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Helado Negro
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Helado Negro's Roberto Carlos Lange has been busy! As if a new record, "Awe Owe" (out 8/4 on Asthmatic Kitty), isn't enough, Roberto brings you "Tuitero Roto" and gets a little help from his friends with a Nathan Michel Remix, a video for his song "Dahum" directed by frequent collaborator David Ellis, and the "Falling Down" Mixtape, created collaboratively with Jaytram.

"Tuitero Roto"
Translated from Spanish, Tuitero Roto literally means "broken tweeter." It also is a way for Roberto C. Lange (aka Helado Negro) to experiment with the limitations of brevity. Lange is posting an MP3 track of less than 30 seconds via the modern epitome of shortform, Twitter, several times a week until complete.
Follow its construction HERE.

"Dahum" video from the album "Awe Owe", directed by David Ellis and Chris Keohane
For the past 4 years, Lange has collaborated with prominent visual and sound artist David Ellis to compose a new series of kinetic sound sculptures. To commemorate the release of "Awe Owe", Roberto and David have teamed up with Chris Keohane to create the video for "Dahum".

The video for "Dahum" was made in June of 2009 in Brooklyn, NY, and was directed by Chris Keohane and David Ellis. Shot with both a digital SLR still camera and a video camera most of the footage was filmed in Roberto's Brooklyn apartment under smoldering work lights cooled with a box fan. The footage was treated to look blown out like a stencil and the frame rate was altered to give it an animated, rhythmic pulse. Stills of local buildings were shot and composited with excerpts from Ellis's Droptet series, a project in which gallons of paint were poured from high above and filmed with a Phantom, slow-motion camera. Drawn to the underlying cautionary tone in "Dahum's" lyric's, Keohane and Ellis linked the slow motion footage to the oceanic references and splashing sonic qualities to guide the pace of the edit. This all merges together for what is essentially a video portrait of Roberto Lange and a visual interpretation of "Dahum's" distinctive layered percussion, reeds, vibes, and vocals.

Nathan Michel Remixes "Dahum"
In other "Dahum"-related news, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and Tigerbeat6/Sonig recording artist Nathan Michel has created his own take on the song with this fantastic remix.
Check out the Nathan Michel remix of "Dahum" HERE.

"Falling Down" Mixtape
As a new work week begins this Monday, those trying to hold on to their carefree summer weekends have reason to rejoice, as Roberto Lange, in collaboration with Brooklyn musician and sometimes Yeasayer drummer Jaytram, have created "Falling Down", a mixtape full of nostalgic and soulful moments to start the week on the right foot. Here are some words about "Falling Down" from Roberto:
"Falling Down" is what happens, almost everyday. Its our general way of life, usually knocks some sense into us whichever ground we hit. In hopes to not so much turn you onto music, this is more of the feeling all of this music gives us, kinda like a theme, a Monday - Friday mix. Listen to it like that, break it up in your week, and you'll feel it. Falling Down is ok. We can pick ourselves up and sometimes our friends help out."
Download/Listen to "Falling Down" HERE.

Pre-order "Awe Owe"
Finally, Helado Negro's "Awe Owe", out 8/4 on Asthmatic Kitty, is available for preorder. Put the exclamation point on your summer here:

Will do!

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