Monday, September 23, 2013

REVIEW: Youth Code - s/t

8.25 out of 10
Find it here. 

Youth Code first came across my radar with their (I believe) debut EP 'Demonstrational Cassette', it was love at first sound. The album (an early Lo-Fi basement Industrial tape) reminded me of Skinny Puppy's earlier noise oriented years mixed with Numb's overly aggressive-agro side (these are two of my favorite Industrial bands of all time), needless to say I was (still am) pretty excited for the evolution of this band. And in less than a year they have surpassed all my expectations, (almost) completely blowing away the debut that got me hooked in the first place. This time however with a much stronger production as well as what seems like an even more menacing atmosphere. Youth Code's s/t debut LP is exactly what I needed for this season.

If you're a dinosaur like me you might remember the days of going to a hole-in-the-wall club that was way too tiny, in a questionable area of town, and most likely ran by a bunch of kids who didn't know what they were doing (and probably ran it to the ground). I miss places like these. Bands like Youth Code would fill an entire room with drowned out synthesizer sounds bouncing from wall to wall between loud screaming vocals and trash can banging beats that just keep the whole mood moving forward (Oh! And there was probably a fog machine there too). These were good times. To hear sounds like the ones present on Youth Code's debut LP is to witness the most raw form of organized noise possible. I can't understand a person that wouldn't love music like this.

Industrial music fans this is a no-brainer, you need this. Fans of darker, more aggressive sounds? Give it a go. Highly Recommended.

Standout Tracks: Let The Sky Burn, Rest In Piss (this reminds me of Flux Information Sciences), No Animal Escapes

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