Saturday, August 3, 2013

EIC's 10Q's w/ Films

"..ebbs and flows between sublime beauty and ominous curiosities.."

Phonic Ataraxia

Films Bio:
The dark fantasy music unit, which is centered upon two female vocalists who sing in their own originally created languages. They are making creative and beautiful music by mixing the classical sounds of piano and stringed instruments, and electric destructive rhythms. They debuted by releasing their first album "Messenger" from Noble Label in 2010. The members of Films are some awesome musicians who are active at the forefront in Post-Rock, Classical music, Modern Classical music and Electronica music, though their names have not been made public yet. However, their works can be heard on TV, in movies and at events all over the world. Yuki Murata and Takahiro Kido who are the members of Anoice, and Daisuke Kashiwa, take charge of performing musical instruments, mixing and mastering. And RAKU-GAKI, famous for art director of website design and product design, also participates in Films' works. They all make Films' world more unique.

Hello, how are you?
Yuki: Hello! I'm good.

What are you currently listening to?
The Incredible Moses Leroy's 'Become The Soft Lightes' album.

What's with the band name and when did this project begin?
We started in 2011. When we formed this project, we wanted to make music which could make our listeners imagine diversified scenery and story, so we decided upon "Films" as this band name.

Care to shed some light on your latest release 'A Forbidden Garden'; theme, favorite track, etc?
I set "some kind of forbidden affairs" as the subject of this album, that is, it means an inhibition or ban resulting from social custom such as "a forbidden love". Like in The Little Mermaid, and other ethical taboos against "a forbidden technology" (such as cloning technology). But this album has not only a negative factor but also hope. My most favorite tune is "Lost Field," the second track of the album. It's neither Classical music nor Electronic music but a new kind of music to which most of music fans have never listened, though this can also be said about other tunes included on the album.

Do you plan on touring extensively for said release?
Yes, we have a plan for touring together with Anoice in Europe and Russia this October. But this plan is still uncertain at this stage.

Got any other weird/hidden talents besides being talented musicians?
I don't have any talents except for music, such as composing music and playing musical instruments, but my band mates have some splendid talents for taking pictures, designing for websites a& products, cooking, and making guitar effect pedals. A talent I particularly want to recommend are Fleursy candles which are beautiful hand made LED candles, of which we have the patent. If you are interested in them, please visit the following official website of Ricco Label, the Tokyo-based Modern-Classical/Post-Rock music label which we manage by ourselves.

Got any other projects we should know about?
Yes, we have many projects besides Films; such as Anoice, Takahiro Kido, Yuki Murata, RiLF, Mokyow, and Cru. To explain these projects briefly; Anoice is Tokyo-based Modern-Classical/Post-Rock music band, Takahiro Kido and Yuki Murata are solo projects of the members of Anoice, RiLF is the Alternative Rock band formed by the members of Anoice and the vocalist of Matryoshka, Mokyow is a Post-Rock band formed by the male members of Anoice, and Cru is the Modern Classical music unit formed by Takahiro Kido and Yuki Murata (who are the members of Anoice). All of which, can be found HERE.

What movie would work best on mute while listening to your music?
Nothing special. The best way to listen to our music is to close your eyes, I think. Or, please watch some music videos for the album which we've already uploaded or will upload via YouTube.

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
Takahiro Kido's 'Fleursy Music' album. I really like it.

Are you living your dream?
Of course, YES!!

Thanx Takahiro, Yuki & Films!

Films second LP ('A Forbidden Garden') recently came out via the wonderful label Fleursy/Ricco. Do yourself a favor and get that now..

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