Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Check into Daw Nusk..

Daw Nusk - Hunter Gatherer

Daw Nusk is the latest delicious slice of Post Ambient bliss from Panda Fuzz..

i don’t usually have the patience for ambient music. it shuts me down…to the point that i sit and stare. stare at the world, slowed by infinite-seeming notes shaped by even more infinite attacks and decays… and then the track ends and i realize i have emails to read, projects to finish, copy to write, halls to pace. which is why i don’t listen to ambient music. but as it is my duty to bring you write-ups for these panda fuzz releases my dear reader, i find myself forced to listen to ambient music and i am struck by its patience. because this is expert level patience. so let the emails and projects fall to the wayside for an hour. its ok to toy with the infinite every once and a while friends, let’s listen to some ambient music…some truly rewarding ambient music…"

I highly recommend this, as it is GORGEOUS. Fans of Grouper will most certainly appreciate a track or two..

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