Monday, February 4, 2013

REVIEW: Castratii - Eora

9 out of 10

More people need to know about this project. More people need to be talking about how important 'Eora' is to the Gothic/Witch House community. More bands need to sound as amazing as Castratii. Perfect Dark music like this only comes along ever-so often.

'Eora' is a supposed biography/documentary of Castratii's local terrain-environment. An album, perhaps more understood, if you're familiar with the area..? No matter, you will still feel quite an emotional attachment to these songs as they bleed heart and knowledge to the nth degree. (To me) Castratii's "Dreamy Gothic" sounds can be compared to Cocteau Twins meets Beach House as produced by Salem. I think more often than not this Sydney duo will be lumped into the Witch House genre (which is ok), but there are strong touches/layers of Shoegaze, 80's Goth Pop, and a few other Ambient Spacey delights. Each track just a beautiful as the next.. (you can tell these guys are perfectionists) NOT pass this band up/highly recommended to anyone with a weak heart for all things shiny morose.

Standout Tracks: (I know, I always say this but they're all soo f-ng good) Limits, Descent, The Hanging (yumm), Low Profile

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