Monday, November 4, 2013

REVIEW: Carpenter Brut - EP II

8 out of 10
Find it here. 

How was everyone's Halloween this year? Hopefully you were jamming out to Carpenter Brut's latest Haunted Sci-Fi Electro masterpiece 'EP II' during said holiday..

'EP II' starts off with a banger, immediately the listener is thrown into a fast moving vortex in-which you feel being slammed around by bright synths and heavy hitting kicks. From there the music goes from upbeat & slightly menacing sounding, to shiny-metallic Neo-Utopian dramatic Synth bliss (that's a thing right?). Listening to Carpenter Brut I can't help but compare to another famous Carpenter, I also hear Moroder, Goblin, Boyz Noize, and Teenage Bad Girl, ..oh! and Perturbator of course;].. I hear a lot of things that I love to hear here.

Highly "If there was an entire city that transformed into one gigantic haunted house that you could just drive through I would want to do so at midnight while jamming to Carpenter Brut" Recommend.

Standout Tracks: All pretty stellar, especially; Obituary (NSFW), Looking For Tracy Tzu, Hang 'Em All

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