Monday, February 18, 2013

REVIEW: Discoverer - Tunnels

8 out of 10

Digitalis is slowly but surely becoming one of THE premier labels for forward-thinking/amazing ("soon-to-be-noticed") Indie Electronic music (to be honest "slowly" doesn't really do it justice, it more-so happened over night). I recommend you check out some of their catalogue if you get a moment, I guarantee at least one or two new obsessions in there for ya. The latest release from Digitalis that = pure ecstasy is Discover's debut (for Digitalis) LP 'Tunnels'. 

'Tunnels', much like the rest of Brandon Knocke's work is an homage to early Synth Pop mixed with Ambient/Lush Space Pop (plus a dash of Junior Boys--I think so anyways..). With every release before this one being free (or close to it I think..) I naturally made the right decidsion by properly absorbing/"discovering;]" & obtaining  Discoverer's roots (seriously seek it all out.). And while the vintage Electronic synthesized sounds have always remained the same[ish] an overall push in stronger production, even-more lush dizzy-motion inducing atmospheres, plus a stronger sense of confidence too, it's no wonder 'Tunnels' (the near masterpiece that it is) has me in such a trance. Seductive synths + slow moving/arpeggiated drum sounds + the ability to make me want to both dance and sleep at the same time usually (always) = success between these headphones. What happens when you press play is pure magic, as long as you can except pure magic between your ears (you can can't you?).

Standout Tracks: Amputee (::dr0o0l::), Lesbian Software, Materialize

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