Monday, September 30, 2013

REVIEW: Le Carousel - s/t

8.25 out of 10
Find it here. 

Le Carousel was a random chance find on the internet for me one day.. (although Phil Kieran actually leads a pretty prolific career I am new to his sound) This was a good day, as Le Carousel's debut s/t album is a pitch perfect Synth-Kraut-Gaze Pop masterpiece, and that was precisely Phil's goal with this release, his "opus" if you will.

From the get-go this album will most likely have you tapping something. The beats are smooth and seductive meets slowed down Disco meets Dub-like bass sounds. The guitar layers are really nice too, somewhat of a Krautrock vibe meets New Order meets (MBV) Shoegaze style. The vocals are pretty impressive too, in a way that they can seduce as well as inspire and move you. Every track on this release has an epic feel to it, the tracks builds from something pretty and mysterious and blossoms into a colorful audible heaven (the kind you don't want to leave). I guarantee there is at least one to three (if not more preferably..) tracks on this release that you will dig, trust me. Get-ta listenin'..

One of this year's best.. it'd be a shame if you missed this boat-Highly Recommend.

Standout Tracks: Good Times, Carousel, Lost Years, Stick Together, Broken, Forget Me Not,

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