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EIC'S10Q'S w/Nightmare Air

"..loud/blaring Punk-Rock proclivity with atmospheric Sheogazer tendencies, expect to hear many things about this project in the future.."

West Coast Trail Blazers

Nightmaire Air Bio:
Los Angeles/Seattle-based Nightmare Air features Film School members Dave Dupuis (guitar & vocals) and James Smith (drums) along with new blood Swaan Miller (bass & vocals). In the hiatus that followed two years of intensive touring with Film School in 2007-08, Nightmare Air took the time to craft a collection of driving, richly layered songs that bristle with distortion and agitation.

Hello, how are you?
Things are great!
The sun is shining brightly in California and I managed to make a really great cup of coffee this morning.
I'm a little frustrated with my poor silkscreening skills though.
Swaan and I are trying to make some Nightmare Air merch but we keep screwing it up.
Oh well, it's always takes a little time to get it right.

What are you currently listening to?
In my 5 disc CD at this very moment is....
Built to Spill - there is no enemy (the new one)
A Place to Bury Strangers - exploding head (also the new one)
Fleet Foxes
Stereolab - Swiched On
Dinosaur Jr.- Farm
I've been kind of on a throwback phase the past couple weeks.
A fella who likes Nightmare contacted me to say hi and included a link to his YouTube Page...Ambient Airwaves. I've been spending a lot of times going through his videos. Mostly 90's alternative cream of the crop. The kind of music that I learned to play guitar to Swerevdriver, Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine, Bailter Space, Spiritualized....all the good stuff.

You guys are a relatively new group, where did you originally meet?
James and I met in Seattle over 10 years ago on the street.
He had this really cool 70's Honda motorcycle.
I was on the street checking it, then he came out.
...I was like "cool bike man"
...he was likes "thanks"
...then somehow we started talking our mutual appreciation for the band Quasi, maybe he had a sticker or something.
Either way the next week we jammed and haven't stopped since.
We've been in a handful of bands/ projects over the years...
Nightmare Air the newest and the most exciting in a long time.
Swaan and I went to the same high school in New Hampshire, but didn't actally meet untill we were both living in Oakland, Ca about 5 years ago. I'm a bit older than her and paths never quite crossed.
The three of us have a great dynamic.
I love being a three piece....
Even more I love playing music with two of my favorite people in the world!

Where does the name Nightmare Air derive from?
We got the name from a Skateboard film from 1987 called "In Search for Animal Chin"
There is a scene when the skaters in the film are in a hotel room goofing off and lying on their backs practicing different ramp moves/ airs ...Indie air, Japan air, Rocket air,... etc. One of the skaters named Lance Mountain pulled a jokey move where he pretended to be asleep in a nightmare, woke up and immediately put the board to his feet. He pulled a Nightmare Air!
In religiously watched skateboard videos in my youth/teen years.
The music and DIY energy / spirit of skateboarding in the early 90's really determined the direction of sound that I still have today.

Can you explain your sound in 5 words?
I, Love, Rock, And, Roll

You’re currently working on your debut EP, is there a tentative album title?
This one is going to be self titled.
Just gonna keep it easy.

Will you be touring the US shortly after the EP’s release?
Yes, but kind of partial tours.
The EP will be totally done the beginning of this November.
We're doing some west coast dates in November and some East coast dates in December.
Swaan actually has to head back to Seattle to finish School at the Univ of Washington for the the plan is to do so short tours while she's on break. Then hit is hard come June.

You recently paid a show with Amusement Parks On Fire, how awesome was that show?
Totally awesome!
Amusement Parks on Fire are a bitchin bunch of guys.
I met them a few years ago when I was in the touring the UK with the Silversun Pickups.
Lucky for me Amusement Parks have been working on their new record here in LA the past couple out for that one, it's gonna be beyond Epic!

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
Impossible question.
It would probably be an old 50's doo wop record.... actually no not that.
Perhaps a Beatles album, they're timeless... no actually not that either.
Maybe Neil Young, or no...I need more guitar rock...Swervedriver?
See what I mean this question is impossible!!

Are you living your dream?
I would like to ride more boats though tropical waters...but other than that, yes!

Thanx Dave!

Nightmare Air are about to embark on a East Coast tour, make sure to check them out if you can...

Cool Video Funtime #111 - Repair Machines

Just a couple more days......!

"EverythingIs1yr.compilation" featuring unreleased/rare tracks from various artists

Check into Eat More Cake..

I was just listening to this...

Turzi -A

Wondering when the next album will come out..
when low and behold RCRDLBL answers my question...

Turzi - Buenos Aires


Free Grizzly Bear (Neon Indian) remixes..

Some more news on the next Gorillaz LP..


Damon Albarn was recently interviewed by journalist Paul Morley and the interview was published in the early hours of yesterday morning (GMT) on the website of the national UK paper The Guardian. You can read a summary of a few points of the interview and listen to 39 minutes of it on The Guardian's website here. Damon talks about a lot of things but most interestingly for Gorillaz fans he spoke a lot about Gorillaz' third album. Amongst the details revealed were the following:-

The title 'Plastic Beach' is confirmed for the third album.

He got the inspiration for the title Plastic Beach from looking at plastic in the sand in a beach near his house in Devon in the UK. Damon also says he wants to express "the idea that plastic, we see it as being against nature but it’s come out of nature. We didn’t create plastic, nature created plastic." (more context in the interview transcript below) He also compares shows like the X-Factor and American Idol to "buying a ready made meal in loads of plastic packaging" and says Gorillaz albums are intended to be an alternative to that, pop, but with some kind of depth.

The album features the sounds of some seagulls recorded on a landfill site near London, to give it a real plastic beach feel.

The album features Snoop Dogg on a track. (Damon also confirmed that previously rumoured or mentioned artists Lou Reed, Mos Def, Barry Gibb and Bobby Womack would appear on the record).

Damon has put more thought into making the lyrics and melodies clear on this record than those on Gorillaz and Demon Days.

Damon feels this is the most pop record he has ever made. He says that although he recorded with orchestras in the making of the record, only small parts of the recordings will be on the final album.

Work on the album can be traced back to work on the project Carousel which was about 'the mystical aspects of Britain' and although it is now Gorillaz it 'still maintains a lot of that melancholy'.

Can we get a a release date please??

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another good compilation worth looking into..

"My Estrogeneration" put out by Not Not Fun:

First ever NNF vinyl compilation (more in the future hopefully?) finds the spotlight landing fairly on the fairer sex, and the glare is glorious. 11 diverse femme musical energies corralled across 12 inches of black vinyl, all exclusive contributions, and the breadth of zones and interzones traversed is a beautiful thing to hear. Carry on my wayward non-sons. LPs in jackets with artwork by Pocahaunted bassist/scholar Diva Dompe, plus a full-color double-sided insert. Edition of 500. This year's Estrogeneration includes:

-Zola Jesus
-Tickley Feather
-Pocahaunted (vintage unused track from Gold Miner's Daughters sessions)
-Inca Ore
-Topaz Rags
-Talk Normal
-Islaja (featuring Samara Lubelski and Blevin Blectum)
-L.A. Vampires
-U.S. Girls

Due to limited availability, record will not be listed in the store, but you can buy a copy HERE.

Could be great, I'd love to hear the Zola Jesus and Valet songs..

Friday, November 27, 2009

Cool Video Funtime #110 - Deaf

Check out this compilation..

From Bleep:

North/South/East/West is a collaborative art and music project between photographer Shaun Bloodworth, designer Stuart Hammersley (Give Up Art) and; focusing on the music of four different regions of the world — North and South UK and the East and West coast USA. The project aims to showcase our pick of a handful of labels, artists and club nights from each.

The final product is a limited edition, deluxe package. With only 500 editions printed and compromising 14 high quality photo-prints and a 12 track CD (9 of which have never before been heard) - all of which will be beautifully enclosed in a special, custom made package designed by Give Up Art.

Plus a further edition, limited to only 100 copies, comprising again of 14 exclusive photo-prints, 12 track CD in custom-made packaging but with the addition of an A2 poster, designed by Give Up Art and featuring previously unseen portraits and extra shots from the project.

Both products are available to pre-order now, as well as tracklisting and audio previews HERE. The item will be shipping on the 1st Dec. The compilation will also be available next week be available to purchase in MP3 and WAV format.

Artists featured on the compilation are:
North: Hudson Mohawke, Rustie and Taz Buckfaster // South: Skream, Headhunter and Geeneus // East: Mike Slott, Kotchy and Falty DL // West: Flying Lotus / Daedelus / Matthew David

Uhhh, Dear Santa..?

Check into We Are Bright & Broken..

We Are Bright & Broken - We Are Bright & Broken EP

This was very nice to wake up to, great soothing high frequency ambient drone..

Hear a new Sinner DC remix..


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Check into Candy Claws..

Thanx SoS!

Here's the artwork for the upcoming (long awaited) full length from Massive Attack..

"Heligoland" is due out on February 9th, 2010

If it's half as good as the EP they just released eetsa gonna be niiice..(also, it has Hope Sandoval guest starring as well as maaany others)

EIC'S10Q'S w/Piano Magic

"'s a shame that so many of "today's Goth kids" are blasting the same metal tripe that's ever so popular. This, if you are indeed "Goth" should be your theme music.."

Piano Magic

Transcendental Gothic Dissertation

Piano Magic Bio:
From its conception as a bedroom-studio hobby in Summer 1996, Piano Magic's trajectory has never been textbook - random at best. Originally, a self-confessed revolving door operation - musicians arriving, contributing and leaving as they pleased - they harvested a catalogue of varied singles, EPs and two albums by 1998. This convey-belt membership also resulted in a plethora of sonic stylings, from smallbeat Kraftwerkian Meccano Pop on debut album, 'Popular Mechanics' (1997) to the breathless, ethereal, multi-layered melancholy of 'Low Birth Weight' (1998). Only in 1999 did Piano Magic resemble anything like a conventional format group. Smooth-talked into playing a Dutch festival which actually turned out quite well, they decided to play anywhere they were wanted and began to build something of a cult following, particularly on the European Continent. They spectacularly showcased the post-modernist baroque sound of 'Artists' Rifles' (1999) at the Benicassim and BAM music festivals. Ironically, the band have never infiltrated the hearts of the British music press - out of time, unfashionable and kinda weird looking, its best not to stay home much. Tours of Germany, Holland, Italy, Belgium, France, Spain peppered the next few years. The band signed to 4AD Records in 2000 and delivered their most critically contentious work, 'Writers Without Homes' and the soundtrack to Spanish director, Bigas Lunas' 'Son De Mar' movie. Though oft-maligned, 'Writers Without Homes' was a particularly monumental milestone for the band, as it featured the first vocal recording for 33 years of lost 60's/70's folk heroine, Vashti Bunyan. Post-’Writers, Piano Magic have become closer to a more “conventional group format.” Drafting in French musicians, Jerome Tcherneyan and Franck Alba alongside English bassist, Alasdair Steer, Piano Magic recorded 'The Troubled Sleep Of Piano Magic,' for Spanish independent, Green Ufos. This album perfectly encapsulated the live sound of the group - delicate vocals, glistening guitars, insistent drums, anthemic synth washes. A new record, Saint Marie EP followed in June 2004 and featured collaborations with, again, Vashti Bunyan as well as Alan Sparhawk from Low and Ben Ayres from Cornershop. Piano Magic's 2005 album, 'Disaffected,' stretched fingers into an even more melodic, near-on "pop" sound, magically without dispensing with their notorious depth of emotion. It features guest vocal contributions from John Grant of The Czars and Angle David-Guillou of Klima (the latter, now with her own debut solo album out on the Peacefrog label). In the 2 interim years between the release of Disaffected and follow-up, the Guy Fixsen-produced, 'Part Monster' (2007), the band continued to be prolific and not only in concert (the band added Turkey, Poland, Italy, Greece and Portugal to their gig list). Johnson released a debut album of experimental electronic under the name, Textile Ranch and along with keyboardist, Cedric Pin, as Future Conditional, put out an album of electropop on LTM, 'We Don't Just Disappear.'

After an uncharacteristically lengthy hiatus in which Johnson worked on his debut solo long-player ('Details Not Recorded,' 2009), Piano Magic released their 10th official album, 'Ovations' (2009) on the pioneering UK independent label, Make Mine Music. 'Ovations,' featuring special guest appearances from Brendan Perry and Peter Ulrich of Dead Can Dance, found Piano Magic at their most confident, melodic and unabashed, merging early 80's coldwave electronics with Eastern European acoustic instrumentation.

To date, Piano Magic has harboured over 60 sonic orphans with nothing better to do, recorded 10 proper albums, a double CD retrospective and many, many singles. They've outlived several of the labels they’ve recorded for and show no signs of stopping. At this point in time, Piano Magic is Glen Johnson, Franck Alba, Jerome Tcherneyan, Alasdair Steer and Angèle David-Guillou.

Hello, how are you?
I'm a bit rough actually. I've had a cold all weekend, during my birthday and I'm still coughing like an old farmer.

What are you currently listening to?
Deux. The XX. We Fell To Earth. Mary Moor. Fever Ray. Klima.

Can you explain your music in 5 words?
Romantic, emotive, shadowy, unpopular, therapy.

Your latest album “Ovations” is easily one of 2009’s greatest releases (in my opinion your personal best). Did the recording process for it go smoothly or…?
It never goes smoothly. I generally approach recording an album like surveying a battlefield from a clifftop. You can see how vast the battlefield is and you know you have to get to the other side but whether you will or not is another matter.

You managed to get Brendan Perry and Peter Ulrich from the legendary Goth/Dream Pop/early 4AD group Dead Can Dance to join you on a few of the albums songs, how did this collaboration ever come up?
The album already had its DCD elements before it even occurred to me to try and track down Peter Ulrich to see if he'd play a little hammered dulcimer on it. I found him on Myspace and through him, found Brendan Perry. I've been a huge DCD fan since 1984 or so and it would've never have entered my head to approach any of them for fear of rejection. But Peter was sweet and encouraging and very human.

Will there be a large scale tour for “Ovations”? Do you think the boys from Dead Can Dance will join you?
We don't do large scale tours because we're not a large-selling band. We'll do the odd jaunt in Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc - all familiar territory but we know our limit. I wish we could find a situation that would justify getting Brendan and Peter on a stage with us but short of Brendan touring his new album next year, I'm not sure what it could be.

What’s a song you wish you wrote?

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
Kraftwerk's "Computer World".

Are you living your dream?
Thankfully, no. I have very odd dreams involving giant talking mice chasing me through space.

Thanx Glen!

Piano Magic are currently playing a few shows in Europe, maybe, just maybe we will see them stateside...

Cool Video Funtime #109 - Iron Action

EIC Presents: A Sunny Day In Glasgow Live 11/23/09 Omaha, NE

(click on images to enlarge)

Thanx to all of those that came out..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

How does EIC celebrate it's first birthday?

With a free compilation of course!


Featuring unreleased/rare tracks from:
Banjo Or Freakout
Nightmare Air
Psychic Powers
Rainbow Arabia
Sunken Foal

Available for download 12/2/09

Thanx for visiting! We look forward to many more years together..

Too trippy not to recommend (children beware)..

Click above image to enter a terrific website created for Yeasayer's newest single "Ambling Alp"

Cool Video Funtime #108 - Bread

The new Efterklang album is called...

"Magic Chairs"
It will be released on 2/22/10 via 4AD.

Here's a free MP3 to get you excited:

~njoy (it's a really good song).

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Check into :Kinema:..

:Kinema: - My Girls (Animal Collective cover)

Good stuff, imagine "My Girls" with a Disco beat, auto-tuner, and an upbeat electronic twist..

REVIEW: Maps - Turning The Mind

8 out of 10

I admire Maps, I really admire the first album "We Can Create", which was a dazzling Electronic/Nu-Gaze Bedroom-Pop pièce de résistance. I admire that solid writing has never been an issue when it comes to James' work. Nearly every track on "We Can Create" served it's purpose and then some, no fillers really (check out the track "So Low, So High"). Nearly 2 years later we are once again tempted with the pleasure of blessing our earphones with more Neo-astral bliss. James Chapman (Maps) explains "Turning The Mind" as an "eye opening experience" when one finds him/herself on top of their game and willing to let go of anything holding them back. As far as I'm concerned this "change/turning" of his is a good thing the overall writing and production on "Turning The Mind" is sharper, the hooks are ummm "hookier?", the lyrics are stronger, and the overall vibe is a little more "dancey"/electronic. Mr. Chapman wanted to be more "true" to himself when writing this album, by doing so he created a much more visceral and solace experience.

"Turning The Mind" starts off with an uplifting song that could be played at nearly any event ending in happiness and/or a massive lifting of spirits, it only get's better from there. "I Dream Of Crystal" has some of the best "ooohs & aaahs" choir sounding keyboards I have ever heard, the background atmospheres/electronics & drumming set this song up to be one of the best tracks I have heard all year long (really it gives me goose bumps in the right mindset). As I mentioned above the overall vibe for this album is a little more electronic, so I could imagine this album putting off some Shoegazers, but you have to understand something, Mr. Chapman never wanted to write "Shoegaze/Nu-Gaze" music, his true passion is in electronics/techno music. There are however still a lot of "Map-isms" within, so don't worry too much Overall I found this album to be a much more pleasing experience than the previous album and if Maps stays on this route a 10 out of 10 album may indeed be just around the corner.. Congrats James, keep up the good work and keep a strong head on your shoulders, I look forward to our meeting up again.

If you own the previous Maps album but have been putting this album off for some reason, wait no longer. "Turning The Mind" is a great album that should keep you entertained from beginning to end. I dare you not to fall in-love with the seraphic keyboard riffs and captivating electronics that carry this music. RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: I Dream Of Crystal (soooooo addicting), Valium In The Sunshine, Everything Is Shattering (also pretty catchy), Nothing (bust out the glow sticks if you have em'), Die Happy Die Smiling, Without You

Monday, November 16, 2009

EIC'S10Q'S w/A Place To Bury Strangers

"..take one guitarist/vocalist who fabricates his own distortion pedals/has an obsession with experimental guitar effects add Shoegaze & Industrial aesthetics, AWESOME drumming (both human and electronic), and enough loud Rock noises to piss off every neighbor on your block and you get best releases of 09.."

A Place To Bury Strangers
Cacophonous Aphotic Pandemonium

A Place To Bury Strangers Bio:
Drawing inspiration from Shoegaze, Classic Indie Rock, and atmospheric and dark sounds of all stripes, the Brooklyn-based A Place to Bury Strangers consist of Oliver Ackermann, Jay Space, and Jono Mofo. Forming out of the ashes of the likeminded Skywave, the band has a darker, slightly heavier, and more experimental approach than its previous incarnation. The trio made a splash in 2006, recording and playing gigs with Read Yellow, Bravo Silva, The Funeral Crashers, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. A Place to Bury Strangers' 2007 self-titled debut album, which was released by Killer Pimp, introduced their sonic assault; they moved to Mute for 2009's "Exploding Head", which honed their songcraft as well as their commitment to beautiful noise.

Hello, how are you?
Hello, good, thank you. How about you?

What are you currently listening to?
Right now I am listening to Lush "Gala", I am trying to DJ up some songs I know Jono will like while he is driving through a torrential rain poor on our way to Dallas.

How did the name A Place To Bury Strangers come up?
It was our old drummer. He though it was a cool name and the old bass player in the band put it on our first flyer so it has been it ever since.

Which album are you more proud of your newest, “Exploding Head”, or your first?
I dunno, I am proud of both records for different reasons. I like the first record because it exposed a lot of people to our music. There were a lot of very twisted recording techniques used and it gave me more confidence when we recorded the second record. I think on the second record I really tried to spend a long time getting just the right sounds which seems to have worked out pretty well.

Who was the best band you’ve toured with and why?
That is a tough question. We really haven't had any bad times touring with any of the bands we have toured with. I guess I will say Holy Fuck because we were both playing very different types of music and we played a bunch of shows where we all played together and that was a blast.

Has anyone ever complained about how loud your live shows are?
Yes, many times.

How did you get into creating your own guitar pedals?
I just wanted to make sounds that I couldn't get anywhere else so I had to create them. I used to buy tons of gear from pawn shops and yard sales all over the place so I had a ton of equipment and would try to trick it out but most of the time it broke, but eventually I got the hang of it and then started building my own gear.

Is there anything on your mp3 player that you are a little embarrassed to say you own?
Nope. I've got lots of stuff that maybe someone would be embarrassed but fuck it.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?

Cobraspa - Members Only

Are you living your dream?
Yes. Everyone should always do what they want to do.

Thanx APTBS!

APTBS are currently touring, please, please go see them live if you get a chance, you will not regret it...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Free Xiu Xiu remix..

Off of the upcoming Merge Records remix album..

Check into To My Boy..

Thanx Half Machine!

Cool Video Funtime #107 - Sometimes Always (live on Letterman)

New The Field remix album on the way..

From Anti-:

The Field To Release "Yesterday & Today Remixe" EP December 8

Revered for his groundbreaking and emotionally evocative musical landscapes, electronic-music artist "The Field" (aka Axel Willner) has had an extraordinary year so far. He has traveled the planet with his band performing to fervent crowds and released an acclaimed new album "Yesterday & Today", of which the Los Angeles Times said, "like an electronic Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine, Axel Willner's music as the Field uses rhythm, repetition and unexpected melodies to make a captivating sound that can be too much for some listeners. But to fans of top-flight techno craftsmanship, it's nothing less than spellbinding."

On the "Yesterday & Today Remixe" EP, available digitally and on vinyl December 8, three talented up and coming practitioners of indie infused electronica have reinterpreted songs off the Field's latest album "Yesterday and Today." Pitchfork approved London artist Gold Panda recently caused a stir with his remixes for Bloc Party, Little Boats and Telepathe. Here he samples The Field's hypnotic and building "I Have the Moon, You Have the Internet" turning it into a pulsating and sensual dub.

Rainbow Arabia is a new husband and wife duo from Los Angeles who recently made waves with their mini LP "Kabukimono". The sound was like nothing you've heard before and they don't disappoint here. The Field's "Sequenced" is re-imagined as a Moroder-like freak out with Tiffany Preston's otherworldly singing lending an alluring exotic feel.

The Walls consist of Londoners Sam Willis (Allez Allez) and Alessio Natalizia (Banjo Or Freakout). Recently the (then) unsigned duo became an internet sensation with their song "Burnt Sienna" which impressed a myriad of music blogs including tastemaker site Pitchfork. Here they take the lush shimmering trance of The Field's "Leave It" and give it an imaginative industrial dissonance.

"Yesterday & Today Remixe" offers three refreshingly unorthodox interpretations which both honor and expand upon The Field's uncompromising spirit of innovation. It's a fitting tribute to an amazing and vital artist.

Listen to "Yesterday And Today" if you haven't done so by now..

If only I lived here..

Man, I would love to see ASDIG live, ..oh wait!

Telepathe Winter Tour..


12/05/09 - City Hall, Denver CO
12/16/09 - The Studio at Webster Hall, NYC
12/26/09 - Grappas Cellar, Hong Kong
12/29/09 - Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne AUS
12/30/09 - Pyramid Rock Festival, Victoria AUS
01/04/10 - San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington NZ
01/05/10 - Cassette 9, Auckland NZ
01/08/10 - Home Club, Singapore

..wish I could go..

Friday, November 13, 2009

Have you listened to Christ. today?

Maybe you should..(rumour is he used to be in Boards Of Canada)


The Road Soundtrack finally gets a date..

The Road Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

Digitally: November 25th, 2009
CD: January 12th, 2010

Me: Excited.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Free unreleased RJD2 track..

Thanx Mr. D2!

Cool Video Funtime #106 - Actionist Respoke

Free Arctic Circle sampler..

Thanx AC!

If only I lived here..

Shoegaze from across seas, sounds good to me!

The Xx lose a member, continue on as a trio..

From PF:

About a month ago The Xx had been forced to cancel a few shows due to exhaustion. The band had played a London show without keyboardist-guitarist Baria Qureshi, the exhausted party in question, but they were all set to resume their busy touring schedule after a few nights off. However, that didn't happen.

Last night, The Xx played New York's Bowery Ballroom, and Qureshi was again absent. The band's label rep confirmed what had already been widely rumored: Qureshi hasn't returned to the band, and they're now a trio. At the moment, the band is still scheduled to tour heavily between now and March.

Tis' a shame, but I have no doubts about this band going on strong and only getting better as time progresses, do yourself a favor and buy their debut album NOW.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

REVIEW: Matt Bartram - Left To Memory

7.75 out of 10

Matt Bartram, for those of you unaware, keeps pretty busy with his dreamy Shoegaze outfit Air Formation. He also has a few side projects worth looking into, including one with Rachel Goldstar of Experimental Aircraft. With over 9 years in the business of mixing lush with fuzzy it's safe to say he knows what he's doing. When he's not incredibly busy helping others Mr. Bartram somehow finds the time to release solo albums. His first solo album, "Arundel", came out last year and was pretty close to being a perfect album. "Left To Memory" is his second album flying solo, which lucky for us means even more sweet melancholy Indie Drone-Rock/Shoegaze to wrap our headphones around.

"Left To Memory" starts out with a super fuzzy/droney sounding guitar loop (kind of reminiscent to Spacemen 3) pulsating & scratching underneath a bouncy bass line, machine-like snare drum samples, and Matt's "just woke up/hush-hush vocals". The rest of the album maintains that course, never too loud, not necessarily "upbeat" (although kind of), very lush, and definitely noisy. If you appreciate buzzing guitar sounds, faint/sustained synths, soft vocals, a few electronic drum loops, and all of the other opulent sounds that make up for a great Shoegaze/Nu-gaze/whatever-gaze album I can assure you Matt Bartram will be right up your alley.

"Left To Memory" is the sound of one man baring his soul underneath a train station. Where lush meets loud, noise becomes soothing, and sublime becomes uplifting. More than exceptional, "Left To Memory" is resplendent, imaginative, & refreshing. For fans of Air Formation, Auburn Lull, Spacemen 3, The British Expeditionary Force, Bowery Electric, July Skies, Soul Whirling Somewhere, etc. Rec-omm-ended.

Standout Tracks: All of them keep your head floating above the clouds, but if I had to be more specific: October Song, Keep Behind The Light, The Difference Day Makes, Pylon, Cycles

Free Syntaks track..

NEW/Free Atlas Sound Virtual 7"..

Gooood morning to you!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cool Video Funtime #105 - To The Music

Did you know A Sunny Day In Glasgow released a new single today?

You do now! Make sure to come see ASDIG perform live this November!

Check into Audioglider..

Remember when Techno was just called "Techno"?

A song so painfully gorgeous...

Jj (?) - Baby

Dear Sincerely Yours, Please-PLEASE release this track so I can own it. Oh my god, Please?

Check this out..

Beck, Binki Shapiro, & Devendra Banhart covering Leonard Cohen's "One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong"

With those three together I would say nothing could go "wrong" Oh!

A couple tracks worth downloading..


A Place To Bury Strangers - In Your Heart (Ceral Spiller Remix)


Some more Don Diablo for ya..



Cool Video Funtime #104 - Twentytwohundred

NEW/Free Micromix (ala Mr. Cox)..

1. The Five Discs - Doctor
2. Alain Poinsot - Rosarium 2 (Reversed & mixed with dictaphone recording of fever dream I had while in bed with pneumonia)
3. West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - I Won't Hurt You
4. Sun Ra - Solar Drums
5. Sparks - The Number One Song in Heaven
6. Ruth White - Gymnopedie No. 1
7. Rafael Toral - We Are Getting Closer
8. Phillip Jeck - Wholesome
9. Paul Giovanni - The Anointing
10. Sonny Sharrock - Once Upon A Time
11. Lou Reed - Coney Island Baby

Thanx BC & co!

Monday, November 9, 2009

EIC'S10Q'S w/Midaircondo

"..the sound of silver tinged clouds painted by Dali.."

Ravishing Neo-Biotic Fantasia

Midaircondo Bio:
Midaircondo is a constellation who explores beat, sound, voice, improvisation in an audio-visual environment. The group was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in December 2002. The starting point was the yearning to explore new and unexpected ways to create music. Midaircondo is a new making within the swedish electronic music scene, based on the idea of playful music, working in between the acoustic and electronic area. Midaircondo combines the music with their own visuals, where the projections are interacting with the music performed on stage.

Hello, how are you?
We are fine, thank you! We are actually both pregnant and have two huge stomaches. It looks really funny on stage!

What are you currently listening to?
The heart sounds of our babies! We got one of those machines that amplifies the sounds of the baby. Very beautiful and magic...

Where did you originally meet?
We met in Göteborg, Sweden, where we live. We are both part of the music scene here and you finally get to know most of the people around. But the first time we worked together was when Lisa directed a performance piece and Lisen was one of the two performers. We then found that we shared a wish to work more with electronic sounds and improvisation.

Where does the name Midaircondo come from?
We wanted a name that could illustrate the parallel world where our music is made, some kind of space that changes and moves around...

You hand make some of your instruments don’t you? How did this idea ever come up?
We haven't made any instruments ourselves, but we collaborate with a couple of people who custom made electronics for us. And then we also are constantly searching for sounding objects that we use as instruments when we make our music.

When you wrote your first album did you go into the studio with a set idea of how it would sound?
No, as we base our music so much on improvisation, we try not to have very clear ideas of how the music is going to sound. Instead we go into a mood when we record and try to make the music then and there. The first record Shopping for Images was almost completely made like that. On our new record Curtain Call we wanted to post produce, add instruments/vocals and arrange our improvised recordings a bit more to try another aproach. They are both good ways we think.

You were originally a trio, now a duo right? Care to explain what happened?
Yes, we are a duo since the beginning of 2007 and there´s no very big difference since we all have had almost the same set of instruments from the beginning, and still have.

Your new album is called “Curtain Call”, is there a meaning behind the title?
We thought it was a suitable name for a second album. It´s kind of a continuation of something and at the same time an expectation of something new.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
We have both listened alot to Joni Mitchell´s album "Blue" over the years, and it´s still a very, very good album.

Are you living your dream?
Yes I guess you can say that. We are doing what we set out to do - make our own music in just the way we want to, and be able to travel around the world and play it to different people in very different places. It's very hard work and very luxurious at the same time...

Thanx Lisa & Lisen!

Midaircondo are currently touring Europe, keep your fingers crossed for a US tour...