Wednesday, July 29, 2009

REVIEW: Moby - Wait For Me

7.5 out of 10

"Wait For Me" is Moby's 10th album since 1992. He began his career as an underground "techno" producer and slowly but surely moved in the direction of writing more radio friendly/pop oriented electronic songs. His breakout/mega hit album "Play" was a monumental moment in electronic music history. Some Moby "purists" may call it too "top 40" or not original to Moby's style. To me it was the soundtrack of my early bachelorhood days when I first moved out on my own and was experiencing the world as a grown-up, which may be why I think of "Play" as Moby's "all grown up" album. Every song was terrific, whether it was the beginning half with all of the terrific radio singles/upbeat gospel songs, or the later half which was INSANELY GORGEOUS ambient music that could make the toughest of individuals weep. Yes, I am definitely a Moby fan, I like his early "techno" songs, and I love his ambient work, and I will always be slightly curious when I hear of a new album.

Moby had somewhat of an epiphany while listening to filmmaker David Lynch speak at the BAFTA Awards. Lynch's message was creativity for its own sake is a beautiful, wonderful thing". "At that moment, I decided to just make records that were more personal," says Moby, "maybe more experimental, and a little more challenging, maybe not as easy to like, but things that I found to be artistically and creatively more satisfying. That was the idea behind making the new album." "It's nice to try to do things for the right reasons, just make a record because you want to make a record." It's a simple concept, which always works and because of it (five albums later) he is finally back on the top of his game. Every bit of creativity, including the cheesy design, has literally poured out of Moby's soul and onto a mixing board. Most of the tracks on "Wait For Me" are extremely laid back, and at times kind of Dream Poppy (I'm almost reminded of Ulrich Schnauss' "Goodbye"). If you've heard "Play", which really, who of us hasn't by now, you may remember the last 5 tracks or so being super laid back and pretty. To me this album pays a sweet homage to those last few tracks and creates an entire album out of it. There are tons of "airy"/pretty synths, simple/sparse drumming samples, gospel hymns/samples, and all of those other "Moby-isms" you've grown to love. It's Moby doing what Moby does best.

Listen, I really wasn't expecting too much when I heard of a new Moby album it seems his last few albums were just "pop trash" going in the wrong direction.. However, I am extremely pleased with this album, PLEASANTLY surprised, and possibly in-love. If you like Moby, you probably already own this, if you're in the mood for laid back electronics do not pass this album up. I look forward to the next chapter in Moby's expansive career of constant change. I only hope Moby sticks to the concept of writing an album that means something to him rather than his wallet. RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: Pale Horses, Walk With Me, Mistake (super catchy), JLTF (dreamy), A Seated Night, Wait For Me (good string & piano song), Hope Is Gone (i get a "Mazzy Star feeling" from this track), Ghost Return, Isolate (perfect ender)

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