Saturday, February 11, 2012

Check into (x4!) Mmpsuf & Velvet Glacier well as..The Name & Pop Campaign..

First; something for this season..
Second; something for the next..The Name - The Journey (Remix By Christine)

&Pop Campaign - Pop Campaign Theme Tune

Mmpsuf's debut EP (which is FREE via the band's site) is absolutely stunning. A must own/obsess over album from 2012. Like a wintery Taxi Taxi! meets Midaircondo♥♥. Velvet Glacier is a criminally smooth frozen tundra melting slowly over a teched out experiment. The end product being "Lo-Fi Experi-Pop". I would also recommend THIS album and THIS album of VG's. The Name are French duo with an ear for catchy House/Disco beats. I especially love this Christine remix from their latest 'Journey EP'. Pop Campaign are a girlfriend/boyfriend duo who will be releasing their debut album on Valentines day. They Remind me of an act from the late 90's/early 2000's Electro Pop boom that unfortunately fizzled.. I hope you enjoy the future transition..

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