Monday, January 18, 2010

EIC'S10Q'S w/Jimmy Edgar

"..the best minimal electronic music comes from Detroit, you should all know this by now.. Mix that with sleazy 80's basslines & icey-cold synths skipping over IDM glitch. Very sexy and smooth. Great for dancing, sexual encounters, or just chilling out,'re getting there..."

Jimmy Edgar
Proprietor Of The Neon Masquerade

Jimmy Edgar Bio:
Jimmy's intense passion for music also propelled him at a young age to learn to play any instrument he could get his hands on, including string instruments, saxophone, and mostly percussion/drum set. By the time he was 15, he started performing at Detroit raves.

In early 1999 Edgar signed his first record deal with NYC based Isophlux Records, following a release of a techno track called "We Like You" on the German label Poker Flat. Then, after only hearing one of his tracks, Miami based Merck Records immediately signed him and released his first full length album "My Mines I" by the "dual alter ego" Kristuit Salu vs. Morris Nightingale. After the release of "My Mines I" in February 2002, Edgar started getting some attention which lead to touring cities in the US, including New York City, performing at the infamous experimental music fest the Miami Infiltrate, Vancouver and selected cities in Japan. Touring he got a good response from his live performances as he carried a distinctive energy on to stage and incorporates visuals such as synchronized projections. He was also asked to perform at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival 2003 which was his debut as a Warp Records artist, and in which Detroit witnessed a legend in formation as even the security got down with the local break dancing squad.His first release on Warp was a 4-track EP, titled Access Rhythm in 2004. In 2005 he followed up a second 6-track EP Bounce Make Model, and then his full-length album Color Strip in February 2006.

A forthcoming album "Deeper" is expected later this year. The first single, "Turn You Inside Out," was released on in July 2008 and became the #1 most popular download within the first week .

Hello, how are you?
I am happy right now. Last night was good, a new moon. and I girl made a wish on my pyramid necklace. I hypnotized her and the law of attraction may attract some good luck to her now. I was very impressed with my dj selection last night considering the crowd was a different Detroit crowd than what I am used to. Impressed, let me rephrase, I'm suprised I was able to pull it off.. I'm hardly ever impressing myself but always trying. Its a passion that keeps that fire burning.

What are you currently listening to?
E40 - "On Oil" and alot of Detroit Ghettotech. Sick of Michael Jackson even though he is #1 for me, so I've been looping DTrain and learning new dance moves from Youtube.

When’s the next full length coming out, and is there a title yet?
Everyones asking me and I keep changing the answer. The real title is "DEEPER" and its done.. artwork and release date need to be official. But I have set a date in the next 2 months that if these labels dont agree with something soon then I am simply releasing it myself and having my girls do press for it. Then I may actually make money off of record sales instead of relying on label advances.I desperately just want it in peoples ears, its been too long and I've pour way too much tears, sweat blood and cum over it.

Your song “I Wanna Be Your STD” was chosen as one of Warp Records greatest songs, how do you feel about that?
They made the right choice. Warp has released some fucking incredible songs and I am honored to no belief to share this title with the rest of the "winners". Especially Windowlicker, how can you deny the brilliance of that video? I feel whoever voted for my song is eternally bound to me by music. and we shall dance in the galaxy in 4th dimensional ways. My music is subconsciously influenced by the androgynous Annunaki women, aliens but often mistaken for angels. Beauty beyond anything comprehendable. Courting and seducing a transdimensional entity is no quiet feat to absorb. They look kind of like we imagine vampires without the fangs.

Is that song about anyone/thing in particular?
It's a love song, like i said. To want to be someones sexual transmitted disease is to want to be the object of their desires with a stgma attached. With our love, you cant get rid of me, even if you dont want to. I've had way too many stalkers to not step into their eyes for a moment, and then I understood. I made the song when I was 18, its actually what got me officially signed to Warp with a multialbum deal. Sexual tension, obscure seduction, and dark loves songs is a primary focus for my art.

Which do you enjoy more doing photography or making music?
Now I prefer photography. I need some music inspiration. I've been through all the different kinds of software and hardware, so I like getting physical and playing instruments more. Whenever I make music now I am writing it on piano now. Urban gospel keys is my style and I cant shake it. I grew up listening to Prince and Michael. I'll never stop making music, I've just made so much.. I have over 5000 songs on my harddrive, and its not my entire catalog. When I was 20 I lost my whole collection prior to. Obviously not all are good, finished, and tolerable. I'm just insomniac and music free's me and lets me express myself.
Photography is different. I get to know someone. not officially, just for the moment. Working with professional models is different as well, since I shoot mostly fashion. I quite like shooting my friends and letting them be themselves, show sexual energy, or maybe its just shyness.. I want people to be themselves. part of my job as a photographer is to inspire them in a way, let them release something.. something only WE could share... and I dont only shoot girls either. Shooting boys, especially gay ones is the same type of thing. There is always this kind of strange sexual tension when you shoot someone... It's just a fact and I like this. I prefer shooting mutliple people at the same time, this is entirely different too. you can explore sexual tension between other people and its this whole experience, very complicated and different everuy time. I've just completed a shoot in Zagreb, Croatia with about 15 models, all very beautiful and only a few were professionals... We drank absinthe and made pure art.

Your behind some of the production on the upcoming Justin Timberlake album aren’t you?
How did that ever come up?

No comment. It was a "rumour". Justin is dope though, and may soon be finessed by my musical grace, thats all I can say.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
It definitely wouldnt be any of my music. Im proud of my music but its for other people. i dont even keep any of my albums, I give them away to my friends I dont like having copies.. I hate nostalgia. I wouldnt keep one album, very bad question for me.

Are you living your dream?
I just had a 20 minute epiphany after you asked me this question. And I went to a thought in my mind about it. Yes, I am living my dream. We create our lives and I've created my dream. I am not nearly done. I am proud of myself, like I said... but I'm not impressed yet. I am just obsessed with working and what I do. I do not love myself, but I am working on it. I say we make our dreams. I imagined myself as a drug addict when I was younger and low-and-behold thats exactly what I became.. living in NYC, like a rockstar junky, making money, partying with models, shooting, playing, fucking, fighting and everything. Anyways, so my point is that I made my dream. and now it continues. I am clean, only occasion fuck ups and making art more, exercising and eating right and loving people. I love my fans eternally. The appreciation and the inspiration that I try and give away is my passion. All I want is for people to want to be something more. I want to inspire passion. Fire. It's nothing mediocre.

Thanx Jimmy!

Jimmy Edgar is about to release his next full length "Deeper", look for that sometime this year...

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