Monday, March 29, 2010

REVIEW: Tanlines - Settings

7.25 out of 10

Tanlines is new duo from the Brooklyn area that consist of Jesse Cohen (Professor Murder) and Eric Emm (Brothers). "Settings" is the their first release and hopefully not their last. Fans of Tropical-Electronic music, Chill Wave, or just plain ol' fashioned catchy Indie Electronic/Dance music should consider this a must own.

"Settings" starts off with a deep sub-kick sound mixed with tropical keyboard fx, and a few bongo drums, underneath that lays an array of sun washed guitar sounds. After that the band continues to bring the dance music into full swing. Certain points I am reminded of Tough Alliance, sometimes Fool's Gold, and most of the time Yeasayer (with a sunnier disposition). Chances are if you've heard of those bands (really who hasn't by now?) you will most likely love this release. I've been listening to this release the past couple weeks on repeat, especially the track "Three Trees" (ear crack). Synths, guitars, fun bass-lines, and lots of nicely laid out drum sounds make this album a true delight. Me likey Tropical Dance music, me likey..

Great album from beginning to end, the smile on your face may fade once the music goes away but that's OK! Just hit repeat (like I did) and listen to it all over again (you'll want to trust me). To put it simply this is Pop music done right. Recommended.

Standout Tracks: Real Life, Three Trees (one of the BEST TRACKS OF '10), Z

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