Monday, January 18, 2010

REVIEW: Kría Brekkan - Uterus Water

7.25 out of 10

Last year Kría Brekkan released one of the best albums of her solo career. Her music is gentle, perplexed, abstract, and a little mind-numbing. For those of you unaware of Ms. Brekkan's genius, she used to be in Mum, she's released an album with her husband (Avey Tare) a couple years back titled "Pullhair Rubeye", and she has gone on to do her solo thing for the past few years now. If you've heard the album "Pullhair Rubeye" you know that the whole thing was mixed in reverse with a few time/pitch changes. It can be a hard album to get into if you listen to it the way it was released. Naturally, I got curious one day and (with the magic of computer software) reversed the album back to it's original format. Once I did that, I found the album quite hard to put down. I'm not sure why they chose to reverse the entire album (other than they said they "prefer" it this way) because it really is quite amazing if you're at all fascinated by the earlier/slightly more ambient/psych days of Animal Collective. So anyway's, back to Ms. Brekkan's 09 release titled "Apotropaiosong Armor"..It was exactly what I was hoping for after hearing "Pullhair Rubeye", a perfect mixture of Campfire Psych, Ambient Drone Bliss, Electronic Collage, and of course Kría's adorable vocals. After hearing "Apotropaiosong Armor" I was more than excited to hear about a new single from her, little did I know how much I would love "Uterus Water". It may be short, but it packs a punch (in the way that experimental bliss should) and leaves you wanting more. Really, this young lady is true visionary as well as one of the most unique/important talents in the Indie "underground" world as we know it.

Organic bewilderment with enchanting/adorable vocals and lush/abstract atmospheres, that's the best way to describe "Uterus Water". To understand Kría is to understand this quote "Early this year I was sick for weeks coughing bad air out of my lungs cause of all the smoke from the fire cumulating in the old electricity. The waters of our insides had already dried up in the heat and would not become of much use to bring the flames braking out down. That night outside wind blew unruly. I was staying in an apartment of a friend who was gone and had a song to make for children to go to sleep to. i crawled onto the floor and created Uterus Water with the instruments i found around me like shelter." - Kría Brekkan

If you got 10 minutes to kill, do yourself a favor and sail away to a beguiling planet made up of unearthly visions/sounds. Kría Brekkan will take you there and leave you in a state of tranquil disorientation. Her sound is unique to her, and maybe Grouper, and maybe Animal Collective (pre (and maybe a little) "Sung Tongs" era). Recommended.

Standout Tracks: There's only 3, I like em' all, I only hope that a full length is on the way soon..

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