Monday, September 16, 2013

REVIEW: Black Jeans - Black Tourmaline

8 out of 10

I feel it's not often enough I get to talk Industrial. For as much as I still love it's rich past as well how it shaped my overall taste in music today, I need to talk about it more. There aren't (unfortunately) too many bands these days that are "wowing" me in said category (there are a few though, definitely).. One new comer that recently peaked my interest in said sound is Black Jeans.

Russell Butler's (Black Jeans) version of androgynous old school Industiral/EBM may be one of the freshest devotions I've heard in a while. I don't want to make any comparisons, but I do promise for fans of early Dark Synth Pop (EBM) you will love this release. I believe the entire album was written with analog instruments which is always more respectable, as well as leading to a much richer sound-scape pay off especially in the case of 'Black Tourmaline'. The entire albums is a solid homage to classic dark electronics that I can just never get enough of. (I'm still waiting for the boom in this genre -- more bands need to create sounds like these).

Highly Recommended..sadly though, I believe this is the last Black Jeans release:( But there is more on the way from Russell, hopefully in way of another EBM masterpiece;]

Standout Tracks: No Safety, Cruelty, Lover,

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