Monday, January 25, 2010

REVIEW: Malory - Pearl Diver

8.5 out of 10

A few years ago, while working at a record store, I was at the height of my "Slowdive obsessive years". Don't get me wrong, I'm still obsessed, but it was during that time that it all began. I had to, and now do, own everything they touched or inspired. One day while working at said record store I was flipping through one of the those album promo zines that they give to stores to gain interest in selling particular albums. When flipping through the magazine I came across a one page spread on German Shoegaze (now gods) Malory. In the article it mentioned "..reminiscent to Slowdive..", which was all I had to see to go out and purchase the album. The first Malory album I got was their 2000 debut "Not Here, Not Now" and it was every Slowdive fan's dream come true. To pick up where "Pygmalion" left off as well as return to form ala "Just For A Day" is a VERY good thing, begin my new obsession now...

10 years later and Malory are still creating some of the finest Shoegaze in the universe. "Pearl Diver" is Malory's 4th full length album. To say it's heavenly, reverberated, saturated, layered, or even absolutely perfect in the ways of a Shoegaze classic, wouldn't be enough. All of the right elements are there for a soon to be landmark in Shoegaze history. Long and droning bass lines mixed with dizzy guitar ponds, shimmery drum beats, perfunctory synthesizers, and the alluring vocals of male/female consonance. There really isn't anything "Nu Gaze" about this, it's an excellent homage to the early days with just a few hints of modern technology intertwined. Please (if you haven't done so by now) get yourself acquainted with Malory, they have yet to disappoint me. "Pearl Diver" may be their finest achievement yet. Thank you for sharing Malory, ~Slave to your sound♥

Club AC30 really is on a roll this year.. Try to find something wrong with this album, I dare you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (ESPECIALLY if you like Slowdive or Bowery Electric).

Standout Tracks: All. But mainly; Cache, Water In My Hands, Pearl Diver, Tornado, Ajar Door (Live Version), Sarah (probably my favorite track)

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