Monday, January 11, 2010

EIC'S10Q'S w/Soundpool

"..genre hopping Shoegazers, sometimes New Wave, sometimes Psych, always amazing and ahead of their time. These guys should be bigger by now, it's a crime that they aren't. I dare you not to fall in love with the sugary sweetness that is.."

Transposing SacchariferousTemperament

Soundpool Bio:
NYC based 5 piece Shoegaze/Space Rock audio/visual recording artists with sweet girlie vox saturated guitar sounds lush synth arrangements and a danceable driving rhythm section who prefer to play out with the backdrop of self produced psychedelic visuals whenever they can.

Hello, how are you?
Fine and you?

What are you currently listening to?
Listening and watching Air - "La Femme D'argent". The video has all sorts of fun facts about the making of the "Moon Safari" album.

Can you define your music in 5 words?
No not really... how we define ourselves now is different than how we would have six months or a year ago and at any given moment I would like to think there are more than just 5 elements going on. If i had to use only 5 words for the new album though i guess they would be Disco, Shoegaze.... there I did it in two!

What’s coming up for you guys? New release? Tour??
Yes both! We are releasing our new album "Mirrors In Your Eyes" on Jon Whitney's Killer Pimp label... This coming winter sometime although he did throw out there the first day of spring for the release... We just had the album mastered a couple of weeks ago and we're pulling together album art and music videos/visuals in conjunction with the release.... There are also plans to tour quite a bit but there are no solid dates on the calendar except for a few dates in December.

What kind of vibe can we expect on the next full length Soundpool release?
Discogaze! Four on the floor back beats and funky bass grooves mixed with Shoegazey guitars and spacey synths and ethereal vocals... Song writing inspired by classic Motown and 60's am radio ala Burt Bacharach and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Which album better shows off the sound you have always been trying to achieve, your first, second, or possiblly third album?
Each album shows the sound we are trying to achieve at that time. On our first album "On High" we were sort of going for New Wave/Shoegaze and on our second album "Dichotomies & Dreamland" we were going for a more classic Psychedelic album oriented Rock vibe and the new album "Mirrors In Your Eyes" is sort of "lexicon of loveless" like if Giorgio Moroder or Nile Rogers decided to make a Shoegaze record.

What is your absolute favorite song that you have written?
I honestly don't really have one favorite above the rest. I obsess over whatever I am working on at the time then once the album is finished I let those songs go and maybe every once in a while go back and listen to a previous record to gain perspective on new material.

If you could tour with anyone who would it be?
Well we have already been touring a little bit with artists we wanted to tour with... Ulrich Schnauss and Black Moth Super Rainbow, Experimental Aircraft. Some other bigger bands we would love to tour with are MBV/Stereolab/Broadcast/Ladytron/Auburn Lull/Glass Candy... It would also be nice to tour with our good friends Luxa/Monocle/Dead Leaf Echo/Screen Vinyl Image/Mahogany/All In The Golden Afternoon etc.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
Stereolab - "Dots & Loops"

Are you living your dream?
Partially but not totally yet!
Thanx John!

Soundpool are about to release their third full length album "Mirrors In Your Eyes", look for that this Winter/Spring...

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