Monday, February 25, 2013

REVIEW: Alley Catss - II

7 out of 10

Sometimes all I need to get me through a day are some rough-experimental noises matched up with a few simple beats. Alley Catss gives me just that, a unique combination of "noise meets body sway".

Although 'II' is Alley Catss first official LP, Máté (the kid behind the jamss--he's only 14!) actually has quite a few releases under his belt. Some of his releases are under other aliases (good luck searching;) and a couple more under this moniker. Alley Catss' 'II' is an exotic trek through mystical-worldly sounds, obstructed beats, and dark-collaged atmospheres (is that a Windows® start-up sample I hear?) pasted together in one phantasmic package. "Brain-Melting Electronic Witch Mystery House" is another way of putting it. At first listen this release may not be for the faint of ear/get-to-the-point kind of listener, but given a few more absorbing tries you will soon hear what this kid is onto. At such a young age, I can only imagine how much talent and know-how Máté will gain as he grows.. I just hope he sticks with it and lets his art form evolve naturally.

There's something really perplex about the simplicity of this release.. Give it a go, you may dig what you hear.

Standout Tracks: Cold (kinda has a Dabrye-esque vibe), Dolphin Cut (wArPhOuSe), You Eternal, I See You, Drn Kh K Ssh (ft. Elijaah)

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