Sunday, July 5, 2009

REVIEW: Kurt Vile - God Is Saying This To You?

7.75 out of 10

The photograph used on the cover of "God Is Saying This To You?" speaks miles for the music. Kurt Vile is a Lo-Fi Indie musician out of Philadelphia, PA that has been constructing his version of "Vagabond-Rock/Alt-Country for a few years now". Kurt Vile was raised by his father who was a banjo aficionado, so it should be no surprise that on "God Is Saying This To You?" (Mr. Vile's second official solo release) banjo is utilized quite nicely with guitar and LOTS of pedals. On top/underneath/somewhere in the middle of those terrific string sounds are minimal keyboards sounds, and his relaxing melancholy vocals that could easily transcend your listening experience to the calmest back porch in the middle of Nowhere, Alaska. He's already got a bit of a "cult following" and that is sure to get bigger and bigger throughout the years, I just know Kurt Vile is gonna be receiving a lot of attention in the future..

If you were to mix the recording qualities/experience of Daniel Johnston with the guitar pluckings of Jose Gonzalez you would get a sound that may resemble Kurt Vile, but still nowhere near his genius. His Music is incredibly simple, but it's simple/almost effortless sound really makes it stand out as one of this year's Lo-Fi gems. Western sounding banjo's and guitars plucked left and right, sometimes distorted, but always catchy. Fuzzy, hush-hush keyboard drone sounds, and Kurt Vile's undeniably acquired vocals that can immediately grab the right listeners attention.

If you've been searching for an amazing acoustic album look no further. Recommended for fans of Lo-Fi Indie music or fans of experimental recording effects. Won't reach out to everyone, but it will mean something to the ones that give it a chance. Another 09 favorite.

Standout Tracks: Red Apples, Beach On The Moon (Recycled Lyrics), (no name for track) Track 7, My Best Friends (Don't Even Pass This), Song For John D (probably my favorite track), Doctor Orgatron

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