Monday, November 25, 2013

REVIEW: The Stargazer Lillies - We Are The Dreamers

7.75 out of 10
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Remember Soundpool? The Stargazer Lillies are essentially a rebirth of that project. Featuring prominent members from aforementioned band, The Stargazer Lillies continue to grace our headphones with relatively familiar dazzling sonic bliss on their debut LP, the only difference being a slighlty more stripped down approach.

On 'We Are The Dreamers', John & Kim dive deep into a kaleidoscopic pool of reverb, fuzz, heavenly drones, downer bass lines, and endearing vocals. 'We Are The Dreamers' is in every sense a classic Shoegaze/Dream Pop release that should have mass appeal written all over it once it falls between the right pair of headphones. For me I find it harder to walk away from sounds like these during winter's grey monarchy. Also (personally) I like drowning in a pool of kaleidoscopic noise, don't you?

'We Are The Dreamers' is not only a great release for a laid back day with grey undertones and melancholy dispositions it's also one of the most promising peaks into what (has always been) should be a fruitful career for an up and coming Shoegaze band. I'm (always) interested to hear where John & Kim take their music in the future. RECOMM "Shoegazers are already obsessing over these guys, why aren't you?" ENDED.

Standout Tracks: All are pretty ethereal, but if I had to be picky; How We Lost, Light Of Day, Sad Colored Tears

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