Sunday, September 20, 2009

Have you been to this site?

Pretty amazing idea (if you're into free music)..

Commissioned by The Model as part of model::offsite, Relay is an online music project devised and curated by musician John Lambert (aka Chequerboard). The idea with Relay is to create a chain or collection of music pieces by Irish and international artists where each work is directly influenced by the one before, creating an open ended but linear, conversation of ideas. On finishing their work each artist is asked to gather a cluster of sounds from their track for the next participant who is free to include them or not. The project will continue indefinitely.

Some of the contributing artists (so far) include; Loscil, Bibio, and Sunken Foal. It's free and if you're like me (sucker for concept music) you'll be very happy with what you hear..

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