Tuesday, July 28, 2009

REVIEW: Rainbow Arabia - Kabukimono

8.25 out of 10

Rainbow Arabia have been compared to everyone; from Siouxsie Sioux, to Gang Gang Dance, Crystal Castles, Klaxons, Mia, Bat For Lashes, Tuxedo Moon, Talking Heads, Kraftwerk, etc. Yeah, that's a pretty impressive list of comparisons, but in all fairness, they deserve the name drops/associations. No matter where they borrow/get their sounds from I want more, and I want it now.

"Kabukimono", Rainbow Arabia's second release, is chalked full of "worldsy" influences & vocals that are nearly identical to that of Liz Bougatsos (GGD), "House Music" samples evocative of Lemonade or even Fischerspooner, a bit of "unclassifiable" experimentalism, and that "tropical" vibe that has been ever so popular these past few months in the "underground" music scene.

If you like any of the bands mentioned above this is a no-brainer for you, if you're mildly interested in eclectic world music with hints of popular dance music then at least give em' a chance. RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: ALL

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