Monday, November 18, 2013

REVIEW: Trouble Books - Love At Dusk

8.5 out of 10

Last year Trouble Books released my 18th favorite album. This year it looks like they'll make the cut again.

'Love At Dusk' is a lush landscape (much likes it's predecessor 'Concatenating Fields') gushing with Tropical/Vaporwave-esque sounds, anti-achromic Dream Pop ecstasy, and Spacey enchantment. Synthesizer bleeps intertwine and bounce between soft keyboard jabs, minimal piano riffs, hypnotizing bass lines w/ minimal guitar plucks, and vocals that will most likely make you want to nap. From what I understand this album was written during the couples pregnancy days. A "transition" in life and how that effected them. It sounds like things are going well based on the outcome of this release;] Some of the songs are a little more upbeat than others, but mostly this album is chill, as well as perfect for enjoying Fall's glorious colors and absorbing it's beautiful air. To Trouble Books: I hope all is well with your new child, and I can't wait to hear what new sounds will be inspired from your next adventures. Your music inspires & entertains me to an infinite degree.

One of this year's best "Dream Pop" releases, it'd be a shame if you missed it.

Standout Tracks: Profile Of Women In Silk Hood, Fake Fern Shadows, The Very End Again, Chiaroscuro, All Flowers

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