Monday, February 13, 2012

REVIEW: Yoko Duo - Behaving Like A Widower

8.75 out of 10

Here's another artist (#25 (man that's high!)) from EIC's recent year-end list that I thought was worth mentioning again. Yoko Duo is a new project birthed by a pair of Electronic veterans (Holger Zilske and August Landelius) who decided to join forces for a possible one-off project. However, it turns out this became one of their most favorite/popular acts to date and it may indeed be bigger than just another "one-off" (it better be anyway).

Take equal parts Junior Boys and Sinner DC, there you have it. Is it fair to just compare this band so bluntly to others? Yes. Especially when it's two bands I so greatly respect and honor. Yoko Duo are a pair of "din-gineers" after my own "sexy-modern needing" beating heart. Microbial clicks, smooth as f^<^ bass lines, ghostly vocal apparitions, and sparse guitar chords & plucks swim and bounce off of each other in a truly seductive notion. Every song has it's own unique beat/pulse that bends, morphs and evolves in a truly unique fashion. Lots of variety, but mostly uniform in sound, 'Behaving Like A Widower' is one of the best things to happen to Electronic music in years.

"HI(hey, how ya doin')GHLY RECOMMEND (to the xtreme (no 'e' before that 'x'))" kind of greatness. Wouldn't change a thing about these kind of sounds. MOAR!

Standout Tracks: All, as well as; Close These Curtains, First In Line (made for a good pair of headphones), Blowfish (perfect beat), Half Awake (I--I need this song in my life), Coughing Tents, Out (put on yer strutin' shoes..), Lack Of Comfort

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