Friday, August 7, 2009


Jumbling Towers

From HM:

Do you remember Eerie Indiana? A show that sees a young actor called Omri Katz (loved by most pre-pubescent girls, but most of all my sister) move to a fucked up town called Eerie, home of all sorts of ghoulish and other worldly inhabitants, there to scare the shit out of you every Sunday morning. Well, in these days of rehash and remake, I'm sure it's not long before it is brought back with a a shiny new Disney Club star as the lead role, for us all to enjoy all over again... if it does, let's hope it'll be soundtracked entirely by St. Louis' excellent Jumbling Towers

Recorded, like all the best music in the world, in a garage, we hear Mercury Rev meets Clap Your Hands Say Yeah style vocals collide with marching nursery rhyme melodies. Their forthcoming album is written about a non-existent city called Kanetown, that conjures images of a middle America desert town with greying post apocalyptic horizons (as seen in the recent PS3 nuclear shooter Fallout 3..I swear I'm not a virgin) Its the sort of music to listen to whilst you share a ball of spasm flavoured ice cream with your girlfriend who has buttons for eyes.

Half Machine are proud to announce the release of "The Kanetown City Rips" backed with "Gilberta" on 7" released on Sept 10th 2009. You can pre order the single by visiting our shop and download Gilberta by going to our blog - We hope the bass line makes you bug out as much as we did.

Pretty catchy stuff, reminds me of MGMT meets The Unicorns a little..

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