Friday, March 5, 2010

REVIEW: High Places - High Places Vs. Mankind

7.5 out of 10

High Places are an anomalous "Se-Mi-Lo-Fi" Dream Pop duo that bring to mind A Sunny Day In Glasgow gone more tropical. "High Places Vs. Mankind" is their second official full length album and, much like their debut self-titled release, it should catch the attention of most people into "weird/fun" Electronic Indie Pop or Dream Pop. I love High Places, they first caught my attention with the release of their collected b-sides/singles, and shortly after their debut album (which was a slight step-up). I would consider "High Places Vs. Mankind" another step in the right direction for this band, by bumping up the quality of their "formula" in every way possible they have created one of the most inimitable releases I have heard all year long.

Some listeners may consider this group "Electro", but I honestly don't hear that (maybe a little), I hear Dream Pop tendencies mixed with loose/quirky electronics. The best comparison I can think of for this band is A Sunny Day In Glasgow meets Soundpool meets "cruise ship music". I love the guitar work on this album (both droney and reverb-y), I REALLY love the vocal treatments, and I ESPECIALLY love the synths mixed with the odd timing drum patterns. On "High Places Vs. Mankind" the band's stronger/more vibrant sound will take the listener on a warm island vacation where a mad scientist greets you with his hair brain experimentation's/creations. Peppy, danceable, & experimental usually make for a great listening experience if you ask me.

In the battle of "High Places Vs. Mankind" I would say High Places are currently in the lead.. I like it, maybe you will to.. RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: I kind of like 'em all, but..; The Longest Shadows, She's A Wild Horse (LOVE this track), Constant Winter

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