Monday, March 22, 2010

EIC'S10Q'S w/Health

" a rock refurbished Throbbing Gristle with a few more spazzed moments and louder tendencies. If piercing noise, crazy & sporadic rock, and experimental fanaticism is your thing you NEED to hear this band.."

Obstreperous Abrasion Association

Health Bio:
HEALTH are the new frontier of noise rock. Formed in 2005, HEALTH self-recorded their debut album over the course of 9 months at Los Angeles D.I.Y. venue The Smell, birthing an urgent and extraordinary album which seethed with ghostly, epic pop and spurts of chaotic noise. Their shows grew wilder, kids danced & moshed, blogs freaked out, critics raved, and everyone wondered how in God's name HEALTH was going to follow it up. While the anticipation continued to build, HEALTH released a critically-acclaimed remix record HEALTH//DISCO, toured with the likes of Crystal Castles, Nine Inch Nails, and Of Montreal and played over 420 shows!

In April, HEALTH emerged with their first new single since 2007: "DIE SLOW" received immediate accolades from Pitchfork & NME, with the effects rippling across their DIE SLOW THROUGH EUROPE tour, resulting in a near-riot in Eastern Europe. The song's infectious fusion of noise and dance was the most fully-formed and undeniably rad piece of music from HEALTH yet. And it only served to rile up their fans more. The new full-length was desperately needed.

On September 8th 2009, HEALTH answer the call and release their second album GET COLOR. Recorded in an especially gnarly part of Lincoln Heights, L.A, GET COLOR is an exuberant proclamation of noise, rock and electronic splendor. It's a celebration of sound; pretty, harsh, soft and basked in a blanket of ethereal vocals. GET COLOR is the manifesto HEALTH have been promising since their inception. HEALTH are the band. GET COLOR is the record. NOW is the time.

Hello, how are you?
Very well, thank you

What are you currently listening to?

Science lectures, dying for some new music at the moment...

What are you guys up to these days? Any talks on the next album?
The next album and the remix album are all we are talking about at the moment. We are also trying to get other non musical things off the ground, more HEALTH video content, and more FASHION clothing stuff.

Who are your main influences when it comes to creating your signature noise?
At this point, ourselves, our equipment more specifically.

What/where was your craziest live show experience?
We played a mostly empty room in North Carolina, two kids came on acid and beat the shit out of each other during the show until they were covered in blood. The bouncer tried to kick em out, but after he realized they were doing it for fun, he let em stay. After the show they were mad we didn't play certain songs (which we did). Love those kids.

What do your parents think of your music?
My mom doesn't understand a thing. I could be playing a recording or cars crashing and she wouldn't know the difference. The other guys parents are fans.

If you could do the score to any existing movie out there which would you chose?
Planet Earth

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
Fuck that sounds like torture. Black Sabbath "Master of Reality"? Actually thinking of what might stick around the best afteryears and years of repeated listen and being totally sick of it. ABBA "Gold", or Brian Eno "Apollo"

Are you living your dream?

Yes, it could always be better of course, but yes.

Thanx Jake!

Health are about to wrap up their next remix album, and then onto their next full length...

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