Thursday, April 28, 2011

An amazing (FREE) compilation you should probably check out..

Various Artists - 10 - Room40 Compilation

I won't list off everyone one on this 40 TRACK FREE compilation but I will drop a few names; Taylor Deupree, Ben Frost, Grouper, Xiu Xiu.. Click HERE for more info. Wow, this made my day;).

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Check into Ricky Eat Acid..

Ricky Eat Acid - Haunt U Forever

This particular Ricky Eat Acid album, brought to you by Chill Mega Chill, has been on constant shuffle between my headphones for the past couple weeks now. I would also strongly recommend checking out Ricky's official bandcamp for A LOT (seriously TONS) of FREE goodies.

NEW Rotten Tropics track..!

Cool Video Funtime #241 - Your Secret Light Shines At Night

Monday, April 25, 2011

EIC'S10Q'S w/Wintercoats

"..strings, reversed guitar tones, mysterious vocal samples/backing harmonies, bells, and (super) pleasing to the ear tranquil vocals..the perfect score for warming your ears, heart, and mind on an austere evening.."

Singular Chimerical Composition

Wintercoats Bio:
Wintercoats is a solo Dream Pop project of Melbourne multi-instrumentalist James Wallace. Beginning at the dawn of 2009, Wintercoats began composing various pieces for strings and piano, before expanding the instrumentation and shifting his direction from Folk inspired music to Dream Pop. Opting to play solo, Wallace performs through the live sampling of piano, strings, percussion, and vocals, often drenched with reverb creating the sound of a ethereal, pop inspired orchestra. In May 2010, Wintercoats released his Debut EP “Cathedral” as a free download and will be releasing his follow up EP in June as a 12”/Download.

Hello, how are you?
Hey, I’m very well thank you.

What are you currently listening to?
Right at this moment I’m listening to Collarbones cover of ‘Cater 2 U’. It’s pretty fantastic. I’ve been listening to Sea Oleena, The Townhouses, The Orbweavers, and Rio En Medio quite religiously lately too.

Is there a story behind the band name?
There is, but I don’t think it’s incredibly interesting. I went through a plethora of names and pseudonyms but nothing really stuck. I ended up looking a coat I had on the floor and it really just came from that. It’s a pretty dull story, but I think it suits the project.

You do all of the music on your own right? What's your musical background?

Yeah, I’m the only musician on the recordings and when performing live. Lately I get asked a lot if I would ever consider having additional musicians, but I don’t see it happening. There’s something very liberating about having ‘complete’ creative control of something in terms of writing and recording music. It’s the same for the live performances; it feels much more natural and intimate performing solo rather than with a string section. When I was around 5 I wanted to learn the piano, but ended up playing the electone instead. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but it’s kind of amusing now. Pretty much they put a disk into the keyboard and you’d learn how to play the themes from major 80’s films. I eventually translated what I learned over to the piano, and then started branching out into a lot of different instruments. The violin was actually one of the later additions, and in terms of technique, it shows a bit, more so in terms of my vibrato and bowing technique.

Is there a tentative title/theme/release date for your debut LP?

The LP won’t be out for a little while. Originally, I was going to put an EP out last November and the album around the start of this year, but I ended up scrapping a lot of tracks and starting again. I’m still writing the album, but as of a few days ago the second EP is completely finished. So that should be out in either May or June as a 12”/Download. I’m still working on a title, but possibly “Softly” or “Please Be Quiet”. I’m not too sure, I’ll have to coin one fairly soon. It’s pretty much a continuation on from 'Cathedral', so it’s quite introspective. I also have a split EP coming out soon with The Townhouses. We’ve put it off for a quite a while, so it should hopefully be out sooner rather than later.

Will you be touring for said release?
I’ll definitely do an Australian tour, but I’m hoping to play a few overseas, but nothings really locked in at this stage. The plan is to try get over to the US, Japan, and New Zealand, but it’s not a definite at the moment. Fingers crossed I guess.

If you could collaborate with any artist of your choosing whom would it be with?

Beach House. They’re an act I’ve adored for quite a while now, and was fortunate enough to open for them in Melbourne about a month ago. I completely adored there set, the atmosphere that was set was wonderful. So my collaboration dream would probably revolve around Beach House with strings, ha.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
I don’t think I could ever decide on this. You need an album that’s incredibly versatile, something that will suit any scenario, mood, whatever. So I would probably make a mix tape instead. Is that aloud? If not, I’ll just take The Drones "Wait Long By The River….". Though I might slip a mix tape in to its case with it.

Are you living your dream?
If watching Seinfeld whilst eating ice-cream counts, then I most certainly am.

Thanx James!

Wintercoats are currently working on a follow up to last year's astonishing (#6/100 2010) debut release..look for that/those soon..!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

EICV7" No. 7 - Lovesliescrushing

An album filled to the brim with gorgeous aquatic bliss, right here EXCLUSIVELY on EIC. I've wanted to share this with you for a while now.. THANK YOU SOO MUCH SCOTT!

Next release comes out May 14th.

Check into Big Black Delta..

As you all know by now the Tron soundtrack was recently remixed by a bunch of awesome bands. M83 was one of those bands, only it wasn't just M83, it was "M83 Vs. Big Black Delta". I grew curious about this other band "Big Black Delta", which I have since then become obsessed with. This is a seriously impressive debut that deserves as much attention as it can get.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NEW Brian Eno track..!

Brian Eno & Rick Holland's "Drums Between The Bells"comes out July 5th via Warp. This is EXACTLY how I prefer my "Eno-isms". Love it! Anyone else think this is a vast improvement from the last one?

Cool Video Funtime #240 - Alien Observer

Check into (x2) [Aftersun] & Chushi..

[Aftersun] - Pain Sounds EP


Chushi - Plains Of Delight EP

[Aftersun], from Brooklyn, reminds me of Teenage Filmstars, remember them? Chushi, I believe/possibly from Russia, sounds like "warped" oldies through the eyes of Prefuse 73.

If only I lived here..

I'm really diggin' this whole video flyer concept that's catching on..

Monday, April 18, 2011

EIC'S10Q'S w/Ceremony

"..there may be a tracks out there that battle the decibel levels of APTBS, but overall, in my opinion, these guys sound cleaner and a little more "radio friendly". Think New Order gone Shoegaze.."

Resonant Wave Gaze

Ceremony Bio:
Before A Place To Bury Strangers, there was Skywave, a three piece noise pop band from Fredericksburg, Virgina. When Ollie left to move to NYC, Paul and John remained and reorganized as Ceremony. While there will be undeniable comparisons made to APTBS (they still remain friends and share an affinity for loud guitars), Ceremony employ a song craft far more focused on making catchy pop tunes than blowing out speakers and eardrums.

Hello, how are you?
(they left this one blank, will assume they're doing fine;)

What are you currently listening to?

John: I keep on listening to this song I just recorded. I haven't been into anything lately, I need to hear something new. This happens to me every so often.
Paul: I've been liking Best Coast, Wild Nothing, Pink Shiny Ultrablast lately, and I'm really excited to finally hear The Lost Rivers live! I think it's gonna be awesome!

You should listen to Ceremony when you want to ___(fill in blank)___?

John: Be by yourself and drive.
Paul: Feel good about feeling bad. Or vice-versa.

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest EP "Not Tonight"?
John: It's a 4-song EP, Paul did the first two songs, I did the second two. I'm really excited and I really love this EP.

What's your favorite Ceremony track so far?
John: "Don't Leave Me Behind". I love it when we play live.
Paul: "Clouds", just for personal reasons.

I gotta ask, has the idea of a Ceremony/APTBS tour ever come up?
John: Whenever I see Ollie we always talk about it, but it never seems to be in the management's best interest.
Paul: We'd be very into doing a tour with them, but we just haven't gotten together and worked out the details. I think both our bands would like to do it.

Who is your current favorite Shoegazer?
John: Jake Reid and Oliver Ackermann, but I think they're rock and roll, but some people would like to put them in that category.
Paul: Me in my Adidas. They're old and worn out.

Got any "strange" tour stories?
John: Paul went crazy with heat exhaustion and started screaming at cars "Everyone love summertime!" on the New Jersey Turnpike. 100+ temperature, my Volvo station wagon doesn't have AC.
Paul: I wish I had a normal tour story. It's always weird.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
John: "Barbed Wire Kisses" by The Jesus and Mary Chain.
Paul: Is the end near? Do you know something we don't? I think the "You Made Me Realise" EP by My Bloody Valentine.

Are you living your dream?
John: Not yet.
Paul: I don't want to be a rock star so I think I'm doing just fine.

Thanx Paul!

Ceremony are about to embark on a European tour, make sure to check them out if you're in that area.

REVIEW: Ceremony - Not Tonight EP

7 out of 10

First there was Skywave, a 3 piece Shoegaze group. Oliver moved away and began A Place To Bury Strangers, John and Paul formed Ceremony. Ceremony have a few releases under their belt; a couple full lengths, a few EPs/splits and now this one. "Not Tonight" has a fairly easy concept behind it; John wrote two tracks, Paul wrote two. With every new release Ceremony blossom into a better(er) band with a stronger sense of writing and ability to shred. Self-proclaimed Shoegaze addicts took notice years ago, soon the public will notice too (they better).

Much like APTBS, Ceremony dabble in loud atmospheric Shoegaze/Rock. Ceremony, however, do that along with a stronger/shifted focus towards "Pop" sounds. APTBS (to simplify the band's sound) just do it to blow your speakers out;) There may be a few Ceremony tracks out there that battle the decibel levels of APTBS, but overall Ceremony, in my opinion, sound cleaner and a little more "radio friendly". Think New Order gone Shoegaze. You can dance to it, you can stare at your shoes, just don't do both or you may trip.

Love these guys, love this EP, always excited to hear new music from them. I just wish this was longer ..MOAR!

Standout Tracks: Not Tonight, Dreams Stripped Away