Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cool Video Funtime #66 - Figure Eight

New Horrors super secret project..

From The Horrors:

The Horrors are set to hit the studio with a "massive" act later in the year.

Their multi-instrumentalist Tomethy Furse told BBC 6music that the band intend to hole themselves up in the studio following six more months of live work to nail the collaboration – although he wouldn't reveal who the act was.

"We can't talk about them," he said. "Rest assured, they are massive. But we're playing for the next six months and then as soon as that's done we'll get in there.

"If we had the choice we'd probably do one month off and one month on, recording and playing, but you just can't do that. It doesn’t make any sense to anyone else but you."

The Horrors released their acclaimed second album, "Primary Colours", in May.

Ok, I'm curious..

Free, NEW Mum song..

New album out 9/20!!

Free Fat Cat mixtape...

Black Dice – Things Will Never Be The Same
Grain - Untitled (A3 from ‘grain Ep3′)
Mum – Don't Be Afraid, You Have Got Your Eyes Closed
Aoki Takamasa + Tujiko Noriko – Vinyl Words
Janek Schaefer – Light Over Las Vegas
Set Fire To Flames – Your Guts Are Like Mine
Hauschka – Eisblume
Bjork Mit Funkstorung – All Is Full Of Love (In Love With Funkstorung Mix)
Dorine_Muraille – Dopees
Animal Collective – Banshee Beat
Crescent – Mica
Black Dice – Night Flight
Ensemble – Disown, Delete
Max Richter – When The northern
Silje Nes – Bright Night Morning
The Twilight Sad – That Summer At Home, I Had Become The Invisible Boy (Ensemble remix)
Max Richter – In Louisville At 7
Songs Of Green Pheasant – West Coast Profiling
Black Dice – Things Will Never Be The Same


Get a free Junior Boys song..

..when you sign up for a it!

FREE Our Brother The Native live recording..

Includes 3 unreleased tracks "Well Bred", "Manes", & "Endless Winter"..

REVIEW: Silk Flowers - Silk Flowers

8.25 out of 10

Silk Flowers are a three piece Lo-Fi-Goth-Synth-Pop band from New York. On their self-titled debut album there are three main instruments involved; synths (more than a few), drum machines (at least a couple), & vocals (comparable to Ian Curtis). Their music is simple not too complex, but sometimes simple is better. Keeping it a little more minimal helps these guys pull off a sound that can be truly pleasing to the right listener.

I love the design for this album, I love it when covers speak miles for the music. Silk Flowers have a somewhat clean sound, until they open the window and let some of that "lo-fi filth" in. This album makes me want to go on a hunt for local Goth band cassettes via 1985. With all of the doom and gloom here it seems nearly impossible not to be persuade by its charm. I'm impressed.

An acquired taste indeed, but if you like Lo-Fi Goth music and/or Cold Cave, Fad Gadget, or even Front 242 you will, without any doubt, LOVE Silk Flowers. RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: ALL. More! Now!..

REVIEW: Bora Yoon/Ben Frost - The Journal Of Popular Noise Issue #8

7.5 out of 10

The Journal of Popular Noise is a semi-annual audio magazine inspired by the traditions of pop music, printed periodicals, and the delight of a finely crafted artifact. They print everything in limited editions. Lucky for us, some of those issues have been placed into MP3 format via Amazon.

In this issue we hear Bora Yoon, a delicate woman making sounds from various pedals, found sounds, and other bizzaro fx, collaborate with Ben Frost who's, well, ..amazing. Mr. Frost produces the smartest/most non-organic (yet, somehow organic) electronic/ambient music out there. He also runs a label that is home to the likes of Nico Muhly, Sam Amidon (Doveman), Valgeir Sigurdsson, etc. He's very minimal with his sound, as are most of the other artists on his label. This short (really short) EP features the two artists doing what they best while mixing there sounds perfectly off of each other.

A little haunting/disturbing, highly mechanical, and relaxing. It's extremely short, but if you are a die hard Ben Frost fan like I am it is a must own. If you are at all a fan of ambient music with experimental found sounds you will also dig this album. I can't believe I didn't find out about this collaboration till just recently...

Standout Tracks: Funcomfortably Yours (sounds like a horrific machine stomping through spiritual grounds), Aire De Lunacy, Stcts

Cool Video Funtime #65 - Radio Protector

Free Major Lazer mixtape..

Featuring Baby T-Pain..Ha!
Thanx GvsB.

Free Atlas Sound Micromix..

Volume 21 in an on-going series..
~njoy & Thanx Mr. Cox..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

REVIEW: Grouper - Cover The Windows And The Walls

8.75 out of 10

Dear Liz Harris, I am writing this because I want to personally thank you for releasing records that are constant in quality. I want you to know that all of the gorgeous layers of warm white noise and lush drones you share with us have permanently stained my ear's with feelings of security and relaxation. Your music has never let me down and it has always acted as a perfect blanket to fall asleep with. I really can't thank you enough for everything your music has done for me and my headphones. Thank you so much. Till next time (which I hate waiting for), ~Obsessive Fan.

"Cover The Windows and The Walls" was originally released in 2007 on a super limited edition vinyl (her first vinyl release). To those of you that have the vinyl, hold on to it, it may be worth something soon. Anyways, due to the high demand of unreleased, hard to find Grouper material (and because of her recent media success) Ms. Harris (Grouper) decided to re-release the album as a digital copy. This is a true delight for any Grouper fan, possibly her best work to date, and yes I loved "Dragging A Dead Deer..". It's very hush and quiet, and quite honestly feels like one of those albums that give you the feeling of floating above your own body. There aren't enough "good" words to describe how much I love this album.

Grouper is the siren in the background of a desolate folkloric forest. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Shame on anyone not into Grouper (yet), shame on them..

Standout Tracks: All of them w/o a doubt.

REVIEW: Ecovillage - Phoenix Asteroid

8.25 out of 10

From Darla Records: Ecovillage are primarily a two man Psychedelic/Shoegaze band from Sweden. They have both been involved with different bands over the years. In 2005 they went on an journey together which changed their view on music radically. In 2006 they formed the band Ecovillage...with this band everything fell into its right place and it just clicked from the beginning.

Mix Windy & Carl's droney side with Auburn Lull's synthy atmospheres, vocals mnemonic of Lansing Dreiden, with the over the top production qualities of Ulrich Schnauss and you will get one of the best (if not, THE Best) Dream Pop albums of the year. "Phoenix Asteroid" is the kind of album stargazers everywhere dream of. L-U-S-H with lots of keyboards, lots of saturated guitar sounds, crystal clear & epic sounding drums, a few guest musicians (including Jonas Munk of Manual), gorgeous samples, and highly melodic vocals. It will be hard to leave this album when I go on to review another band..

If you're at all fascinated by the Shoegaze/Dream Pop genre "Phoenix Asteroid" is A MUST OWN. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Standout Track: I really do love all of them, they bend, flow, and mesh quite well with each other, if I had to pick "Dawn Was Brand New", "The Key" & "Phoenix Asteroid" are probably my favs.

REVIEW: Moby - Wait For Me

7.5 out of 10

"Wait For Me" is Moby's 10th album since 1992. He began his career as an underground "techno" producer and slowly but surely moved in the direction of writing more radio friendly/pop oriented electronic songs. His breakout/mega hit album "Play" was a monumental moment in electronic music history. Some Moby "purists" may call it too "top 40" or not original to Moby's style. To me it was the soundtrack of my early bachelorhood days when I first moved out on my own and was experiencing the world as a grown-up, which may be why I think of "Play" as Moby's "all grown up" album. Every song was terrific, whether it was the beginning half with all of the terrific radio singles/upbeat gospel songs, or the later half which was INSANELY GORGEOUS ambient music that could make the toughest of individuals weep. Yes, I am definitely a Moby fan, I like his early "techno" songs, and I love his ambient work, and I will always be slightly curious when I hear of a new album.

Moby had somewhat of an epiphany while listening to filmmaker David Lynch speak at the BAFTA Awards. Lynch's message was creativity for its own sake is a beautiful, wonderful thing". "At that moment, I decided to just make records that were more personal," says Moby, "maybe more experimental, and a little more challenging, maybe not as easy to like, but things that I found to be artistically and creatively more satisfying. That was the idea behind making the new album." "It's nice to try to do things for the right reasons, just make a record because you want to make a record." It's a simple concept, which always works and because of it (five albums later) he is finally back on the top of his game. Every bit of creativity, including the cheesy design, has literally poured out of Moby's soul and onto a mixing board. Most of the tracks on "Wait For Me" are extremely laid back, and at times kind of Dream Poppy (I'm almost reminded of Ulrich Schnauss' "Goodbye"). If you've heard "Play", which really, who of us hasn't by now, you may remember the last 5 tracks or so being super laid back and pretty. To me this album pays a sweet homage to those last few tracks and creates an entire album out of it. There are tons of "airy"/pretty synths, simple/sparse drumming samples, gospel hymns/samples, and all of those other "Moby-isms" you've grown to love. It's Moby doing what Moby does best.

Listen, I really wasn't expecting too much when I heard of a new Moby album it seems his last few albums were just "pop trash" going in the wrong direction.. However, I am extremely pleased with this album, PLEASANTLY surprised, and possibly in-love. If you like Moby, you probably already own this, if you're in the mood for laid back electronics do not pass this album up. I look forward to the next chapter in Moby's expansive career of constant change. I only hope Moby sticks to the concept of writing an album that means something to him rather than his wallet. RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: Pale Horses, Walk With Me, Mistake (super catchy), JLTF (dreamy), A Seated Night, Wait For Me (good string & piano song), Hope Is Gone (i get a "Mazzy Star feeling" from this track), Ghost Return, Isolate (perfect ender)

New El Perro Del Mar album..

"Love Is Not Pop" will be released in the US on October 20th.
Followed by a tour with Peter Bjorn and John..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cool Video Funtime #64 - Angela

If only I lived here..

If ever an event that required peyote, this may be it..

REVIEW: Rainbow Arabia - Kabukimono

8.25 out of 10

Rainbow Arabia have been compared to everyone; from Siouxsie Sioux, to Gang Gang Dance, Crystal Castles, Klaxons, Mia, Bat For Lashes, Tuxedo Moon, Talking Heads, Kraftwerk, etc. Yeah, that's a pretty impressive list of comparisons, but in all fairness, they deserve the name drops/associations. No matter where they borrow/get their sounds from I want more, and I want it now.

"Kabukimono", Rainbow Arabia's second release, is chalked full of "worldsy" influences & vocals that are nearly identical to that of Liz Bougatsos (GGD), "House Music" samples evocative of Lemonade or even Fischerspooner, a bit of "unclassifiable" experimentalism, and that "tropical" vibe that has been ever so popular these past few months in the "underground" music scene.

If you like any of the bands mentioned above this is a no-brainer for you, if you're mildly interested in eclectic world music with hints of popular dance music then at least give em' a chance. RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: ALL

REVIEW: Willie Isz - Georgiavania

7 out of 10

"My dad's name is Willie Gilyard, and his dad's name is Willie Knighton. And they're both from Georgia," explains Janeiro. Meanwhile, the "Isz" comes from the 90s MTV cartoon The Maxx, where little carnivorous monsters called the Isz plague the titular superhero. It's inspired by Khujo's trademark growl: "Khujo's got a monstrous type of approach where you've got to take him seriously." Willie Isz is Khujo Goodie of Goodie Mob and Janeiro Jarel of Shape Of Broad Minds. Willie Isz's debut album (off of terrific "Indie" Hip Hop label Lex Records) "Georgiavania" has beats that are completely fresh and unique that sway from "OG fun" to haunting to just plain silly, also (gasp), there's no auto-tuner involved..

Remember how Gnarls Barkley's "St. Elsewhere" had a different "style" on nearly every other track? That's about the same idea with "Georgiavania", each song pulls sounds from nearly every popular genre out there and mixes them with the old-school. Most (if not all) of the tracks are upbeat catchiness great for any warm summer drive this year. Some of the tracks are little more "down south dirrrty" good for clubbin'. Either way, you and your friends will no-doubt be impressed with what "Mr. Isz" has to offer you..

If you're searching for a new Hip Hop album to grow fond of, or possibly obsessed with check into Willie Isz. Outkast are already pimping this band and I only expect to hear more and more things about them in the future, I wouldn't be surprised if these guys get as big as (if not bigger than) Gnarls Barkley.

Standout Tracks: Georgiavania, Loner, Spiritual Gladiators, The Grussle (ha! "Celtic-Crunk"), Violet Heart Box, Autopilot, In The Red

Atlas Sound w/Broadcast Tour

10-15 Atlanta, GA - The Earl
10-16 Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506
10-17 Washington, D.C. - Black Cat
10-18 Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church Sanctuary
10-20 New York, NY - Le Poisson Rouge
10-21 Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
10-22 Boston, MA - The Paradise
10-23 Montreal, Quebec - Le National
10-24 Toronto, Ontario - Lee's Palace
10-25 Columbus, OH - Wexner Center
10-26 Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge
10-27 Northfield, MN - The Cave
10-30 Vancouver, British Columbia - Richards On Richards
10-31 Seattle, WA - Nuemos
11-01 Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
11-03 San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
11-04 Los Angeles, CA - The Troubadour
11-05 Phoenix, AZ - Rhythm Room
11-07 Denton, TX - Hailey's

CocoRosie North American Tour

Wed 9/2 New York, NY Highline Ballroom
Thur 9/3 Washington, DC Black Cat
Sat 9/5 Boston, MA Paradise
Sun 9/6 Quebec, PQ Le Circle
Mon 9/7 Montreal, PQ Le National
Wed 9/9 Toronto, ON Lee's Palace
Thur 9/10 Detroit, MI Crofoot
Fri 9/11 Chicago, IL Logan Square
Tue 9/15 Seattle, WA King's Cat
Wed 9/16 Vancouver, BC Red Room
Thur 9/17 Portland, OR Alladin
Sat 9/19 Yosemite, CA Symbiosis
Mon 9/21 Los Angeles, CA Henry Fonda

Included in their set will be material from their new album, slated for a 2010 release. Yay.

Monday, July 27, 2009

EIC'S10Q'S w/Akron Family

"Last year was a hard year, for a very long time/This year is gonna be ours.."

Heirs Of The New Free Spirit World

Akron/Family Bio:
Akron/Family are one of those exasperatingly unknowable bands. They've concocted an image, all right — check out their MySpace page or the Young God Records one, and you will quickly be advised that they are "extremely nice, sincere and well-mannered young men from rural America who came to New York City in 2002 to make music." But other than that and the occasional unfounded rumor that they practice a made-up cultish religion called AK (pronounced "ack"), the only way to know these apparently affable twenty-something fellows — the original lineup consisting of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Seth Olinsky, from Williamsport, PA; vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Miles Seaton, from Porterville, CA; vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Dana Janssen, from Williamsport, PA; and lead vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ryan Vanderhoof, from Union Springs, NY — is through their music, which falls squarely into the freak folk category launched, in the minds of the popular culture, anyway, single-handedly by Devendra Banhart. Through three albums made in a Brooklyn home studio and, more recently (2005), through a collaboration with Young God labelmate Angels of Light, Akron/Family have earned themselves a madcap reputation: songs that start in a Beatles-inspired place inevitably erupt into skronk before settling into country sweetness, and folk-raised spirituals dart through Led Zeppelin territory, with '60s rock and general psychedelia also major themes. In addition to the more obvious influences — the Beatles, Brian Wilson, Dylan, the Band — Radiohead, Captain Beefheart, and acts like Spiritualized also clearly have infiltrated the Family iPods, and to impressive effect. Following their 2005 self-titled debut on Young God and a split with Angels of Light (also serving as the backing road and studio band for that Michael Gira project), Akron/Family released their follow-up album, Meek Warrior, in October 2006. In 2007, lead vocalist Ryan Vanderhoof left after recording the adventurous Love Is Simple. The group remained a trio for the 2009 release Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free. The album was released by the Dead Oceans label in America and Crammed Discs in Europe.

Hello, how are you?
Doing quite well, actually thanks!

What are you currently listening to?
Well at this moment I am listening to the din of street noise and the drone of a fan in my apartment, as far as music goes though, I have personally been really excited about a lot of 60's and 70's reggae and dub. Also, my friend and our engineer Chris Koltay turned me on to the Mississippi Tapes website which is blowing my mind. amazing compilations of all kinds of beautiful music, downloadable in mixtape form! perfect! Also Megafaun, from North Carolina. great band.

Your latest album “Set ‘Em Wild..” is pretty terrific. Did you know what kind of album you were gonna write once Ryan (ex-lead singer) exited the band?
Thanks for the kind words! That's an interesting question, particularly because we actually haven't ever really seen anyone as the "lead singer" of our group. When we first started, there was maybe a little less than constant shift of vocal perspective, maybe, but we have always existed in the sort of, everyone always rather than the one guy in the front. But as for knowing what kind of record we would write, I would say we planned and planned like always and then the record took on several lives and emerged with a few, like always..

Care to go into why Ryan left the band?
Ryan wanted to have a much more home-based life, he was pretty done with touring after the first couple long runs, but in the end he stuck it out as long as he could. We all miss him and were sad, but not really shocked in the end. He is SO happy now, that you can't even fault him, and we have been so busy the last couple years that it's hard to know what it would have looked like had he chosen to stay.

Your first few releases were on Young God Records, since then you’ve started your own label and left YG, how did this come about?
Actually we haven't really officially started our own label, but that is a great idea! We are actually releasing our records with Dead Oceans in North America. Which is great. Working with YGR was a great gift for us, but it was always more or less understood that we would eventually move on from there. Michael Gira wants a very small label (it's just him) and as we grew it just made sense to go with someone who was a little more staffed, etc..

You just got back from your Japan tour, how amazing was that? What was your favorite part of that country?
The Japanese tour was amazing beyond description. Totally epic and wonderful. The people were amazing listeners and warm and friendly to the extreme. People actually went pretty crazy too! I loved the landscape and the mountains, the mist and the trees were so beautiful. as far as cities, I loved Kyoto quite a bit. Deep zen (((vibes))).

After the upcoming US tour what’s next for Akron/Family?
After this it's Europe and then Australia, then hopefully some time to play music by ourselves somewhere warm.....
You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
Hahah this is crazy! There's A Riot Goin On - Sly And The Family Stone. Or Thriller by the late Michael Jackson.

Are you living your dream?
Depending on how you view the universe.... we are all living our dream! Haha. But yes, in many ways I am. I am very in love and play music I love with people I love very much. If I ask for more I have to ask myself if I'm just greedy! Haha.

Thanx Miles!

Akron/Family are currently in the middle of a large tour, catch them live if you can...

Cool Video Funtime #63 - Neo Violence

If only I lived here..

If you drive, I'm down..

For those of you who haven't heard...

Jay-Z + Radiohead = Jaydiohead.

Ha! Why is it when people do mash-ups they tend to always use Mr. Z?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hmm, strange..

Hurry up with this release already..I grow impatient..

Woven news..

From Woven:

Hello friends,

It's been a minute since we last chimed in....

In the very near future, keep your eyes and ears peeled as we will be releasing a new video for our song "Prickly Pear" created by a very talented fellow from Manchester, UK by the name of Andy Hixon.

His works can be seen

In other Woven news, We are currently writing for a new set of EP's that we will be calling the "Elementals". More on that soon...

Be well and good to each other.
Thank you for supporting Art & Music.


I look forward to both, Mr. Hixon has some terrific art, and a SET, not just one album, but a Set of new ep's..woot

Friday, July 24, 2009

Music 2 Look 4

Hey you! The economy sux, go buy these releases and help out your fellow man..
"Upcoming Albums Release Guide - 2014"
LAST UPDATE: 03.13.14

01/??/14 Snowbird - Moon

01/05/14 Soft Lighting - EICV7" No. 59

01/19/14 Downstate - EICV7" No. 60

01/21/14 Alcest - Shelter
01/21/14 Silver Mt. Zion - Fuck Off Get Free..

01/27/14 Actress - Ghettoville
01/27/14 Tara Jane O'Neil - Where Shine New Lights

01/28/14 Cooly G - Hold Me

02/??/14 CEO - Wonderland
02/??/14 Jesse Ruins - Fractured Holy Symmetry
02/??/14 Planningtorock - All Love's Legal

02/02/14 Ssleeping Desiress - EICV7" No. 61

02/03/14 Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Piano Nights

02/04/14 Xiu Xiu - Angel Guts: Red Classroom

02/11/14 Solvent - New Ways

02/15/14 S/S/S - TBA

02/16/14 Juche - EICV7" No. 62

02/18/14 Com Truise - Wave 1 EP
02/18/14 Fil OK b/w Stubborn Heart - EICV7" No. 63
02/18/14 Phantogram - Voices
02/18/14 Shocking Pinks - The Guilt Mirrors

02/24/14 The Notwist - Close To The Glass

02/25/14 Mahogany - Commutator (Single)

03/??/14 Liars - TBA

03/02/14 CFM - EICV7" No. 64

03/03/14 Current 93 - I Am The Last Of All the Field That Fell: A Channel

03/04/14 Linda Perhacs - The Sould Of All Natural Things
03/04/14 Trust - Joyland 

03/11/14 Bradford Cox - Teenage OST

03/13/14 Soft Riot - EICV7" No. 65

03/18/14 Tycho - Awake

03/30/14 ?? - EICV7" No. 66

03/31/14 HTRK - Psychic 9-5 Club

04/01/14 Inventions - S/T

04/08/14 Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks - Enter The Slasher House
04/08/14 EMA - The Future's Void

04/15/14 Orcas - Yearling

[Record Store Day]
04/19/14 - Oneohtrix Point Never - Commissions I

05/06/14 Eno • Hyde - Someday World
05/06/14 The Horrors - Luminous

05/13/14 Owen Pallett - In Conflict
05/13/14 Swans - To Be Kind

05/26/14 Ben Frost - Aurora







↓These are also coming out soon ( day)↓

Aphex Twin TBA??? (if you wiki Sir Richard I guess he's got about 11+ "new" albums complete, but due to an extensive divorce battle he's waiting to put them out..::sigh::)
Beth Gibbons TBA
Broken Social Scene TBA
Diiv TBA
Evian Christ 'Waterfall' TBA
Flying Lotus TBA
Ghetto Cross TBA
Grimes TBA
Ike Yard TBA
Joanna Newsom TBA
Jonny Pierce TBA
Kraftwerk TBA
Lovesliescrushing 'Fantomaera' [+ a few other releases..] TBA
Mahogany 'Electric Prisms EP' & 'Frontiering' TBA???
Peter Christopherson (Coil) 'Time Machines II' TBA
Portishead TBA?
A Sunny Day In Glasgow TBA
Slowdive TBA?!
White Sea 'In Cold Blood' TBA
Wife TBA

Go out and $pend already.

Free Leaf Label compilation..

..when you sign up for their newsletter..

1. Icy Demons - 1850
2. Efterklang & The Danish National Chamber Orchestra - Frida Found A Friend (live)
3. A Hawk And A Hacksaw - Kertész
4. Nancy Elizabeth - Tow The Line
5. Murcof - Excerpt #1
6. Wildbirds & Peacedrums - There Is No Light
7. Vladislav Delay - Melankolia (edit)
8. Essie Jain - I Remember It Just Like This
9. Volcano! - So Many Lemons

Offer expires in August..

Watch this video for the new Ghostly App..

Too bad I don't own an iPhone.. : (

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cool Video Funtime #62 - Cocotte

News from Ghastly City Sleep..

From GCS:

deep breath.... pull hands from face... been in hiding for a while now ...... dont know what to exactly say... its just been that way... and i guess it is what is needed... its late and detached i know.... many questions and very few answers come with the passing of time... i would like to say that we will finally be going in starting next week/// july 30th/// to officially begin mixing our full-length-plus record' its 12 songs/70some minutes of music.../// i dont know yet how many of these songs, nor which, we will choose to be on the record, neither who will release it yet''' i haven't had internet access for a while now and using it as an excuse to avoid everything... we are just in that state of non-connectedness... introspective i suppose... we haven't played a show in quite a while>>> but things are progressing ginormously' we will get in touch with all of u who are so dear to us and offer us yr caring support and interest soon...

pat and i are in amherst mass. right now writing music for a solo dance piece... its 30 minutes long and the van///BLU/// has broken down, and prolly costing me a fortune-&-a-pennymore, and it is beautiful and serene, and some of the best melodies we've written to date... actually this ghastly record has by far been the hardest, most ambitious, and tearjerkingly, passionate/beautiful album to date for any of us i believe'''' honestly! growing, growing, growing.... crooked as a thieving bonzai''' >>>>

we are now officially stating>>> that we are planning a two&ahalf week eastcoast tour with our dear friends, and amazingly talented, pygmy lush... from late october to early november... based around the gainesville fest''' we wanted to make the trek down cos' we had such a great time last year... thanks tony for making it possible... and thanks ben salie for making our passion & dreams possible/// in breaking down our inner walls & barriers, and getting this record into a physical overcoming!!! its goddam beautiful and inspiring''' so if anyone would like to help us in setting up shows for this tour... do get in touch;'''' litany we will have to meet up somewhere... somehow'''' love ya! it will be dumb fun!!!!

soon enough we will climb back outta our well... thanks for watering us... we will be offering more in due time again'''' just a little more time.... sorry for the disappearance// one cant help it though... change happens/// and it is unforeseen and inevitable... this last piece we have written here for this dance is stupid intense and fucking moving... absolutely one of pat and i's favorite things yet.... whatever though right''' we will prolly be taking down our demo song soon since it is long in our minds past now.... so i hope u enjoyed the two we posted... im in a rambling state right now... so i'll stop'/// just saying we are ridiculously excited and all that jazz////
yups>>>>bee.//// GHASTLIES...

This is neat..

Remember this..

New Flight Of The Conchords album!

Comes out 10/20 on Sub Pop.
It's business time...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Check into Washed Out..

I can't get enough of this right now..


Baby Teeth
Lujo Records..

From Lujo:

Chicago's favorite power-pop trio, Baby Teeth, are hitting the road with their brand of arena-ready anthems of suburban dystopia and real-world candor. Baby Teeth is comprised of songwriter, keyboardist, and singer Abraham Levitan (Bobby Conn and the Glass Gypsies, Pearly Sweets and the Platonics), who heads a piano-teaching group and composes music for underground theater, bassist Jim Cooper (Detholz!, Bobby Conn and the Glass Gypsies), a film composer and church orchestra director, and drummer Peter Andreadis (All City Affairs), a mastering engineer and live sound man for The Sea and Cake. Celebrated for their chops, songwriting and massively entertaining live shows, Baby Teeth concentrate their musical talents, literate lyrics and strong melodies into hard-hitting, brainy pop. If you'll look below in the tour dates, you'll even see that Baby Teeth will be performing at Shea Stadium, perhaps the show they were born to play?

Also, Baby Teeth are giving out a new mp3 for public consumption!
Download the track "Hustle Beach" from the new record HERE & "Big Schools" HERE.

and here are some tour dates:

Fri. July 24 Iowa City, IA @ The Mill
Fri. July 31 Cincinnati, OH @ Cincinnati Fountain Square (Indie Summer Series)
Sat. Aug. 1 Chicago, IL @ Schuba's w/ Mark Mallman
Sun. Aug. 2 Pittsburgh, PA @ Your Inner Vagabond
Mon. Aug. 3 Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium
Tue. Aug. 4 Philadelphia, PA @ World Cafe Live
Wed. Aug. 5 Cambridge, MA @ Middle East Upstairs
Thu. Aug. 6 Baltimore, MD @ Hexagon Space
Fri. Aug. 7 New York, NY @ Cake Shop
Sat. Aug. 8 Arlington, VA @ IOTA Club & Cafe
Fri. Aug. 21 Indianapolis, IN @ The Vollrath
Sat. Aug. 22 Grand Rapids, MI @ Founders Berwery Co. w/ Total Blam Blams
Fri. Oct. 2 Kalamazoo, MI @ The Strutt
Sat. Oct. 3 Bay City, MI @ Hell's Half Mile Music w/ Oh My God

Ha! "Big Schools" sounds like a cross between Van Halen and Talking Heads.. still catchy though :)

Joshua Eustis' (Telefon Tel Aviv) final words on Charlie Cooper.

Hello Everyone,

I'm writing this now, finally, to clarify some things I keep seeing on the internet that are driving me up the wall and causing Charlie's family to lose sleep. I don't want to wind up in jail for braining a journalist, either.

1) The medical examiner of Cook County Chicago ruled that Charlie did not commit suicide. There simply wasn't anything sinister in his blood at the time of his death. No drugs, no weird stuff. A sleeping pill and a glass of champagne, maybe a broken heart. Three separate autopsy reports have been made on this subject, all ruling inconclusively on a suicide, and calling it what is unfortunately referred to in the wasteland of the blogosphere as a "Heath Ledger".

2) If speculation about suicide is what makes some of you happy then please don't listen to our music anymore and don't come to the shows. You make me sick. And for you journalists out there running with your alarmist headlines, shame on you.

3) Regardless of the lyrical content of the last record record, which I have clarified in interviews prior to Charlie's death as vaguely suicidal in places, and which was completed WELL before Charlie's life took a darker turn than normal, I would say that it is the only thing about that record that is specifically NOT romantic, and we weren't trying to portray it as something glamorous or desirable. I have had suicidal thoughts many, many times in my life, but never have I allowed them to manifest themselves physically or with any real weight in my life. I've merely explored the lowest depths of what my heart can hold, and the same goes for Charlie in his life, and his art. What happened to him afterwards wasn't a suicide, it was a tragedy, and I'm going to leave it at that.

4) None of you, especially some certain contrarian "journalists", are experts on Charlie and his life. I am, however, so I am the only person that any of you will ever know, directly or indirectly, who can speak with real authority on this matter (short of Charlie's family, who most certainly will never say a word about this whole disaster, as well they shouldn't). Anything that does not come directly from me is speculation at best, and therefore bullshit.

5) Charlie wasn't a man looking for attention or trying to leave behind some kind of legend or heroic self-sacrifice for the behoof of his art, much less something so insignificant as a Long Player album. Give me a break. He was a regular guy; easy-going, creative, talented, polished, obliging, witty, heartbroken, victim of terrible luck and even more frightful timing. That's it.

So, basically, everyone can just put that in their pipe and smoke it for a while because it's the last and only time I will ever speak publicly of the worst tragedy of my life. I don't care what the consequences of my silence are from here forward; after the year I've had, I can handle absolutely anything that morons in this world are going to throw at me.

Yours in music,
Joshua Eustis


I would also like to point out that the source of the data was an interview that I did with a good mutual friend of mine and Charlie's, three weeks after the news came, which ran on March 1st. Since then, the definitive ruling of an accident has become official. This is old news...

Still the suck of the year.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

If only I lived here..

I could die happily right after attending this event..

Cool Video Funtime #61 - God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get)

Gang Gang Dance Tour + FREE live album..

Friday July 24th at The Fuji Rock Festival in Japan
Sunday August 2nd at The Pearl Street Nightclub in Northampton, MA
Monday August 3rd at The Bug Jar in Rochester, NY
Tuesday August 4th at Kung-Fu Necktie in Philadelphia, PA
Wednesday August 5th at Ottobar in Baltimore, MD
Thursday August 6th at Circus in Columbus, OH
Friday August 7th at Magic Stick in Detroit, MI
Sunday August 9th at Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL
Tuesday August 11th with TV On The Radio at The Prospect Park Band Shell in Brooklyn, NY
Friday August 14th at The Oya Festival in Oslo, Norway
Thursday August 20th with Animal Collective at Brixton Academy in London, UK
Friday August 21st at The Green Man Festival in Wales, UK
Saturday August 22nd at The Pukkelpop Festival in Kiewit, Belgium
Sunday August 30th at Rickshaw Shop in San Francisco, CA
Wednesday August 2nd at The Depot in Arcata, CA
Thursday September 3rd at The Works at Washington High School in Portland, OR
Friday September 4th Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver, BC
Saturday September 5th at The Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, WA

..and here's that Free album.

Sigh, no GGD for me :(

Listen to samples of Tyondai Braxton's (Battles) solo album..

Not too bad, sounds like Battles..

Check into The Big Pink..

4AD'S latest signing The Big Pink have just put up a free mp3 off of their debut album "A Brief History Of Love" (out 09/07) called "Dominos".

Never mess with a French man..

Ha, too funny not to re-post. Apparently Anthony Gonzalez was trying to get the audience to dance on stage during a live show in Ohio. The security guards didn't like that idea. But he who is more French always wins.. ; )

Here's what he had to say:

M83 soundtrack work?, Oh my...CAN NOT WAIT.

The NEW A Place To Bury Strangers album..

..comes out 10/06 on Mute!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and here are some tour dates!:
10-04 Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda's ^
10-05 Washington, DC - Rock and Roll Hotel ^
10-06 Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506 ^
10-07 Atlanta, GA - Drunken Unicorn ^
10-08 Tallahassee, FL - Club Downunder ^
10-09 New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jacks ^
10-10 Dallas, TX - Club Dada ^
10-11 Austin, TX - The Mohawk ^
10-13 Tucson, AZ - Plush ^
10-15 San Diego, CA - Casbah ^
10-16 Los Angeles, CA - Echo ^
10-17 San Francisco, CA - The Independent *
10-18 Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge *
10-19 Seattle, WA - Crocodile Café *
10-20 Vancouver, British Columbia - Biltmore Cabaret *
10-22 Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge *
10-23 Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge *
10-25 Sr. Louis, MO - Firebird *
10-26 Chicago, IL - Double Door &
10-27 Toronto, Ontario - The Mod Club &
10-28 Montreal, Quebec - Il Motore &
10-29 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom &
10-30 Cambridge, MA - Middle East Upstairs &

^ with Darker My Love and All the Saints
& with Dead Confederate and All the Saints
* with All the Saints

The only reason you wouldn't go to see them live is because you're dead. Which, in that case, how are you reading this? Stupid blog zombies..

Monday, July 20, 2009

EIC'S10Q'S w/Cold Cave

Self-loathing/80's Goth inspired vocals, synthesizers in top-notch from busting out some of the catchiest rhythms you will ever hear, and other sounds that can easily transcend you to time when mixing art with dance, pop, "the bizarre", and underground culture was once an unheard of trend..

Cold Cave
Bleak Automated Adorationists

Cold Cave Bio:
Cold Cave is the brainchild of Philadelphia's Wesley Eisold, ex-Some Girls, Give Up The Ghost, XO Skeletons, and currently Ye Olde Maids, etc. Eisold received some high-profile press when Fall Out Boy reportedly plagiarized lyrics from his influential hardcore outfit Give Up The Ghost. He won an out-of-court settlement, is now credited in the liner notes of "From Under The Cork Tree" and "Infinity On High". Eisold's hardcore/punk background rears its head in interesting ways in Ye Olde Maids, but more especially in Cold Cave, a darkwave synth confection with more than enough static and noise cycling through to justify mentions of Prurient and Burning Star Core on his personal MySpace. The songs are danceable, dark, instantly infectious. Think '80s industrial and synth pop over-driven
through power electronics.

Hello, how are you?
I'm well, thank you.

What are you currently listening to?
Louderbach - Shine single. My favorite new song in too long.

Growing up did you listen to a lot of Industrial music?
Not so much when I was younger, just the bigger bands that were easy to find. I was more drawn to The Cure, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, things like this. Then I was infatuated with punk and hardcore.

Lo-Fi music has been around forever, however within the past few years it seems the scene has blown up, whom/what do you think is responsible?
Technology of course. Accessibility- Everyone can record themselves now and accomplish a sound similar to favorite lo-fi records of the past. Thats easy, but not something to be concerned with.

Why do you put your music out in such limited quantities?
I don't think we do really. There are 1,000 copies of each single and distros and stores still have them yet people go straight to ebay without looking for them elsewhere I suppose. Who knows. Cremations and Love Comes Close are/will be available for anyone. The limited items were tour releases and contain music that will appear elsewhere. The Coma Potion 12" was in an edition of 100 because I couldn't imagine more than 100 people wanting to hear it.

You guys are on opposite coastlines, how did the Cold Cave/Crocodiles/Blessure Grave split come about?
The Crocodiles are old friends and we have been been in bands together in the past.

Out of the many Cold Cave songs that have surfaced, which are you most proud of and why?
I think at some point I have been proud of each one. I don't expect moments in time to stand the test of time, especially when I'm playing a dilettante God with music, particularly in the beginning, tracking the mistakes, calling them records.

Now that “Love Comes Close” has been released can we expect a large US tour?
We play the West Coast in september I believe but no plans for a full tour. I think we will at some point, as you said perhaps after the LP is released.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
The Wisdom of Joseph Campbell.

Are you living your dream?
No but my body is a monument to the idea of one.

Thanx Wes!

Cold Cave just released their debut full length "Love Comes Close", BUY IT NOW.!.

Cool Video Funtime #60 - Mouth To Mouth

Listen to the NEW Muse song.!.!.!

I like it, it's a bit too "Queen-y" at times, but I have no doubts that it will grow on me more and more..

Short notice (sorry).. Hear Au Revoir Simone Live for free, TONIGHT!

From ARS:

Hey Kids and Grownups,

Believe it or not, we're going to be on the BBC6 tomorrow morning with George Lamb doing a live on-air session and interview. We're pretty excited about it, and hopefully you are, too. If you don't live in England (or live in New York and don't want to get up at four in the morning to listen live online) you can go to their website at and check out the video archive.

We're getting up rather early for this.

Ooooooh! and don't forget to call in with questions. I've never answered live on-air radio questions before and am really looking forward to it.

Annie (and Erika and Heather)

Don't miss out!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New & FREE Animal Collective Song!!

"What Would I Want Sky (Live)"
Thnx GvB.

Free Misty Roses song..

"Clouded Sulphur" featuring the vocal talent of Kim Field from Soundpool off of the upcoming album "Villainess"..

REVIEW: The Advisory Circle - Other Channels

9.25 out of 10

I am relatively new and inexperienced with the up and coming label Ghost Box but I do feel a new obsession coming on.. With the UK based Ghost Box label you can expect to hear TONS of vintage synthesizers mixed with electronic samples that take you back to a time when "electronic" music was still a relatively new outlet. Even the design is time-based, it's rather lovely. In-fact they make it a point for all of their artists to share the same aesthetics which is "..a recording label for artists that find inspiration in library music, folklore, vintage electronics and haunted television soundtracks". Jon Brooks (The Advisory Circle) is my favorite artist on the label (so far), his sounds are similar to Boards Of Canada, Raymond Scott, Air, and Porn Sword Tobacco. He describes his sound as "Everything's fine, but there is something not quite right about it". Sound's dreamy right?

"Other Channels" is Mr. Brook's second album, first full length, and within it's gorgeously "Retro-Futuristic" walls lies an adventure you may have never experienced before. "Other Channels" is the acidic head trip you get from Time Traveling too much. Your body slows down and you feel like you aren't really there but somehow, you are floating above everyone with a since of euphoria and dementia. Incredibly warm synthesizers and obscure/vintage PSA samples are in the background, sometimes foreground on nearly every track. There are a few disturbing moments in between that keep the listener on their toes, but they make the whole experience that much better. Jon Brooks seems to be classically trained as far as his sounds go. He's got a terrific ear for bringing out beauty from even the most harsh and ugly of sounds. "Other Channels" is an insanely lush trip back in time, possibly to the 70's, maybe the 20's, and possibly a few other places in between. "Other Channels" is a $10 trip through time and space worth way more than that, why not take the ride?

What headphones were built for. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: All of them flow as one, so it's hard to be picky, they're all really amazing. I really like Fire, Damp & Air though (A LOT) & Hocusing For Beginners it reminds me of Air's "Priemeres Symptones" work & Farmland, Freeland which is nice and soothing.

Cool Video Funtime #59 - I Don't Wanna Die


Toro Y Moi
Carpark Recordings..

From Carpark:

Carpark has a brand new artist. Please welcome Toro Y Moi to the family. Toro Y Moi is 23 year old Chaz Bundick from Columbia, South Carolina. He makes all type of tunes: from dreamy summer-time pop, to lo-fi indie rock and French-style filter house. Check out some of his jams at Carpark is releasing a Toro Y Moi seven inch single on October 6th and two full lengths in 2010. Very exciting! Toro Y Moi is touring the month of August with Carpark labelmates Ear Pwr. Another fall tour is in the works.

I'm diggin' this ..reminds me a little bit of Cornelius meets Animal Collective meets Atlas Sound meets Daft Punk with a summer-time vibe..