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EIC'S10Q'S w/Languis

With as much as I talk about Shoegazer music you would think I would have compiled a list by now (soon enough). When I do it will consist of (at least) my Top 50 Shoegaze/Dream Pop albums, somewhere in the "Top 20 range" would be a band that is unfortunately completely overlooked (should be a household name by now, if you ask me) Not only in the "Dream Pop" genre though, they are Electronic, IDM, Pop-Genuises, etc. ..Please, I am begging you, if you haven't yet, check out..

Somnolent Euphoria For Your Ears

Languis Bio:
The duo known as Languis — Marcos Chloca and Alejandro Cohen — has been making music together since 1991, when they were both classmates in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1996, they sold their guitars and amps and moved to Los Angeles, where they occasionally perform with other artists who are associated with that city's somewhat experimental, underground lo-fi electronic movement, much of it centered around the Internet-based "Dublab" collective Musically, Languis' recordings may remind some listeners of Stereolab's less motorik/more downbeat recordings, or Teutonic post-ambient groups like To Rococo Rot and Tarwater. However, Languis doesn't really seem to align itself with any particular style or genre, falling somewhere in the "chill-out" side of the post-rock electronic genre, just this side of laptop techno-noir. Languis utilizes both analog and digital synthesizers, as well as various organs, samplers, sequencer, signal processors, abstract electronic percussion, and guitars (mostly acoustic) — even vocals, some heavily processed and vocoder-y, and others barely whispered into a telephone handset — in a uniquely refreshing and organically futurist fashion.

The first proper Languis release, "Simball Sounds", was recorded on a borrowed four-track recorder at the duo's home studio and released by L.A.-based Simball Sounds Recordings (hence the title) in August 1998. Their follow-up album, "Last Frequency Presets", was released in the spring of 1999. A limited-edition 7" single, "Soft Music," issued in February 2000, contained three instrumentals that were closely related to sound collage material; full of atmospherics, loops, acoustic guitar, and static rhythms. In November 2000, Languis issued "Unithematic", which explored a more melodic song-based side, utilizing more vocals, acoustic guitars, and pianos than previous releases. Languis' next release, the boldly experimental "Parallel to the Atmospheric Sound of Silence," a split 10" with Safety Scissors, was issued by the Plug Research label. This recording added various elements — hiss, noise, peaks, distortion, static, clicks, and pops — that sound somewhat audibly influenced by Stefan Betke's recordings as Pole, using a sound-processing device called the Waldorf 4 Pole-Filter. Blevin Blectum (of Blectum From Blechdom) also contributed vocals to this recording. In 2002, the hectic and lush "Untied" was released. Many other amazing releases have come out since then including the duo's masterpiece "The Four Walls". In addition to their releases on the Simball imprint, Languis has also collaborated on projects and compilations with various other electronic labels, including Phthalo Records, Tigerbeat6, Ubiquity Records, and Zealrecords.

Hello, how are you?
Not bad around here. Summer is starting, to me that is a good and a bad thing. I can't take the heat, and I prefer cloudy days, but still, summer is nice too...

What are you currently listening to?
The first Bananarama record, EMF, BMX Bandits, the first two releases by Human League, some Falco, The Tough Alliance (they are the best band from these times!!!), The Church, The Shamen, Psychic TV, Jonas Reinhart, Here We Go Magic, YMO, Ross Edwards "Ecstatic Dances", Sigue Sigue Sputnik, , Freur, Gangway, KMFDM, Tom Tom Club, Todd Rundgren, Popol Vuh, For Against, and Pet Shop Boys.

Do you categorize yourselves as “Electronic Dream-Pop-per’s” or ..?
Definitely dreampoper, I don't know about electronic. I mean, everyone is electronic nowadays, who records on analog tape anymore?. It's all through a computer anyways...

Your show at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum was really cool, how did you land that gig?
They contacted us, someone there liked the band, and thought it'd be cool to have us there. They are amazing people and playing there was so much fun!

If you had to record an album on a budget and all you could use was two instruments, what would they be?
I would use an acoustic guitar and a Casio SK1

You guys have released A LOT of albums, which one do you think represents Languis the best?
I'm always going to be inclined to say the last release is the most representative of the band, which in this case is "Fractured"
Then, if I have to look at it from a super personal perspective, I think "Untied" is the best one as a whole in terms of representing Languis. And then, If I have to say what record most people think of, when you mention Languis, I think that would either be "Unithematic" or "The Four Walls"

What are you currently working on?
For Languis I'm working on a number of live releases, another release called "First Days" with recordings from 1997, a release called "I'll See You Again Someday" that will be out on the free net label Igloo (, a 3 CD release called "Close Up 1997-2007" with unreleased stuff from those years, that one is being released by Pehr (, and finally a new release called "Follow Me" coming out on Plug Research ( sometime in late 2009/early 2010.
Then I'm working on a new project with my friend Nik called Psychic Powers, we have a single coming out on Geographic North ( and did an EP for RCRD LBL last year (, and at the moment we are working on a full length.
and last but not least, I started a project with my friend Sam called Pharaohs, for that we did a song for, and we are finishing an EP for a local label called Leaving Tapes

Is there a full blown US tour in the works?
Sorry, no touring anytime soon. I've been focusing on studio work lately. Hopefully soon, I've been buying some old gear that would be great to use in live performances.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
Jesus and Mary Chain "Psychocandy" I know it's obvious, but what can I do? So am I...

Are you living your dream?
I dream my living.

Thanx Languis!

Languis are currently doing A LOT of recording, expect many new releases soon.!.

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