Thursday, March 11, 2010

This is going to be awesome (hopefully)..

It's that time again! Time for a new genre to emerge! Yay.

Kompakt recently announced that they will be distributing the new label Tri Angle. Tri Angle will devote itself to a genre of music so "new" that nobody knows what to call it. One suggestive title for this new genre is "Drag".

"It's like a witching-hour vision of Cocteau Twins dream pop, meshed with the soundtrack to a particularly angsty Gregg Araki film full of Gen X Shoegazer atmospherics and Industrial beats, brought bang up to the date by the influence of raw Hip-Hop mutations like chopped and screwed and juke."

The Guardian credits Salem as being the genre's creators, but Salem aren't scheduled to release anything on Tri Angle. So fare the label's roster includes artists like oOoOO, Slava, Balam Acab, and Creep.

Salem (#99 of 2009) = terrific (almost reminds me of Deadsy). o0o00 = awesome too, only have a couple tracks of theirs so far. Slave, Blam Acab, and Creep = bands I'm going to check out right now.

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