Tuesday, July 14, 2009

REVIEW: Clubroot - Clubroot

7.75 out of 10

When Burial's self-titled debut album came out in 2006 I was extremely excited for the "up and coming" genre Dub Step to take off. Little did I know, most of the bands within the genre would fail me. None of them (maybe a few) kept the genre interesting, and the fact is most of them just recycled the same beat the other guy just used. The genre got real old, real quick (yeah, it's only been a couple years). Ok, I know I may be acting a little harsh towards the genre, I just can't stand it when song after song sounds the same sometimes. With Burial I fell there has always been a touch of originality and real emotional writing, whereas with other Dub Steppers I just hear overdone dribble that shouldn't be recycled as much as it is right now because it just gives the few amazing writers that are out there a bad name. This may just be my opinion, but I've been waiting, for a while now, for the next Dub Step artist to knock me off my feet and give me hope that the genre isn't dead already and finally that wait is over..

Finally an electronic album I can sink my headphone teeth into (yeah my headphones have teeth). This may sound a little weird with all of the mentioning of bands copying other bands, but Clubroot does sound A LOT like Burial and actually.. I love that fact. Not only does Clubroot bring back that original craftsmanship of Burial's debut album, but it raises the bar for future Dub Steppers. Angelic synths, throbbing sub drop/bass sounds, snare..click.click.click, snare..cick.click.click, a form of originality I can't quite pinpoint yet (possibly in the sampling), pleasing displays of emotions, and other gorgeous layers of heavenly ambience. THIS is The Dub Step album I've been craving. There are going to be many more Dub Step albums released in the future as the genre grows up and finds it's place amongst pop culture, but not many will top the solid sounds of Clubroot's debut album. Put this release in Dub Step's Top 10 albums of all time.

If you dig Dub Step "Clubroot" is a MUST OWN. If you like Dub Step, but are bored of all the imitators check out Clubroot, I think you will love this release. Overall though, this is one of 09's strongest electronic albums so far. Expect to see this release on many year-end lists..

Standout Tracks: Really all of the, but especially: Low Pressure Zone, Embryo, Dulcet (Dub Step for dolphins..), Birth Interlude (my headphones made me feel all tingly listening to this track), Talisman (catchy), Sempiternal

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