Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today's "Happy Thoughts" brought to you by:

Android Lust "The Human Animal" comes out July 27th via AL's site.
Arcade Fire "The Suburbs" comes out August 3rd via the band's website.
How To Destroy Angels "s/t" comes out June 1st via the band's site FOR FREE.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tetsuo + Trent Reznor =

Tetsuo: The Bullet Man is the 3rd movie in this terrifically underrated franchise, the first new one in over 18 years! Any true rivet head should know that the original Tetsuo: The Iron Man is a MUST OWN.

Q: Gawd, how perfect is it that Trent Reznor is doing score work for this????
A: THIS perfect.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

EIC'S10Q'S w/These New Puritans

"..terrific use of Jazz and Classical compositions in between experimental "Industrial World-Punk" sounds. Actually it's hard to believe that really any instrument was forgotten when recording their second album, it's THAT full and rich sounding.."

(Photo Credit: Harley Weir)

These New Puritans
Tenebrous Division Manifestation

These New Puritans Bio:
Hailing from the town of Southend, England, the four-piece These New Puritans play Fall- and PiL-inspired music that also takes on elements of electronica and dance. Comprised of vocalist Jack Barnett (who also plays the guitar and laptop), his twin brother and drummer George, keyboardist Sophie Sleigh-Johnson, and bassist (and man behind the sampler) Thomas Hein, the band formed in 2006, when all the members were still in their teens. Their edgy aesthetic and particular live show (Jack, for example, usually performed wearing a shirt fully buttoned to his neck), soon brought the group attention from the British press, enough that soon-to-be-former Christian Dior designer Hedi Slimane asked Barnett to compose something for his fall 2007 collection for Dior Homme, a piece, "Navigate, Navigate," which was then debuted in Paris in February at the fashion show. In October of that same year, These New Puritans issued an EP, Now Pluvial, on Angular Records. Their first U.S. release. "Navigate, Navigate," came out in America in February 2008, a 12" that acted as a primer for their debut full-length, Beat Pyramid, which emerged the following month. The follow-up album Hidden, which was co-produced by Graham Sutton of Bark Psychosis, was released in early 2010.

Hello, how are you?
Not band. Freudian slip there.

What are you currently listening to?
I'm not currently listening to any music.

Where does the name These New Puritans come from?
(the band prefers to keep this a mystery)

I really LOVE the new album “Hidden”, what is the underlined theme with the album?
Thank you. I'm not much of a critic so I'm not that good at describing the themes. There are a few melodic themes that reoccur – I like doing that, it sounds good and is a challenge.

Can you explain the cover artwork?
The cover artwork is a labyrinth in two shades of black with text that says 'These New Puritans' and 'Hidden' in a font that is a cross between Times and one we found on Dancehall record, I forget which, which was created by George and Edward Quarmby. The rest of the imagery is made up of underwater explosions and bioluminescent marine invertebrates. But the artwork is different on every format – on the LP everything is embossed instead of printed and we've also made a scorebook edition which has most of the scores from the album + CD.

You really went all out with the production on the album, do you feel that this is the album that has always been inside you?
Yes we did go all out - I believe in going all out - I want every sound to be just right and have a special meaning. I don't like it on albums when sounds have been chosen for no reason or not chosen at all.
But hopefully our album doesn't sound like alternative music - hopefully more of a a proposed alternative reality for pop music

Is there a full US tour in the making?
I believe so - we'll be coming later this year, so watch out.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
I don't know - I always listen to things obsessively for a limited amount of time and then get tired of them as they begin to drive me mad! So I think I would possibly opt not to have an album. If I did it would possibly be the collection of
William Byrd's consort songs by the Orlando Gibbons Ensemble.

Are you living your dream?
I am living someone else's dream.

Thanx Jessica & TNP!

These New Purtians are currently touting Europe, hopefully The US afterwards...

Cool Video Funtime #169 - Live In Dreams

Check into The Band In Heaven..

These guys sound like a mix between The Jesus & Mary Chain (Psychocandy era), The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Wild Nothing, & No Age. I highly recommend you listen to this right now.

If only I lived here..

I'm thinkin' this year's Bonnaroo almost gives Coachella a run for it's money..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Speaking of new music...

Max Richter just placed a new song up on his site, as usual it's gorgeous..
Evan Voytas - Sad, Like Hearts Can Be
A new song from Mr. Voytas, gawd I can't wait for this guy's debut album..

It feels like it's been a while since these guys have been active, their next album "Mines" comes out July 27th.

Good week for new music :\

Did you hear the new Aphex Twin tracks that surfaced??

No word on a new album yet, but I'm sure Mr. D. James has something brewing..

Just wondering.. Did you ever get into The Tuss??
(you should, word is it's possibly (maybe) a secret side-project of his, either way it kicks ass)

If only I lived here..

I might actually make it to this, but I'm only really interested in the Saturday line up...I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Monday, May 17, 2010

EIC'S10Q'S w/RxGibbs

" that gives you the sensation of floating above your own body is never a bad thing.."

Liquescent Rapture Cultivation

RxGibbs Bio:
RxGibbs is a solo project of Ron Gibbs (Auburn Lull). In his words, " It kind of sounds like if Andrew Weatherall produced Auburn Lull". RxGibbs also features (here and there) m
embers of Auburn Lull as well as the chopped up vocals of Lorraine Lelis (ex-Mahogany vocalist)." His debut album is set for release sometime in 2010.

Hello, how are you?
I'm great, thanks. Glad Spring is finally here. Michigan winters can be quite long and dreary.

What are you currently listening to?

Lately I've really been into Coppice Halifax, which is one of projects of Brian Graiger, aka Milieu. His albums Ocean Lion I and II are pure dubby ambient goodness, and he’s got tons of other great releases besides those as well. He also recently remixed a track of man that I think turned out really sweet. I've also really been digging new stuff coming out from the likes of Caribou, Casino Versus Japan, Seasonscollide, Beach Fossils, Thomas Fehlmann, Toro Y Moi, and Radio Dept. 2010 looks like it's going to be another good year for music.

Can you explain your music in 5 words or less?
Ambient Dub?

How did the name RxGibbs come up?
I was actually dubbed RxGibbs after an old band mate of mine noticed my license plate read RXG. With my first initial being R and my last name being Gibbs, he started calling me RxGibbs. It just stuck I suppose.

You got members from Auburn Lull to guest star on your next album, how did that come up?
Well, about three years ago I was lucky enough to be able to open up for them live a couple of times here in Michigan. We became good friends and I ended up joining the band right before their last album, "Begin Civil Twilight", came out. So, over the years I've acquired many recordings from everyone in the band that I ended up incorporating into the new album. A couple of the songs actually kind of started out with me trying to remix a few Auburn Lull tracks, and they just ended up kind of morphing into their own thing.

Your earlier material seemed a little more psychedelic, now it's a little more ambient, was it your mood and/or your influences that changed?

I wouldn't really say that my influences have changed. I mean, I’ve always drawn inspiration from bands like Seefeel, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, early-Verve, Andrew Weatherall‘s projects, The Orb and such. These were the bands that blew my mind way back in high school, which really dates me I suppose. But I never stopped loving those bands and I’d glad to see that there is somewhat of a resurgence of interest in many of those bands. I’ve got to say though too, I am definitely continuously inspired by all the new great music coming out nowadays. I think we are in pretty exciting times, creatively, for music. There’s so many bands making exciting stuff that it’s hard to keep up.
Anyway, the change in sound was mostly due to me going from an all live recording setup to more of a loop/sample based project. Sometimes I just think recording can be a huge pain in the ass. Too many cables and too many variables that can make it all go horribly wrong. Plus, I’ve got enough recorded material on my computer already to keep me busy for a while.

I would love to hear you score a movie sometime, have you ever thought about doing that?
Yes, I have and I hope I have the opportunity someday ..Actually, Auburn Lull just found out that one of our songs is going to be featured in a movie this year. I can’t give out the details just yet, but we are definitely excited about the company we are in on this soundtrack. This director is known for having pretty sweet soundtracks. Stay tuned.

Who is you all time favorite guitarist and why?
I'd have to say that Nick McCabe from Verve is probably my favorite. I don't think anybody has ever made their guitar sail and soar like his did on "Storm In Heaven" and all the early Verve singles. I still think that was some of the most beautiful music ever made. I remember buying "All In the Mind", their debut single, when it first came out and thinking they were already the best band in the world. I mean, that is still probably my favorite debut single from any band, ever. Too bad they ultimately turned to crap. Although I hear that Nick and Simon Jones, Verve bass player, have formed a new band so I am hoping for good results. I still think Richard Ashcroft is the one that ruined them in the end. Too bad.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
This is a totally impossible question, but I guess if I had to pick one I would say Kiln's latest album "Dusker" for a couple of reasons. First, that album never ceases to blow my mind. The attention to detail on that album is just amazing. And second, because I feel like I could always listen to that album and find little blurps and bleeps that I never noticed before. It’s literally chock full of wonderful, soothing sounds.

Are you living your dream?

Ha-ha, I‘m not sure, but life is good. If I'm ever am able to quit my day job and just make music, then maybe I'll be a little bit closer to that. But that is highly unlikely. Actually, if I even still have a day job by the time you read this, I’ll be happy.

Thanx Ron!

RxGibbs is currently putting the final touches on his upcoming debut LP, look for that pretty soon...(in the meantime check out these)

Cool Video Funtime #167 - Our Younger Noise

Make Mine Music is giving away (their own) music (left and right)..

One of the first artists on Make Mine Music's site-o-freebies is called Jelly Antler, an interesting project that blurs the line between Space Rock, Dream Pop, and surreal ambiance.

Jelly Antler - 1

Thanx (again) Scott!

Check into Faded Paper Figures..

Faded Paper Figures - Invent It All Again

Ladytron and Postal Service just made sweets-weet lovin', here's their baby..

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quality Mixtape find..

Jamie Xx's Colette Mix

Electrelane - I Only Always Think
The Streets - Streets Score
The Xx - Crystalised (DarkSky Remix)
Silentone - Beat For
Rossi B & Luca - Jah No Dead
Clubroot - Lucid Dream
Darkstar - Aidy’s Girl Is a Computer
Burial - Unite
Fantastic Mr Fox & Rich Reason - Lo-Fi-Ve
Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
Skream - Trapped In a Dark Bubble
Silentone - DUB PLATE 1
Aardvarck - One1
James Blake - Sparing The Horse
Boogaloo Crew - Hedgehog Sound
Zomby - Expert Tuition
Deadboy - Heartbreaker
Bad Autopsy - Psionic Terror
Cooly G - Narst
Zed Bias - To The Left (Test)
MJ Cole feat. Serocee - AO (MJ’s Open Your Gob Dubb)
DJ Champion - Motherboard
Bertrand Dupart - Ketokole (Boddhi Satva Ancestrial Mix)
Fantastic Mr Fox - Plimsoul
Emvee - Glitch Dub
Dorian Concept - Trilingual Dance Sexperience
The Xx - Island (Jamie Xx Remix)
Silentone - You’ve Got No Love (Feat. Nigh)
Egypt - In The Morning (Original Club Mix)

It seems like I haven't posted a quality mixtape find in a while..

A possible Eno/Frost collaboration???

It's about time.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

If you're in ma' hood...

Hey, what else are you doing?

EIC'S10Q'S w/o0o00

"..Drum machine beats that sound "Hip-Hoppy" are meshed & entangled underneath a vast array of washed out dank synths, deviant vocal samples, cold-steel manufactured tropospheres, and a few modern Pop samples that give this aphotic beast the pinch of modified elation it needs.."

Cabalistic Amalgamated Nebulous

o0o00 Bio:
Miss Lisa resides in San Franciso. The rest is a mystery..

Hello, how are you?
OK, I guess. a little sick.

What are you currently listening to?

Connie Smith, Tammy Wynette, this song called "Baby Love" by Regina. I really like the new Twin Sister EP.

Ok, I‘m sure you get this all the time, but what‘s up with the band name?
The O's look like smoke signal, or zeros, or vacantness. Total lack. I've always thought band names were corny, so I guess this is my way of trying to avoid one, but really its only made people more focused on it.

Your album "No Summr4U" is pretty unique, was there any specific band/genre of music that influenced you the most when you made it?
I made those songs over the course of a year, so a lot of different things shaped them. It doesn't really feel like an "album" to me. The songs are pretty independent of one another. I was trying to find a sound I liked through a handful of experiments.

What do you think of the name “Drag“ for a genre?

It's fine, but it seems less like a genre to me than a mood that transcends genres. I guess the pitched down vocals are a pretty specific aesthetic quality in a lot of "drag," and a lot of it is really slow, but other than that, what really defines it sonically? Country can be drag. Punk can be drag.

What kind of music were you writing before o0o00?
I was playing some pretty dark folk music for a while. I'm sort of in love w/Jana hunter. But I hate guitars, especially acoustic ones, so it didn't really work out for me. I think i love JH cuz she makes the most amazing music on my least favorite instrument.

Is there a full length album in the works?
There's an EP coming out on Tri Angle, probably in the early summer. Maybe a full-length later in the year, but I can't think that far ahead.

Have you done any cover songs under this moniker? You should.
"NoSummr4U" is a cover. The music is totally different, but I stole the chorus and most of the verse words.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?

Burial "Untrue".

Are you living your dream?
My dreams/desires don't really correspond with any attainable reality, so no.

Thanx Chris!

o0o00 is about to release an EP on the much "buzzed about" label Tri Angle, look for that soon...

REVIEW: o0o00 - No Summr4U CDR

9 out of 10
Find it here.Sorry Sold Out (Try Google)

For the past few months I've been on a HUGE "Drag/Witch House/Dark Electronic/made up genre" kick, and one of my favorite bands from said genre(s) is o0o00 (yes, that's how you spell it & no I don't know how to pronounce it). So far the only releases by o0o00 is the "No Summr4U" self-released/handmade CD-R and a split 7" they did with White Ring (another terrific Drag band). I'm not sure if there is a full length, fully distributed album in the near future (gawd please..), but I will definitely keep my fingers crossed. Normally I wouldn't post anything on an album that I can't even find for sale anywhere, but I want, no NEED, you to listen to me when I say this; o0o00 IS one of the best bands to emerge from current trend of "Internet only" bands.

"No Summr4U" combines elements of dark Electro sounds w/Industrial, "Hip-Pop" and a few other droney soundscapes that could give even the bravest of souls nightmares for weeks. From start to finish this release is S-O-L-I-D. Drum machine beats that sound "Hip-Hoppy" are meshed & entangled underneath a vast array of washed out dank synths, deviant vocal samples, cold-steel manufactured tropospheres, and a few modern Pop samples that give this aphotic beast the pinch of modified elation it needs. As I'm sitting here writing this review/listening to the album I'm finding it hard to conjure up the right words to truly justify how much I REALLY LOVE THIS ALBUM (REALLY LOVE). I can't. I need you to just trust me when I say o0o00 is what's missing in your life. Please do some hard searching for this album, your time spent finding this will be merited once you finally get the chance press play. A pinnacle in my massive record collection. You have my permission to bury me with this.

Too bad I was late with finding this album, had I known about it when it was originally released in 09 it would've surely cracked my top 10. If you're at all a fan of the Drag genre consider this THE highlight of the ever so young genre. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (oh so VERY Highly Recommended).

Standout Tracks: Al1lLL1!|LllLLlLLlLlLL, ESPECIALLY "No Shore"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

REVIEW: Sinner DC - Crystal EP

6.75 out of 10
Find it here.

The last Sinner DC release was "Crystallized", as I mentioned "Its, deep, spacey, and drenching in emotional electric intelligence..". On top of being EIC's #24 album of 2009, it was a major step up in production/overall "grand scale soundscapeage" (that's a word, trust me) for the band. Any who the trio decided to release a follow up remix EP/companion called "Crystal EP". Here it is, and yes, I still stand behind my guarantee..

This is your "classic" remix companion. Songs are stripped down & placed back together with a few notes/beats/additional sounds added here and there. Some of the tracks sound like they would be terrific filler tracks in-between the originals on "Crystallized", and some, unfortunately, fall a little short (just a little though). Honestly, I do like this EP, I'm just a little harder to sell when it comes to remix albums. How do you top the original? It's (really) hard to do, it can be done, but it's tough. Still though I find some of the tracks compelling on "Crystal EP". They all maintain the same atmospheric qualities, meaning they sound cohesive in every way that they should. I like how every artists latches on to one particular sound and builds a pulsing dance beat that eventually overtakes the sample. And I like that, although it's a remix album, it still has the feel of an "original" Sinner DC album. I kind of wish the artists (whom were hand-picked by Sinner DC) used more vocal layers/samples, but perhaps the band wanted a stronger focus on the sounds rather than the words themselves.. None-the-less, this is a nice way to round off a terrific album, it would sound amazing if you were at a club and the DJ was actually cool enough to play music like this, and most importantly IT'S A NEW SINNER DC ALBUM! (I've seriously never met one person that I've turned onto this band that isn't completely obsessed by now and has to own everything--you're welcome:)

What more can I possibly say about Sinner DC that hasn't been said by now? I absolutely love the music that they make. It's simple electronic music with a sexual/spacey quality that I can never get enough of. And within a year or so their next full length will be gracing my ears for the first time, only to start my obsession all over again (not that it ever really goes away). Recommended.

Standout Tracks: V (Ghostape Remix), Glass Alley (360 / Patrice BÄumel & Nuno-Dos Santos Remix)

Check into Creep..

Baghdaddy - Hot Shit (Creep Remix)

A few things to know about Creep:
1. Creep classify themselves as "Rape Gaze"
2. Creep is comprised of two girls
3. Creep's debut album will be released via Tri Angle very soon
4. Romy (from The Xx) will be featured on some of their tracks
5. Seriously?? "Rape Gaze"?