Monday, August 26, 2013

REVIEW: Ellie Herring - Kite Day

7 out of 10
Find it here. 

'Kite Day' is Ellie Herring's third release further exploring Dark-Experimental (euphoric) Electronic music (think Witch House (kinda, but not really) music processed through the ears of a late-night House Diva).

'Kite Day' is the only Ellie Herring album I own (so far) so this review may not be completely valid amongst the most hardcore of Herring fans, but I think this is a great release (I've seen a few negative comments online--to each his own). Ellie's sound reminds me of some great artists; Ellen Allien, Greie Gut Fraktion, Natalie Beridze, The Xx, Mustapha name a few. With comparisons like that why wouldn't I love an album like this? I especially love the track "Thinking JFK", which is honestly one of the best songs I've heard this year..(I don't know, it just has a nice flow..ya know?). Ellie Herring's 'Kite Day' sounds seductive without being too serious, which I like.

I dig it, and although 'Kite Day' may not blow your mind/change your life, you should certainly appreciate being a part of the evolution of a soon-to-be (hopefully) more influential artist. You'll get at least one or two head nods out of this release.

Standout Tracks: Thinking JFK, Full Eyed, Say A.M., Anti-Alias (Feat. Amber) (VHVL Remix), Thinking JFK (Albert Swarm Remix), Thinking JFK (Sines + Katastrophic Remix)

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