Sunday, September 27, 2009

REVIEW: Blue Orchids - A Darker Bloom

5.75 out of 10

Blue Orchids are almost entirely keyboard driven which gives them a unique edge when it comes to the Post Punk genre. There's drums and guitars/bass, and "sort of" singing/speaking out, but the keyboards are the only thing that stand out at all. Lots of "sweeping" beautiful organ riffs with a Manchester guy yelling over them. It's kinda psychedelic, kinda punk. You can defiantly tell on "Disney Boys" that they used to be in The Fall. And then they'll have a great ballad like "Bad Education", or "Out Of Sight". The lush and dramatic "Conscience" shows you how much potential they had as a band; it's simple but beautiful. On the last track "Wait", Martin Bramah tries his best to croon Morrissey style, but it doesn't really work because of his "flatness". Man, if Blue Orchids just had a different singer, they would be remembered completely different.

This is a Compilation release for a band that really only had one LP and one EP, so really it has most if not all of their recordings. It moves from their more punkier leanings into the more mature slow and beautiful work, more reflective of Nico, whom they toured with as her opener and backing band.

I can't guarantee you'd like them, but check it out if you like Manchester Post Punk scene. They do have some fantastic moments, and I don't mind having it in my collection.

Standout Tracks: Disney Boys, Bad Education, Out Of Sight, Conscience

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