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EverythingIsChemical Presents: Cold Cave w/ Austra Live

Sunday, July 31st 2011
Dark Electronics filter the air..

Cold Cave
=something my little black heart requires right now..

Look forward to seeing you there..
(The bands + EIC would like to thank you ahead of time for attending:)
& (as always) ~njoy.

Check into (x2) Blue Dressed Man & Pechenga..

Blue Dressed Man - Cabletree


Pechenga - Gitaro

Blue Dressed Man first came to my attention via THIS awesome remix. I decided to look him up and came across his bandcamp site, which has A LOT of free/awesome goodies. "Cabletree" is the standout amongst them, but the rest are also pretty good. Pechenga is an up and coming (somewhat--but not really)Post-Jazzy Ambient Experimental project from Siberia. They cite Stars Of The Lid/The Dead Texan & Eno as huge influences ..If that gives you any indication of what their music sounds like..

If only I lived here..

I have an"idea" for a music/film/art festival; the center part of the country. It's an equal drive for everyone. ..Now excepting donations for large festival development..?;)

Cool Video Funtime #248 - Canyon Meadows (+Bonus Video:)

+ Bonus Video:) ..cuz Chad makes great videos..

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NEW Big Black Delta track..!

Here's the latest track from Big Black Delta (one of my newest obsessions). The band's debut full length comes out this Fall. In the meantime..

NEW Balam Acab snippets..!


Balam Acab released one of the best EPs of 2010. Said album included my favorite track of the year. This year (perhaps) the band has two more releases (possibly) coming out via the wonderful Tri Angle (for sure).

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EIC'S10Q'S w/Natalie Beridze

"..has a strong grasp on engineering acumen modern techno soundscapes.."

Natalie Beridze
Enlightenment By Form Of Industry

Natalie Beridze Bio:
Georgian musician Natalie Beridze aka TBA first came to monika through her contribution to Volume 1 of the popular 4 Women No Cry series. Now we are delighted to be working with this exciting young artist again especially as the CD marks the first release with our new distribution partner, Morr Music. Following a 5 track EP in summer we are proud to present Natalie Beridze’s stunning new full-length album, ForgetFulness.

While these are her first solo releases on monika, Tusia Beridze is certainly no newcomer. With output on labels such as Max Ernst, her ongoing collaboration with the Goslab collective and most recently a release on Laboratory Instinct, TBA’s sound is both rich in texture and depth of vision. From the industrial beats of What about things like bullets to the club friendly electro- ambience of The Face We Choose To Miss and the intricate electronica of This isn't right, this isn't even wrong, the cutting edge production gains warmth and a personal touch throughout from the presence of TBA’s voice. As well as Natalie’s phenomenal solo compositions Forgetfulness contains a collaboration with Academy Award winning Japanese muscian, composer and pianist Ryuichi Sakamoto, the meditative Blue Shadow. The album invokes harsh winter wastelands and a depth of emotion that is sadly lacking in much of the pop we hear. Two prime examples are In The White and Silently – which are nothing short of breathtaking. This fine album ends with the cryptically titled Half This Game Is Ninety Percent Mental an epic instrumental ambient odyssey. Natalie Beridze’s music is captivating and yet at the same time leaves enough room to let the listeners’ imagination run off in its own direction. Forgetfulness is a journey through serious electronic soundscapes but thanks to the contant presence of her sensitive lyrics and gentle vocal tones Beridze never looses that personal touch.

Hello, how are you?
:) Great, thanx

What are you currently listening to?
Kreidler "Tank"

At what age did you being writing music, who got you into electronica?
Around 22 - 23. i got signed when i was 23. Nika Machaidze (Nikakoi) and Gogi Dzozuashvili (Post Industrial Boys) were doing computer music back then. We collaborated sometimes. I sang for their tracks. Later I decided to give it a try myself. I liked and tried to do videos, to write, but somehow it wasn't enough. I felt blase about it. Music-making enchanted me from the first moment on. And I started producing rampantly. Had my first two albums ready in couple of months.:)

Why the "TBA" in your name?
Play of words and it has nothing to do with "to-be-announced"... "T"-s the first letter of my nick-name - Tusia. "B" - is the first letter of my last name - Beridze. And "A" ...hmm, I don't know. It's just a closure... TBA means lake in Georgian. When I got signed for the first time (Max.Ernst), it all went rapidly and we had to come up with an artist name. then, with the later albums I decided to put my real name next to TBA. I like it better this way...

What is theme as well as sound you were going for on "Forgetfulness"?

I don't have a concrete theme nor sound in any of my albums. It's more like a patchwork. There's no real sense of togetherness and cohesion to my albums. Each track speaks for itself. Sometimes I want to make a "one-whole" album, with a linear story-line and tracks merging into one-another, but then I get easily bored by this persistency and restraint and write a track that withdraws itself out of the concept of the album.

What is your favorite song off of "Forgetfulness"?
Song: "The Face We Choose To Miss". Track: "Half This Game Is 90% Mental".

I love the videos you've put out for this release, who does them and how did you come up with the concepts?
It's all made by Nika Machaidze. He has a great vision and imagination I completely confide in. So I don't intervene in this process. I just do what he tells me to do... I love those videos too...

If you could collaborate with any artist of your choosing whom would it be with?
I'd make an album with Prince, Sun Ra (impossible) and Raymond Scott..(impossible) :) Right now I'd write songs for real big stars, with big fat production, lot of money, try making hits, something I have never done before and maybe am not so good at...

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
Even a thought about it makes me apprehensive :) So I refuse to choose one. Anyway it'd never be a one-author album... it'd be a panicky mix tape...

Are you living your dream?
Almost! :)

Thanx Natalie & Brian!

Natalie Beridze is currently touring for her most recent release. I'm sure she probably has a few albums waiting to come out shortly after that (..I hope:)...

REVIEW: Natalie Beridze/TBA - Forgetfulness

9.5 out of 10

A little while ago one of my favorite contacts (who's opinion I trust dearly) sent me a link to a video, I was instantly addicted. Months pass, he sends me another, I am officially obsessed. Finally (the wait is over), a week or so after that, he sends me the album, "Forgetfulness".

Natalie Beridze, although could be considered, isn't really new to the scene. In-fact "Forgetfulness" is her 4th (I believe) album. Her name changes a little bit on each album; TBA, Tusia Beridze, Natalie Beridze, etc., but the sound remains (pretty much) the same. Ms. TBA has a strong grasp on engineering acumen modern techno soundscapes. The closest comparisons I can think of are Bjork, Jane Jensen, & Ellen Allien. Perhaps a "female Trent Reznor" with a soft side for Minimal Techno mixed with a dash of Ambient Classical? Whomever/whatever you want to compare her to doesn't really matter, the music speaks for itself (and then some) and you will hear that from the very first note. This is by far the most interesting, intelligent, and sexy release of the year.

You need this soooooo bad right now (and everyday after that too). _IGHLY _ECOMMENDED (fiil in the blank).

Standout Tracks: luvumall. Forever Has A Shadow, What About Things Like Bullets (quite possibly the best song I've heard this entire year.), Whatever Falls Is Sumptuous, Blue Shadow (gorgeous--kind of reminds me of This Mortal Coil), In The White, The Face We Choose To Miss (reminds me of Junior Boys), Silently

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..have a nice day. ; )

Check into Kynan..

A sound of their own, although, I'm sure the terms "Chillwave" and/or "Shoegaze" will pop up quite a bit. Either way, this album is pretty perfect from beginning to end.

A song sooo good, one might call it "ear crack"..

How I Quit Crack - Wicked Game

One of the best covers I've heard in years. Just as addicting as the original, plus it's a lot longer ..ooh daamn this song is smooooooth.

If only I lived here..

::Ai Goodbye Party in Barcelona::
Sunday 19th June 2011

Sad to see this label go, but this seems like an appropriate way to depart none-the-less.

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Cool Video Funtime #246 - Wake Up Call

REVIEW: Various Artists - A Witch House & Okkvlt Guide To Twin Peaks

9.5 out of 10
Find it here.SORRY SOLD OUT .. kind of.

This particular compilation/tribute to Twin Peaks has instantly become one of my favorite pieces of Witch House/Drag that I have the pleasure of owning. Since getting my copy in the mail I've listened to it countless amount of times (in the double digits I'm sure). This should be noted, I can't remember the last time I heard a compilation so relevant that I needed to talk about it. However, this album has that "quality" and some. In-fact, it's nearly flawless and most certainly the most profound "Twin Peaks experience" you will ever have.

Phantasma Disques and co. are masters in their field. They consistently release the best/most unheard of Dark Electronic/Post Industrial/Drag acts out there and their art (in all of it's Photoshop glory) is SPECTACULAR (there's something about this artists visuals that just make sense when it comes to the music it's describing). "A Witch House & Okkvlt Guide To Twin Peaks" features some of the best bands from this online collective of dark hoodlums. If the point of this release was to capture the dark and mysterious endeavors of Twin Peaks, it did that and then some, Mr. Lynch would be proud. There's a "possible rumor" of a vinyl release floating around, could just be a rumor though. If there's a petition to make this happen, sign me up please! Oh, and hurry up cuz the sequel is out now too, it'll probably sell out within the next 5 minutes or so though, so good luck.

If you are wondering where to start with the ever expanding "Witch House/Drag" genre, start here. This is absolutely 100% perfectly D-▲-R-K music. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (X333²) Go HERE to get a taste (FREEBIES!). If you're listening to this album already you know what I mean when I say this is something every ominous soul craves.

Standout Tracks: ALL, ALL, ALL, ALL. as well as :] The Nightingale, A Blue Rose, Into The Night (the very reason I looked into this release--thanx Brant;]), Questions In A World Of Blue +ALLLLLLL!

Check into (x2:) Niva & Cosmotropia De Xam's Fantasia..

Niva - Ghost In My Head (this is my favorite track)

I love this band for it's simple/complex futuristic catchy vibe. For some reason I am reminded of Junior Boys meets Postal Service..


Listen to THIS:

Gorgeous/haunting stuff isn't it?

REVIEW: Raymond Scott Woolson - Broken Things Mended

7 out of 10

There are certain genres in music that definitely shaped my ears into what they are today. One of those said genres (as you all may know) is Shoegaze. Being a big fan of this genre is nice, there are a lot of projects that are equally amazing, a few that are "meh", but really they're all attainable/easily located nowadays. What I mean by that is this; "if you like Mogwai'll like this.." and so on and so on.. A lot of bands in the Shoegaze sound a lot like each other. I'm not complaining though, because that's how I found so many amazing acts in this genre. Raymond Scott Woolson was one of those acts, "if you like "Ulrich Schnauss", you'll like.." The review was spot on. RSW is a bit of a tiny shadow when it comes to the genre which is unfortunate. The talent is overwhelming, the sounds are reminiscent to M83, Robin Guthrie, Ulrich Schnauss, etc., yet he seems to go without notice for some reason. Shame on you my fellow gazers (tisk tisk)..

"Broken Things Mended" is Mr. Woolson's 5th release. When I received an email from his label asking if I would like a copy for review I was both ecstatic and in shock. I honestly thought RSW was one of those artists that would release a handful of albums (which he had) and disappear completely (I didn't want him to, it had just been a while). Turns out he's been working on this album night and day to make it "just right" for all of it's intended listeners. "Broken Things Mended" sounds a lot like it's predecessors; 103% Instrumental/"Slightly-Post Rock-y" Shoegaze. Only, this time it's got a bit more of an "Adult Contemporary" edge to it. Now that doesn't mean it's necessarily "cheesy" or something lame your dad/the dentist would listen to (although he probably would--hey I should call my dentist actually..::AHEM::). The sounds on this disc range in style. Some songs are "poppier"/more bright than others, some are spacey downers. This album took me a few listens before I finally realized what I was experiencing; soothing, epic, and transcending ripples of guitar notes drenched in reverb and keyboard drones that actually put me in quite the peaceful/relaxed state. This album is honest and simple. There are complex layers of sound, but the way they are presented makes this release listenable to nearly any fan of (good)music.

Fans of instrumental Shoegaze should love this. If you're in-need of something laid back but sort of up lifting.. you will love this.

Standout Tracks: The Vision Maker, Runner Run Home, Awake O Sleeper In Your Waiting Fields

New Julianna Barwick release on the way..

Julianna Barwick & Ikue Mori's "Frkwys Vol. 6" comes out June 14th via Rvng Intl.

Here is a preview:

I love these split releases, did you ever here the one Arp did with Anthony Moore? How about this one?

Soon JB, soooon;)

NEW Atlas Sound track..!

No info on a new release yet, but my guess is soon. Knowing how prolific Mr. Cox is, he probably has a few albums ready for release..

If only I lived here..

It was only a matter of time before these guys had their own festival. Kudos to you GvsB..