Thursday, January 28, 2010

REVIEW: Machinefabriek And Nils Frahm - Dauw

7.25 out of 10

"Dauw" is an impressive spit EP between Machinefabriek, who has had a hand in nearly all (worth while) electronic projects, and Nils Frahm, who is Erased Tapes newest signee/Classical Guru. Machinefabriek lays down some acoustic glitch, minimal bleeps, and a few other damp & droney demeanors. Nils Frahm plays gorgeous piano like he is the loneliest man in the world. If you have ever wondered what it would sound like if an acoustic instrument gave birth to complicated mechanics I recommend starting here.

Laid back and melancholy atmospheres are more than present on this two track EP. During Mf's track I was given the sense of floating in an invisible bubble above an orchestra/chorus during the middle of a concerto. During Mr. Frahm's performance I feel as if I'm slowly morphing into a lingering shadow behind a mysterious man playing a decayed/somewhat untuned piano. It's somewhat short, but definitely worth your time. The last couple minutes of Machinefabriek's version (once the "chorus" comes in) are too die for. The piano on Mr. Frahm's version is so troglodytic that they could make even the toughest of men weep.

If you like Ambient and/or Neo Classical music with microbial touches of electronics this will be good for you. I only wish this was a full length rather than just two tracks..

Standout Tracks: All two of them. Or, if I had to be picky; Dauw.

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