Monday, August 12, 2013

REVIEW: Mr.Kitty - Eternity

7.25 out of 10
Find it (for "free") here. 

Mr.Kitty is a recent discovery for me, he actually has a couple other releases under his collar though. It wasn't until 'Eternity' that I first fell headphones over heels in-love with his Mr.Kitty's sound. Disclaimer: Mr.Kitty has openly admit that he is obsessed with Crystal Castles and definitely considers them a main influence (in both music and life--to some extent I can get behind this notion;). The comparisons are inevitable, and though the music may not be 100% "unique", the music is still 100% impressive and radiantly catchy. And yes, if you like the above mentioned band you should like this.

'Eternity' starts off with the perfect intro, it ("44 Days") has to be an anthem at some club (most likely in LA) somewhere, it just has to be. The pace ultimately stays in this direction; general "Club-Friendly" Goth-Rave music perfect for today's "thrives only after midnight" generation. Where the attitude and snarl of Crystal Castles (generally) doesn't seem present there is a stronger leaning towards a more ominous presence, also I'm pretty sure Mr.Kitty likes to get down and rave ultimately;] You'll find something you like here, I guarantee it.. Seriously, I dare you not to tap your foot and/or bob your head once while listening to this album.

This is free (if you want it to be) music, so do I really need to convince you to give it a shot?

Standout Tracks: 44 Days, Lost Children, Mother Mary, Don't Worry, Uncaressed, Destroy Me

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