright, that’s it for the moment. What are you doing here? Mad Men is back!


The man's got a lot to say..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cool Video Funtime #75 - Beau Mot Plage

Hope Sandoval US Tour..

Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions - 2009 Tour Dates

Mon, Sept 21 Portland, OR @ The Doug Fir
Tue, Sept 22 Vancouver, BC @ The Red Room
Wed, Sept 23 Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile
Fri, Sept 25 Arcata, CA @ The Arcata Theatre Lounge
Sat, Sept 26 San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
Tue, Sept 29 Hollywood, CA @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Thur, Oct 1 Denver, CO @ The Bluebird Theatre
Sun, Oct 4 Milwaukee, WI @ The Pabst Theatre
Mon, Oct 5 Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall
Wed, Oct 7 Toronto, ON @ The Mod
Sat, Oct 10 Williamsburg, NY @ The Music Hall Of Williamsburg
Mon, Oct 12 New York, NY @ The Bowery
Wed, Oct 14 Washington, DC @ The Sixth and I
Fri, Oct 16 Atlanta, GA @ The Loft

(more dates TBA)

Oh god, I need this...

Max Richter to premiere new music soon...

From Fat Cat:

We are thrilled to announce that Max Richter will be performing as part of this year's Marginalised series at the Union Chapel in London. Curated by Arctic Circle, Marginalised comprises four very special performances (also including Gavin Bryars, the music of Vernon Elliot and Michael Nyman).

The Max Richter Ensemble will be performing a new set of pieces entitled "From The Art Of Mirrors" in its entirety, as well as much of October's new release "Memoryhouse". "From The Art Of Mirrors" will be accompanied by rarely-seen Derek Jarman super8 footage, and has never been performed in London before.

Gamelan group Sekar Enggal will open the evening with gamelan degung, music from Sunda, the highland region of West Java, Indonesia.

For more info and to buy tickets, visit the Arctic Circle's website HERE or the Union Chapel's website HERE.

Should've filed this under "If only I lived here.."

Creation created a new mix..

From Creation Records:

This summer was the 20th anniversary of the second summer of love when dance music seemed to cross over and everyone was claiming to have “always had a dance element to their music”. Creation embraced the change and the results included some great records.

It all seems a long time ago now so I decided to create a playlist of some of the more interesting moments that were either original dance tracks or remixes from the label following that summer. Some of these tracks have already been compiled on the Keeping The Faith compilations and some weren’t released until later in the 90’s.

So here we have 63 minutes and 42 seconds of some of the more inspired moments including acid house, ambient, balearic, dub and electronica.

Tracklisting is as follows:

1. Sheer Taft – Cascades
2. Hypnotone – Deam Beam
3. Primal Scream – Don’t Fight It Feel It (Graham Massey Remix)
4. Love Corporation – World
5. My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Andy Wetherall Remix)
6. Slowdive – In Mind
7. Sheer Taft – Morning Star
8. Primal Scream – Higher Than The Sun (A Dub Symphony In Two Parts) (feat. Jah Wobble)
9. Ride – I Don’t Know Where It Comes From (Apollo 11 Mix)
10 Love Corporation – Give Me Some Love (Andy Wetherall Remix)

You can stream the mix in it's entirety HERE.

REVIEW: A Place To Bury Strangers - Exploding Head

8.25 out of 10

"New York's loudest band" are back with another guitar smashing/eardrum destroying/Rock driven Shoegaze behemoth. "Exploding Head" is APTBS second full length album, their first for Mute. Much like their self-titled/independently released debut album, "Exploding Head" is filled to the brim with loud guitar effects, angsty male vocals, live drums (arena sized) mixed with drum machines, and that "PUNCH" of noise that makes A Place To Bury Strangers stand out as one of the best bands you could ever experience live.

"Exploding Head" formula; 1 guitarist/vocalist who fabricates his own distortion pedals/has an obsession with experimental guitar effects + Shoegaze & Industrial aesthetics + AWESOME drumming (both human and electronic) + enough loud Rock noises to piss off every neighbor on your block = one of the best releases of 09. "Exploding Head" is exactly how I would want APTBS to elevate their music to the next level. I wasn't sure where they would take it... Stronger production? More noise? Less noise?? By following all of these paths they have created one of the darkest, most rockin' Shoegaze albums I have heard in a LOOONG time. Like a darker/heavier Jesus And Mary Chain with unreasonable (which is a good thing) amounts of loud distortions. Ok A Place To Bury Strangers, you've got my full on attention from this point on.. This is without a doubt one of the loudest/best/soon to be overlooked "Rock" albums from this decade.

If you haven't heard A Place To Bury Strangers yet pull yourself out from under that lame rock and destroy your ear buds with the amazing-ness that is. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. You'll have to excuse me now, my ears are ringing....

Standout Tracks: It Is Nothing, In Your Heart, Lost Feeling, Deadbeat (I remember hearing this song live and being blown away), Ego Death, Everything Always Goes Wrong

REVIEW: Peter Rehberg - Work For GV 2004-2008

7 out of 10

Peter Rehberg is an electronic a/v producer/wizard based out of Vienna, Austria. He has collaborated with Florian Hecker, Jim O'Rourke, Christian Fennesz, Kevin Drumm, Sunn O))), as well as MANY others. He has also collaborated with various choreographers including Gisele Vienne, which is where the "GV" comes into play for the album's title. "Work For GV 2004-2008" is the music Mr. Rehberg made for various theatrical productions by Gisele Vienne. "Work for.." also features text written and spoken by Dennis Cooper.

Mr. Rehberg, a member of MIMEO, and supplier of all the euphoric/displaced & haunting atmospheres on this release creates austere sounds that resemble something forming from nothing. There are a lot of "found sounds", intrusive tweaks, low-end hums/airy atmospheres, minimal synth arpeggiations, white noises, and other distorted dins that are hard to classify. On top of Peter Rehberg's visionary sound lays Dennis Cooper's haunted spoken words that are more truthful then what they should be at times. If you're looking for something that requires your complete attention as well as something that may get you emotionally involved look no further. Comparable to Fennesz, Ben Frost, Jasper TX, Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom, etc. File under Electronic/Ambient with touches of Post-Modern brain-wash Psychedelics.

The music may be "abstract", one might even debate calling it "music". However, if my assumptions are correct, it was meant to be seen/heard live with a full on theatrical production to back it up. I know this won't be for all, but I am sure electronic/ambient music fans will rejoice over Peter Rehberg's disturbingly bleak electric metaphors. This album has the ability to make you respect the life you have been given a little more..(see track ML3)

Standout Tracks: Black Holes, ML3 (is your life really this bad?), Boxes & Angels (this could go on forever), Final Jerk

Venetian Snares US Tour..


All shows w/

If you live in any of these cities you must attend, I command thee..(don't be lame)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cool Video Funtime #74 - Ephemeral

Ramona Falls (Menomena side project) US Tour + Free MP3

KEYS: Brent Knopf, BASS: Danny Seim, DRUMS: Paul Alcott, GUITAR: Matt Sheehy
AUGUST 19 Wed – Santa Cruz at the Crepe Place
AUGUST 21 Fri – LA at the El Rey w/ Los Campesinos!
AUGUST 22 Sat – San Diego at Bar Pink
AUGUST 23 Sun – Costa Mesa at Detroit Bar w/ Los Campesinos!
AUGUST 25 Tue – San Francisco at Café DuNord
AUGUST 26 Wed – Ashland at The Where? House
AUGUST 28 Fri – Seattle at the Crocodile
AUGUST 29 Sat – Portland at the Doug Fir
SEPTEMBER 09 Wed – Minneapolis at the 7th Street Entry
SEPTEMBER 10 Thu – Madison at the High Noon Saloon
SEPTEMBER 11 Fri – Chicago at the Chopin
SEPTEMBER 12 Sat – Cleveland at the Beachland Tavern
SEPTEMBER 15 Tue – Boston at Great Scott
SEPTEMBER 17 Thu – NYC at Piano’s
SEPTEMBER 18 Fri – Brooklyn at Bruar Falls
SEPTEMBER 19 Sat – Philadelphia at Kung Fu Necktie

..and HERE's that free MP3..

New Thom Yorke single...!

Thom Yorke
"All For The Best"
Limited 7-inch

Brand new and exclusive track from Thom Yorke, released as a strictly limited 7" single limited to 2,000 copies worldwide.

Released 7th September 2009.

Ok, so no new Radiohead EP, but a new single from both them and Thom Yorke...I'll allow it..

Monday, August 17, 2009

EIC'S10Q'S w/Ben Frost

"Sparse beats dispersed over automaton thought provoking intelligence. This is the smartest electronic album I own.."

Ben Frost
Perspicacious Mechanization

Ben Frost Bio:
Born 1980 Melbourne Australia
Lives Reykjavík Iceland
The music Ben Frost is about contrast; influenced as much by Classical Minimalism as by Punk Rock and Metal, Frost's throbbing guitar-based textures emerge from nothing and slowly coalesce into huge, forbidding forms that often eschew conventional structures in favor of the inevitable unfoldings of vast mechanical systems.
“…The emotional power of Frost's music comes precisely from the stark contrast between extremely basic musical material and the deadly virtual instruments he invents to perform it… This is Arvo Pärt as arranged by Trent Reznor” –Wire Magazine, 2007
On albums like Steel Wound, released on the Room40 label in 2003 (Pitchfork: “An exemplary ambient experience”) and Theory of Machines on Bedroom Community in 2007 (Boomkat: “The Future of electronic music…”) Frost’s music is more than a cerebral exercise and has an undeniable visceral presence, felt as much as heard. His compositions are created with an acute awareness of the listener and their comfort thresholds, exploiting every extreme of pitch and volume. His notorious, building-shaking performances at international festivals including Montreal’s famed MUTEK combine amplified electronics with the furious thrashing of live guitars. Frost himself has been described as “one of the most interesting and groundbreaking producers in the world today.” (Boomkat). His music’s intense physicality has filled gallery spaces and driven contemporary dance productions by Chunky Move, the Icelandic Dance Company, and coreographer Erna Ómarsdottír.
The massive scale of Frost’s music often projects a sense of remoteness and isolation and yet he remains in demand as an artistic collaborator, having performed and worked with/for artists as diverse and acclaimed as Björk, Stars Like Fleas, Tim Hecker, Amiina, Christian Fennesz, Jóhann Jóhannsson, and Bora Yoon, and with celebrated Bedroom Community labelmates Sam Amidon (Appalachian folksinger), Nico Muhly (classical composer), and longtime collaborator Valgeir Sigurðsson (electronic composer/producer) with whom Frost shares Sigurðsson’s recording facility Greenhouse Studios in Reykjavík.
Underlying Frost’s often noisy, defiant aesthetic is a quiet and welcoming humanity, and a subtle sense of emotional drama which has recently bought him to the attention of the film world, where in 2008, utilizing the Icelandic string quartet Amiina, Frost composed the tender but ominous score for the forthcoming True-Crime feature film In Her Skin, starring Sam Neill and Guy Pearce; a cinematic sensibility also pervades his much anticipated forthcoming Lp By The Throat, whose darkly surreal sound-world owes as much to David Lynch as it does to David Lang.

Hello, how are you?
Fine thankyou, im enjoying being home for a while. I am actually in the West Fjörds at the moment as this is the first summer I have had in iceland in 2 years, I had almost forgotten how great it is to just be at home for a while.

What are you currently listening to?
Right at this exact moment itunes is playing Mobb Deep - "The Infamous"; an incredible record. For me that record was kind of the point where hip hop production became more about atmosphere than beats and really paved the way for artists like Portishead, Massive Attack, etc, and then in many ways alot of my music too- Havoc's production on infamous is just so brutally fucking minimalist and hardcore. Other than that though, lets see- Pärt's Silouans Song I must have played 150 times in the last month, James Blackshaw, Hildur Guðnadóttir, Neurosis, Kate Bush's "Hounds of Love"... and a friend of mine just sent me a record of Armenian Liturgical music which I am really enjoying too. On my to do list is the new Sunn O))) and a 7" ep from my friend Kristin.

What have you been up to since the release of “Theory Of Machines”?
There has been a lot of work between then and now. The new record has been a really hard project to put to bed- I think we have spent more time on the mastering than on the mixing, which is something. It has been a hard record to get perfect. My personality demands constant change and there is now a healthy level of schitzophrenia in my work- scores for film and dance, production work where I can (I do miss the simple joys and challenges of mixing someone else's record, where its not so emotionally debilitating). And because of Theory of Machines I am performing live a lot now too- which I am finally starting to enjoy.
The problem up until recently has been that I could never fill the venues that had the power in their sound systems to handle my music, but that has changed. It really needs to be a dangerously large sound for me to feel something when I play live, otherwise its just sport-fucking. If I am completely in control of it there is no challenge then there is nothing to fear from the experience and well I mean, its my music and I know it inside out, so the only thrill in there for me personally is if it can scare me a little.

I really like the new song “Black”, is there a title and/or official release date for the next album?
The new album is called BY THE THROAT. It will be released in October, on the 19th I believe. The song you are referring to is on the new record- its title is "Leo needs a new pair of shoes" which is a line I stole from David Lynch.

When you write music do you improv or do you have a pre-planned structure laid out?
Its usually somewhere between the two. What I mean is, that I have very specific pre-conceived ideas about a piece of music or moreover the record as a whole which usually stem from a series of ideas and images of how it should sound, the combination of elements, rhythmical structures colours, etc, but then from that point it is improvisation within a very tight framework.

Will there ever be a full US tour?
2010. I dont have an agent in the US, so it is very up in the air at the moment, but I can promise that its absolutely my intention to tour the states in 2010. Tim Hecker and I have been concocting some kind of co-tour which would be exciting. That new album of his is stellar work.

What’s next for the label Bedroom Community?
There are so many plans in Bedroom Community it gets quite overwhelming at times. There is a new Sam Amidon Lp in production now which is sounding incredible- we should have it done in the the fall I think. There is also a record from the Icelandic composer Daniel Bjarnason, and there may be another addition to the roster for a spring release- we have the privelige of being very choosy and we are using it.

Whatever happened to School Of Emotional Engineering?
School of Emotional Engineering eventually became bigger than me and became about a band, the members of whom are now spread across the globe, so being able to make music together means being in the same place for a length of time that would allow it, and in 4 years that opportunity has still yet to arise. Having said all of that, there are literally hours of unfinished material for a new album that resurfaced just recently. It was all on a single hard drive which crashed, and I thought it was lost forever, but then my assistant engineer "accidently" rebooted the drive and recovered it... I put some of the work on a disc and drove around with it last month and enjoyed it a great deal... I have not closed any doors on it.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
It would be a toss up between "Disintegration" by the Cure and Arvo Pärt's "Tabula Rasa"

Are you living your dream?
In my dreams everything looks like a Rothko painting and sounds like Joy Division

Thanx Ben!

Ben Frost is currently putting the finshing touches on his upcoming full length "By The Throat", look for that in October.!!

Ben Frost live at Unsound...

Ben Frost - Live at Unsound 2008

Cold Cave sign to Matador...

From Matador:

Over the past 18 months, we’ve encountered a series of maddeningly limited vinyl and cassette releases from the fantastic Philadelphia outfit, Cold Cave. With records on Dais, Hospital Productions and What’s Your Rupture, Cold Cave effortlessly marry elements of experimental noise, sound collage and synth pop. Last month, they released their debut longplayer and one of the most exciting debut albums we’ve heard, "Love Comes Close", on their own publishing house, Heartworm Press. Not surprisingly, it sold out immediately.

We are happy to announce that Matador will be re-releasing "Love Comes Close" worldwide on November 3 as well as additional odds and ends to be announced shortly.

Here are two downloadable mp3s from the album:

Bout time someone signed these guys..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Sight Below album..

From TSB:

We got a new EP coming out this fall, titled "Murmur." It'll be available as 12" vinyl + digital download. The EP will contain 2 new tracks + remixes by Eluvium, Biosphere & Simon Scott.

Stay tuned for more info!

Can't wait to get my ears wet..