Thursday, August 20, 2009

REVIEW: Ducktails - Landscapes

7.75 out of 10

Matt Mondanile, for those of you unaware of this "internet Indie sensation", is a one man wonder-act who goes by the name Ducktails. Strumming his electric guitar through a plethora of distortion pedals along side a Casio keyboard drum beat, and a few other Synth-y elements he creates music that is soothing & warm. As far as I know (and can tell), the music was created for a nice day at the beach. Sort of a "Lo-Fi Tropical Breeze" caught on tape.

"Landscapes" is laid back mollified ambience with retro-futuristic synthesizer sounds & Surf-Rock vibes incorporated. Most of the album is instrumental, so for those people worried about "loud" or "intrusive" Lo-Fi vocals getting in the way, don't. The few vocals that are there are kept at a minimal level and actually act as a supporting/relaxing element. Although, through some of the tracks, you can also hear a man pouring out his soul. Most of the songs have a minimal approach when it comes to the recording end, probably done via 4-track, maybe 8-track. But again, don't worry about "poor" quality getting in the way. Ducktails incorporates sunny with a chance of relaxing quite nicely and his music can be very rich and rewarding for the right audiophile. Challenge: purchase this album, purchase a lawn chair that folds out, bring your headphones, Ray-Bans, and one of those cheesy silver fold-up dealy's that absorb sunlight for a better tan. Wait for the perfectly sunny day (not too hot, but definitely warm), go outside soak in everything around you. Come back to this site and thank me.

I like this album, it's very soothing, and it really is great beach music. If you like this album check out the many other Ducktails releases out there. RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: On The Boardwalk, Welcome Home [I'm Back], Deck Observatory (mmmmmmmmm), Oh Magnolia Tree, Seagull's Flight, House Of Mirrors, Roses

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