Saturday, August 3, 2013

REVIEW: Films - A Forbidden Garden

8.75 out of 10

One of the best choices I ever made was listening to RiLF. Ricco & Co. have been sending me audial treasures that always seem to earmaze me. Films' 'A Forbidden Garden' is the latest in this label's discography that I have been introduced to. Somewhere between the darker/softer sounds of Sigur Ros, the beautiful harmonies of Azure Ray, and the experimental "Post Rock" drum sampling of 65daysofstatic, Films is nothing less than 1000% headphone jubilation.

'A Forbidden Garden' is Films second official LP. I wish I could say that I've listened to their first LP so I could make comparisons, but I haven't (yet). No matter, if this is indeed the soundtrack for 'a forbidden garden' I think I would trust these tones and head it's warning. The piano is something I love in-particular on this release, it has the kind of rhythm that gives a listener a hand cramp just thinking about it. The next thing that draws me in are the vocals, really beautiful and haunting, the harmonizing is pitch-perfect. And then, there's the electronics (which were co-created with Kashiwa Daisuke), so complex and attention grabbing. All of these astonishing layers together create an audial experience that ebbs and flows between sublime beauty and ominous curiosities. If the listener isn't left with wanting more when the album ends, then the listener at-hand should question his/her status on sound.

Highly Recommended (especially if you're the opposite of deaf).

Standout Tracks: Bubbles, Lost Field (I bet this would sound so amazing live), Golden Wind, Once Upon A Time (has a "This Mortal Coil-vibe"), They Pass In Front Of Me, Clone, Prayer, Shining

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