Tuesday, July 14, 2009

REVIEW: Purple Confusion - The Sound Of The Atom Splitting

8.75 out of 10

Purple Confusion is Gooom Disques (M83's label) resident jam band which features members of M83, Mils (the guy that did the strings on "Dead Cities.."), and a few other underrated Gooom artists. The end result is an astonishing feat in Electronic/Gaze/Psychedelic music that should rest well between many headphones.

If you like: synthesizers, drum machines, pop, fuzz, drone, Gooom Disques/electronic music that allows the mind to rest while still sounding epic then Purple Confusion's "The Sound Of The Atom Splitting" is a must own for you. Listening to this album you will definitely be reminded of M83's 2003 MASTERPIECE "Dead Cities, Red Seas And Lost Ghosts", however this release came out a year before said album, soo by listening to this album you will hear M83's transition of sounds between their debut self-titled album to "Dead Cities..". You might also be reminded of Warp Records late 90's to current IDM sound, Kraftwerk or their counterpart Neu!, or even Dntel. You will beyond any doubt be reminded of awesome (no, not the band (if there is one), the word).

Please, make it a point to own this album. It's pretty Fn' awesome. If you're an obsessive M83 fan like me (as I'm typing this I look down to see I'm wearing an M83 shirt ..yeah, I know, settle down) you should already own this by now. HiIiGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: AALLLL OOFF TTHHEEMM BBUUTTTT ESPECIALLY: Running Behind Butterflies (W-O-W, this should of been on "Dead Cities..", Secret Tragedy (sounds like a "Psychedelic" Clark), The Endless Harmony Of Your Cosmic Wonder, Dreaming Of An Hypersomniac Princes, Breathing Underwater (tremolo drenched guitar ..oh yeah), Falling In The Sea At The Speed Of The Snow Part.1,

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